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The Cast

Go ahead and post your character applications here -- and feel free to update them over time with information you either come up with in game, or details about what's happened to them since the game started.
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ApplicationLegal Name: Sarah Smith (Formerly Amy Rose Jensen Jr.)
Hero Name: Scape
Power: Biological Manipulation
Sarah can transform any organic cell she touches, including her own. These transformations are permanent, and come with an associated hyperawareness and instinctive understanding of any biological material she is in contact with (again, including her own body). She functions much like a technologically based hero does, and masquerades her power as being anything else. She very deliberately avoids her mothers tactics - her suit is synthetic, except for the fingertips of her left glove meaning that she can't apply any of her immediate powers through it, unless she touches them with the fingertips of her left hand - which means being effectively limited to healing due to practical concerns- or her face - which is not something she has ever, or will ever do in a fight.

Major: Subtlety with Focus Minor from Korman University; Cover degree: Pre-med

right-aligned image
Background: Sarah doesn't talk about her past much, even among the close-knit community of a HCP class (Korman University), she was skittishly antisocial, to the point of nearly failing out of the team-focused sophomore year. Mainly, she doesn't talk about her past much because her mother was a fairly high-profile supervillain, who went by Plague. Plague's power was the ability to create, duplicate and transform organic cells - including her own - and ability which was most easily turned to the cheap production of biological weaponry. Sarah - who was originally named Amy, after her mother - was Plague's magnum opus: a cloned daughter who had inherited the full suite of her powers, the first step in unlocking the real secrets of Supers.

Amy was only five when her mother was apprehended - just old enough for her Plague to realise she'd missed something when making Amy: her daughter had all of her powers, but none of her control. In fact, it was probably Sarah's existance - the idea that an already dangerous supervillain could potentially, reliably multiply, let alone the other implications of her research - that kicked Plague to the top of the hit list. Plague and her daughter were captured alive, and Plague consigned to the deepest hole the American Government could find for her - somewhere where ethical restrictions were slightly less tightly adhered to, and experimentation, or even collaboration could be explored without oversight. The question then became what to do with her daughter, who constantly oozed microscopic cell structures from her skin, with no control over the way that those organisms would mutate or recombine. Since the vast majority of things that random arrangements of cells can do when introduced to a human body are not good for it (to say nothing of what happens when the cells already present in a human body are randomly rearranged) Amy's childhood was hedged in by the same sorts of precautions that would have accompanied her mother's imprisonment; the strictest of quarantine protocols, skin-tight, non-permeable clothes that covered her from head to toe, and absolutely no skin-on-skin contact, ever.

When the DVA was reformed with the ascension of Captain Starlight to the role of Director, and the cure for Powereds was moved into it's second stage of human trials, then sixteen-year-old Amy was pulled out of her hole and given her choice - take the cure, get her GED, join the HCP and become a functional, productive member of society, or take the cure and stay on with the DVA and apply her powers to research. Amy jumped on the first opportunity, changed her legal name and set about trying to integrate into real life.

She underwent the procedure in early January, a few weeks after her sixteenth birthday, and spent the first half of the year checking her control and catching up on the specific curriculum she'd need to be familiar with to start her senior year of high school, while James St Ives fabricated all the paperwork and academic transcripts that 'Sarah' would need to blend seamlessly into society as a senior at a local school in Washington (the home base of Mr Robinson's team) in September. Her truncated high school experience passed with no real problems, and she entered the HCP a year later. Again, the academic side of her time at Korman was no real problem - considering her choice of major, the hardest part of the coursework was playing dumb enough not to arouse suspicion - but she struggled all through the HCP. In her first year, she managed to get by mainly on her healing ability, since there's always a need for more healers in the field. Second year, she nearly failed out, but a strong showing in the final exam was just enough to save her. She did better in the last two years, as she'd started to develop her array of ways to use her powers, and find methods that worked for her, but she was still ranked solidly tenth at graduation.

Personality: She goes by Sarah now, but is still working through more than a little trauma. She's coping with that by working really hard to make her Hero persona as non-threatening as possible, but still finds the sheer numbers of people that exist in the world overwhelming.. She's incredibly shy, and unassuming, trying to take up as little space as possible, and poorly socialised - four years of HCP and two years of testing and homeschooling haven't managed to make much headway against the first sixteen years of isolation. She's also incredibly smart - there wasn't much to do in super-conainment level quarantine other than read, and there was the hope that even if she never learned to control her powers, if in the case of a containment breach, she at least knew what she'd done to someone, they might be able to get a healer in to fix it.

