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Old Jun 2nd, 2011, 01:17 AM
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Rule of Threes

This is my House Rules thread. I don't have many house rules but I do have a couple.

Characters get max at first level and roll each level after. 1's rolled for hit points can be rerolled for any class with a d6, 1's and 2's can be rerolled for classes with a d8 or d10, and 1, 2 and 3's can be rerolled for a d12 class.

Magic and the Planes
In addition to the planes outlined in the 3.5 Manual of the planes, I am also going to include the quasi- and paraelemental planes from the 2e planescape setting as possible locations for adventures. Also, in addition to the impeded and enhanced magic outlined in the Manual of the planes, some planes will have additional effects or restrictions on magic that will have to be discovered when you visit them(or by research and knowledge checks made before visiting them).

Being a member of a faction has some benefits and penalties. If your character is a member of a faction and makes a little effort to rp this I will give that character a few special benefits(found by Jondera) as well as occasional assistance in the form of information, gold, or perhaps the loan of a magic item or spell from a fellow faction member.

Prestige Classes
All Prestige classes must be approved by the DM before taking them. I reserve the right to deny the request of any class.
Depending on the class you may need to RP discovering the group or class, finding a trainer or mentor, and returning to said trainer or mentor every time you wish to gain a level in the class.
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