Aside fromy being shy and smart, Sarah is still working on who she is and what she likes... 'in the wild' as it were (and being shy has rather hampered that self-exploration). But, Juliet made her promise to do better now that she doesn't have her roommate to force her to interact with people - and Sarah wants to do better for herself, too, with a sort of mulish determination to get to some sort of 'normal'. So her new take on initiating social interaction is the same as the method James taught her to deal with explosives: you never want to be the person with your hands inside a bomb, but sometimes it happens, and you just have to handle it - it's not a good method, since people are generally put off by being treated with the same rigid caution one affords a ticking bomb, but it's what's working for her. At least she's marginally better with children - still awkward, but interacting with children requires less... finesse, making it more like taking apart a clock than disarming ordnance. The only notable exceptions to this stand-offishness are her formerm roommate Juliet, and James St Ives. For those few who do get past the shyness, and overlook the pervasive lack of social graces, Sarah is intensely loyal, with a mulish fixation with morality that is... unusual in Subtlety Heroes - sure, her ethical guidelines are a little off kilter, but she sticks to them.

left-aligned image
Desription: Sarah has a mixture of Latina and Caucasian heritage; an average build - more average than most HCP graduates have, the layers of muscles built up from the relentless training having been de-emphasised by gently padding the of subdermal adipose tissue overlaying them - not enough to impair movement, just enough to make her look like an ordinary girl of average fitness. Likewise, although her mother was - maybe not naturally, but at least heritably - tall and inclined to curves, Sarah deliberately de-emphasised both of those traits in herself as soon as she could. She's still nearly 5'10" - she wasn't really willing to try making herself shorter, since manipulating her own bone structure is incredibly painful - but her figure is slim, enough that her preferred civilian clothes of a baggy sweater and loose jeans makes it hard to tell her gender at a glance. She keeps her hair short, the cut a messy approximation of something that might be called a pixie cut, and the only thing particularly notable about her appearance are her large, dark brown eyes.

As Scape, she wears a simple white bodysuit, subtly reinforced with armoured padding across her torso and limbs, accented with dark green boots, gloves, and a belt hung with a small arsenal of variously shaped pouches. Her mask covers her hair and the top half of her face, tucking into her suit at the back, with green lenses over her eyes. This whole assortment is almost entirely covered by a knee-length white cloak, lined with green and with a pattern of leafy vines twisting across the right half of her cloak.

Amy Rose Jensen Sr aka Plague (Mother) Sarah doesn't remember much about her mother - biochemical terrorists/supervillains don't get a lot of visitors - but she's been a pall hanging over the girl's entire life. What Sarah does remember of her mother isn't positive - they were on the run, so she was isolated, and Plague is... probably a little bit insane. There were experiments - some Plague did to herself before Sarah was born, some that she tested on Sarah before applying them to herself after - such as the way that Sarah's skin produces raw organic material as fuel for her powers, and possibly her enhanced intelligence.

James St Ives, AKA Mr Robinson James is a Subtlety hero, whose power is some sort of hypnotic suggestion - he's deliberately vague about it. He was also responsible for the intel that lead to his team taking out Plague, and is - legally - Sarah's adoptive father. He doesn't have as much time for her as either of them might have wished, but he made a point to visit her regularly before she had the procedure and after, he procured her the neccessary paperwork to attend school, whith one of his alter egos - He may be a Doctor Who fanJohn Smith - listed as her father. It was largely because of James that Sarah chose to become a hero - and specifically a subtlety hero. She considers James actions to have unambiguously saved her life, and even though a little part of her thinks that she might just be latching on to any chance at a semblance of normal human relationships, and that James probably doesn't care about her more than general compassion for a child who went through a really bad time, she sees him as a genuine father figure, and wants to make him proud of her. He's the only person who knows her whole history, and the only person who she is genuinely comfortable interacting with. For his part, James cares more about Sarah than she expects - although given his line of work, he's tried not to get too attached - but he pulled a few strings to help her get into his alma mater, and every time concerns have been raised about her parentage or her emotional stability or her powers making her unfit to be reintroduced into society, he's put his reputation on the line to vouch for her.

Juliet McIntyre Sarah's roommate at Korman, Juliet is a healer, and - in addition to their normal HCP training, they studied under the schools healing department together. Juliet withdrew from the HCP at the start of her fourth year - she didn't have the stomach for the sort of violence that being a Hero would involve. She stayed on at Korman though, attached to the healing department there, since the current staff Healer is getting close to retirement, Three years of rooming together wasn't quite enough to break entirely through Sarah's reserve, but Juliet is determinedly friendly, and even though it's still awkward, Sarah cautiously considers her a friend.

Ronnie Harrision aka Gauss: Another one of Sarah's classmates, Ronnie's boundless enthusiasm for pretty much everything made him stick out like a sore thumb compared to the dedicated, borderline obsessive focus of most other HCP students, which Sarah noticed - although she doubts he noticed her, since if she stuck out for anything, it was for being even more antisocial than even the most blinkered of her classmates. They took their Foucus classes together in second and third year - and more than once, Sarah found herself watching his antics instead of paying attention to the teacher. She never got up the courage to approach him outside of class - despite Juliet's urging - and while, rationally, she knows that dating really isn't something she's ready to handle, she regrets not at least trying to make friends with him.



Sooo busy right now (probably until late August). Trying to keep up, but realistically, post rate is probably going to be down to 1-2 per week.

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ApplicationName: Ronnie Harrison AKA 'Gauss'

Major: Control, with a Focus minor.

Power: 'Gauss' picked his codename pretty on the nose, as he has the ability to sense, create, and control magnetic fields. Upper limits unknown at present, but he has shown to be capable of electromagnetic levitation, moving metallic objects with something like telekinesis, generating force fields, etc.

He seems to be such a natural with his abilities that this has caused problems of their own. The magnetic fields of large natural events like hurricanes have been known to interfere with his brain patterns, creating an intoxication-like effect for example. It's a hint toward his big secret, that he's actually riding the border between being Powered and a Super. The energy powering his abilities seems to build on it's own, and if he goes too long without using his powers he begins to lose control over them.

Background: Born in Pittsburgh, Ronnie's parents believe that they were ultimately somehow responsible for Ronnie's "condition". They actually might be right, who knows? When your mother is a physicist whose experiments were geared toward finding theoretical magnetron particles a lot of things are possible.

The popular story is that usually powers pop up with puberty, but not always. The Harrison's don't say when Ronnie's magnetic powers started to surface, but there's a reason metal knives are not allowed in the house. They know though. Normally powers start erupting at puberty, Ronnie's powers erupted when he was six when freak magnetic fields began bursting around the house. Most horrifyingly in the kitchen. Do the math. The irony is that if he truly had no control over his abilities both of his parents and he himself would have been sliced to ribbons in the resulting chaos. Instead his mother now has a chunk of one ear that's gone but otherwise they're fine. But that's all he can think about, about how he almost accidentally killed himself and his family.

Feeling like he's only barely in control of his abilities, it's fortunate that Ronnie's father had the financial resources to keep this hidden. Ronnie's accidentally wrecked family cars, ripped wiring from walls, and similar feats of magnetism from a very young age. Fortunately, being a borderline case and through years of practice he does have something like a lid on his abilities most of the time and can pass for a true Super as long as he doesn't go to long between uses of his powers. If he does, he starts getting chest pains then things start happening.

So why does he want to become a Hero? Because there's no way he'll go very long without using his Magnetism if he's a Hero. He'll be far too busy for that. Coming up through Korman University, Gauss is going for the top spot like his life depends on it. Because he feels like it does. And ironically, it probably makes him a better hero. Who more appreciates life then someone who almost had it all ripped away.

Description: 'Gauss' stands at 5'10" with a fairly average build. He's clearly someone who only goes to the gym when he absolutely has too but the HCP does genuinely make him at times. Has short brown hair with blue-grey eyes described as like the color of the sky during a storm. Smirks like he's in the middle of an inside joke that never seems to stop.

With the help of his family’s resources Guass has a “learner’s costume” of what looks like a black under-armor shirt with red highlights with aeronautic giggles because if he has to hide his identity anyway may as well make it practical. The shirt has metal strands woven into it, which when used in conjunction with his powers makes it bulletproof armor. Otherwise wears jeans and steel-toed boots to assist with magnetic levitation. When asked about maintaining a secret identity he does it in ways considered unorthadox otherwise. Like reminding people that an adult human body usually has about 5 grams of Iron in it, enough to create a small nail, that iron were to be suddenly removed would cause the blood to lose it's ability to process Oxygen. That and with the ability to wipe phones and hard-drives on a whim - well, some surprisingly dark moves, but it seems to work. Is often seen using his abilities in public if he does make some effort to not make it immediately obvious who he is, too the point where he doesn't have a driver's license as he prefers to just ride the magnetic fields in the local environment to move anyway.

Personality: Ronnie is playful, irreverent, and not above using his powers for a bit of fun. Would probably be the most likely member of any super-group to actually break the law but just in little ways. He's not out to hurt anyone. Just things using magnetic levitation to scoot around cityscapes at shocking speeds to be awesome. What's with all the angst? They have superpowers! Of course he's hiding as his secret that, in theory, he could lose control over his abilities and accidentally kill himself and everyone around him at any moment, that just makes him more determined to live life to the fullest.

Gauss is an avid parkour artist and sky-diver but he cheats at both things, openly, so if he holds any records they don't really count and he knows it. He does have a good heart, if he wants to blast out his hearing at a concert of two first.

Roleplay Sample:
Make it Count"You know what a Bonzai Jump is?" Ronnie asks the new 21 year old in the seat next to his at that old dive bar. There was a band playing, a very spirited Punk band - but musically they sucked so he wasn't really paying attention. The kid shakes his head, so Ronnie turns to the bartender.


"Heard of it, I think. Something to do with Sky-Diving?" replies the bartender with cherry red hair that probably came from a bottle but Ronnie was in a good enough mood that he didn't care.

"Sort of yeah. It's when you throw the Parachute out of the Plane first, you have to put it on and strap in while you're in Free Fall."

"F$%^! Why would you do that? Do they want to die?" the new 21 year old responds, a skinny kid with a shaved bald head and puppy dog eyes now that Ronnie's got a better look at him.

"I did one yesterday. No, I did it because I want to live a little before then. So do it, go live a little."

"A Bonzai jump? No thank you." the shaved kid replies, and Ronnie chuckles at that, looking at the bartender who also giggles a bit.

"I mean talk to that guy you've been eyeing for the last hour. Because, really, you could die tomorrow. Where would you be then?"

"He'd be Dead." 'Cherry' responds. That's probably not her name, but that's what Ronnie's started to call her in his head for now.

"I just - I don't know what to say."

"That's what the booze is for. Just go."

"What would you say then, smart guy?" Cherry asks Ronnie, and he chuckles. And closes his eyes and holds out a hand. A bottle of Blanton's Bourbon, fine glass with a metal horse figure for a cap on it's head, flies through the air into his hand. Of course he hands it back, while Cherry and Kid are still surprised.

"I'd ask her if she had electricity powers, I'm being attracted. Like, literally electromagnetically pulled. But that only really works for me, and for ladies who have electricity powers. You kind of have to come up with that on your own."

And with that, the Kid does get brave and starts to head out while Ronnie motions that he still wants the drink.

"Didn't realize you were a Super. That line is really Corny." 'Cherry' replies and Gauss just chuckles.

"I don't know about that. Do you have Electricity powers?"


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ApplicationName: Haia "Emily" Savage | Velox

Power: Velox, like her Grandmother, has Animal powers centred around the fox mutations such as her fangs, night-vision & Metamorphism. Velox has also developed powers that her Grandmother lacked which impact her senses, mobility & strength. Kitsune had the same heightened sense powers and the same raging strength that Velox did, but this is where their similarities end. Kitsune had powers that were buried in the mysticism of the Kitsune name, her powers being focused more on illusion and fire manipulation, summoning will-o-wisps, manipulating open flames and the sorts, while her illusions were focused on creating illusionary clones. Velox lacks these later powers and instead developed mobility powers.

Background: Haia or 'Emily' as she prefers to call herself, was born to a Japanese father and an American mother, her father was a physicist and her mother a mathematician. Emily was born in the Americas and her parents agreed that she adopted her mother's maiden name to help her adjust to the local culture, however, her father insisted she took her grandmother's suggested name of 'Haia'. While Emily was growing up her family would arrange trips to her Japanese grandparents - something her father claimed was to keep Emily in-touch with her Asian heritage. Emily wasn't happy about these trips, preferring to stay in New York where she had her friends and English-speaking family.

Emily's powers began to manifest when she turned 13, at first it was smaller details such as heightened senses, inhuman strength and greater agility. It was when Emily hit the age of 15 that her powers took a physical manifestation through her teeth becoming fang-like, her nails becoming claws and she developed the ability to unleash an animalistic cry. Emily's father saw these developments and took her back to Japan, where she formally inherited her grandmother's superhero identity of Kitsune. In an act of rebellion, Emily abandoned the name, instead opting for the name Velox. Emily's powers finally settled in when she turned 20, finalizing with the ability to communicate with animals and metamorph into a Fox.

Emily's circle of friends quickly shrunk in the wake of her developing mutations, some cut ties with her because of their parent's beliefs towards Supers and others couldn't keep up with her newly-developed nocturnal lifestyle. As her social life crumbled around her, Emily began to prowl the streets at night, taking any opportunity she could to use her abilities. Emily knew that what she was doing was wrong in the eyes of the law, but there was something buried deep in the back of her mind that simply didn't care, it felt right to be out here at night doing what she did rules and regulations be damned.

Velox was officially born when Emily managed to acquire a scholarship at West Private University, where she finally built up the confidence to obtain a costume of her own and finally retire her Grandmother's costume. Emily attended West Private with the cover of studying Toxicology - a subject which the young woman had developed an interest in thanks to her Mothers career.

Description: Emily stands at a height of 5ft 2inches, Emily has a pale porcelain complexion with a sharp nose in the centre of her face, positioned above her nose is a pair of dark brown eyes, bordering on black, at night her eyes shine an amber colour. Emily has her hair cut to a short, a side-braided mohawk with the none-braided sides shaved, the colour of which is a jet-black with a silver streak through both her Mohawk and braids. Emily's physique matches up with that of the Triangle/'Pear' body type and is slightly toned on the surface.

Personality: Emily has been driven to an almost nocturnal lifestyle, sleeping the day away and going out to enjoy the evening and live under the moonlight - something that is quite obvious, given how pale she is. Emily often finds herself spending time exploring the urban wilderness before her. Each night Emily ventures out into the urban jungle she finds both her personality and the animal within intertwining with every interaction, a break at a late-night coffee shop becomes a bit of playful flirting, stopping to buy a bottle of water transitions into a mischevious prank on the lonesome teller and a walk in the park becomes an evening of metamorphised people-watching.

Emily likes to pretend that her physical appearance doesn't bother her - her sharp facial features, the animal-eyes and fangs all build up into insecurity and internal conflict, both aspects of her personality wanting to socialize and be among other people but wanting to hide the deformations that give her such incredible potential. This is reflected in how she dresses, constantly wearing a trenchcoat jacket with leather gloves to hide her hands, blacked-out glasses to conceal the bestial nature of her eyes.

Emily regularly finds herself conflicted, torn between her bestial desires to indulge in natural reserves and her need to socialize. This conflict can sometimes lead to short-lived social gatherings, with Emily vanishing mid-way through. Emily tends to get along with just about everybody, though with her natural instincts she finds it hard to adjust to people who attempt to assert a social dominance over her.

Place of Study & Major: West Private University, majoring in Close Combat, minored in Subtlety and studied Toxicology as her cover-course.

Roleplay SampleIt had been a pretty eventful night for Emily, having left her random coffee shop of the night with a freshly poured cup in hand the Asian woman casually strolled down the dimly lit street as she took her first sip with a startled jump, having not taken into account how hot this drink was going to be! Emily shook her head at her own foolishness, letting the beverage cool down before she took her next sip.

A few minutes went by as Emily strolled along the evening streets, a few party-goers and clubbers passing her by and throwing out some drunken cheers - Emily cheered back, though she had no idea what was being cheered or why. A few more minutes went by as Emily found herself by a park, taking a seat on the bench she laid herself back and sighed in the moment of respite, quiet at long last... Then she notices it, an opportunity: two people sitting down at a bench together having what seemed to be a rather intimate conversation. Emily flashed a fang-filled grin as she got up from her own bench and quietly walked towards the bushes and shrubbery behind her.

A single fox emerged from where Emily had entered, its paws gently treading on the grass before claws gently rapped and tapped on the hard material of the path. The fox cautiously crept from bush to bush, closing the gap between the couple and itself, its beady eyes never leaving its goal: the purse left unguarded next to the woman. Emily felt the tip of her tail brushing against the floor in anticipation as she went in and slowly grabbed the purse in her maw, moving it just out of reach of the couple and dropping it on the floor then retreating back to where she had left her clothes. Emily emerged from the bushes once more, a few minutes after the fox had retreated back into the safety of the shrubbery. There was a little chortle from Emily once she noticed that the woman caught on to her purse being moved, that look of sheer panic and then the hit of relief when she found it mere meters away from the bench.

Summary: Fox-themed heroine with a rebellious heart and a mischevious mind, attempting to establish herself as separate from her Asian heritage and her Grandmother's name.


Stat Block

I'll need to work on a statblock.
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appKevin Bradley AKA Stanchion
left-aligned image

Specialization: Ranged with minor in Control
School: Overton
Mundane Major: Double Major, Architecture and Botany (2/3rds of credits for first major completed before transfer, he picked up Botany to extend his stay at the campus.)

Phytokinesis. He can mentally control living plants within a moderate range and push them to grow at superhuman speeds, even partially endow them with limited sapience. His specialty is weaving together fortifications made out of woven vines and wood, and then shooting people with ranged biological gas canisters.

During training he has focused on developing a kind of super plant by constantly imbuing it with his gifts and crossbreeding it, and then using cuttings from that specific plant to form a low level super suit.

His main weakness is that all the plants he controls need to be alive, killing the plants cuts off his ability to control them entirely.


Outside his power suit Kevin stands around a six foot tall. White though tanned skin covers the standard extremely well built muscles of a recent HCP graduate.

Off duty he tends to wear dress shirts and pants, unbuttoned at the top.

As Stanchion he is far more domineering. The design of the legs in his suit increase his height to closer to seven feet tall, with wide shoulders and a powerful frame. The entire suit is obviously made from plant fibres, but they are carefully shaped to look closer to muscle than plant if not for their silvery green color. The full face helmet looks like a blend between a plant monster and a medieval knight.

Kevin is a fairly calm person most of the time, slow to anger fluster. He has trouble with the more violent aspects of the job, not enjoying hurting people let alone killing them. Training has worn this tendency down though to the point that if he truly needs to he can get the job done.
Due to his non-super family he takes his private identity very seriously, wearing a mask at all times when on duty and not even telling team mates who he is outside. All it takes is one leak for his family to be put at risk after all, and he just can’t accept the chance.

Manly Roar!:
His former Corpie team, created and managed by an energy drink company trying to appeal to college men. Every member was a large male with rippling muscles and extreme powers.
Surviving members include: Wizzbang, the registered Hero of the team. A forty year old speedster specialized in short bursts of extreme speed and action. A good guy, ongoing friend and the one who recommended him to the HPC.
Nator AK Croc Lord: A shape-shifting Meta with mid level super strength focused around an ability to turn into a were-croc. On duty he is a total roided out Bro, off duty he is a teddy bear with a love of oil painting and a beloved girlfriend who has him totally and willingly henpecked.

Students from HCP:
Techie: Grace Daniels - A former HCP student with a focus on super suits. Failed to make it into the 3rd year. Kept in contact, but drifted apart.
Enelord: Zhang Huo - Another graduating student from his year. Not a personal friend, but worked together occasionally. Powers are around generating and throwing blasts of attribute-less energy, which he can also form into short duration protective shields.

Agent: Seigel Mathers - The former HR guy for Manly Roar, Siegel always had a side buisness as an agent for individuals; after the fall of the team he shifted his focus entirely on solo agents. Having kept in touch with Kevin, and having the clearances, Seigel kept in touch after Kevin joined the HCP. In third year when teams and agents came up he made a point to turn up and offer his card. Having worked with him in the past Kevin agreed to sign up with him, should he graduate. When he did, it was one of his first calls.

(If accepted) Ian Night - Ninja: Placed in the same dorm in first year, the two trained side by side. In second year they were placed in the same squad, Ians subtlety skills complimenting his own more direct tactics in the various tests.

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left-aligned image

Character Name: Marina Diaz
Hero Name: Riptide
Power: Hydrokinesis combined with several aquatic adaptions
College: West Private University in Orlando, Florida
Major: Ranged combat









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