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Old 03-11-2018, 01:37 PM
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The Fellowship

This is where you post your characters.

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Old 03-11-2018, 05:04 PM
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Name: Bjarni
People: Beorning
Classes: Wanderer

Personality: Bjarni is a quietly commanding young man whose arrival in a room seems to make things feel better, unless you follow Shadow. He is a considerate person and also considers everything that he says or does carefully which explains some of this but his natural leadership and niceness account for some more. He has a genuine interest in others and wants to make the world a better place. He is also very fond of his own company and is happy to journey for days on his own but is good company when he relaxes. He is however, a literalist and once his word is given it is his bond. His father's teachings about power and responsibility have had a strong effect on him and he lives simply. He does not drink alcohol or use stimulants, prefers simple food and does not value worldly goods or material possessions. He values others who fight the shadow alongside him and believes it is his job to protect the weak against Shadow.

Appearance: Tall, but slim, physique with brown hair and beard, He wears muted colours, browns and greens, and hide armour complete with the the hair from the wolves he killed for its creation. He carries a Great Bow, a longsword in a scabbard on his back and a shield with red and orange quarters and a brown bear rampant on it. He tends to wear the hood of his cloak up so that his face is in shade and to sit quietly watching unless he has something important to say. He travels light and his pack contains few luxuries. He takes little care of his appearance, though his weapons are well oiled and used, Though young, he is a charismatic leader of men, and has a reputation for ferocity that both excites and appals the less martial folk, He is quiet and rarely drinks alcohol. His serious nature, and inability to be diplomatic, mean that he is watched warily both others and whilst respected as one who keeps Shadow at bay the people are happy when he moves on as they feel safer when he is in the wilds and not in their homes.

Bjarni in the eldest son of Bjarn the Hunter, the leader of the Brown Bear clan of the Beornings. He has lived all his life in the East Vale between Beorn's House and the eaves of Mirkwood. The area is a borderland between light and shadow and he has been defending his homeland since he was 12. His father visited regularly but was usually away fighting Sahow wherever it is to be found. He taught the young boy tales of the heroes of old and of the world around the valley. His mother brought him up to serve the clan proudly. The boy grew tall and strong and, as soon as he could, he started to go out into the woods and learn the skills of his people. When his father was lamed by an orc sword, and retired to breed horses and farm, Bjarni was given the family shield to bear and sent out to continue his fathers work. The red and orange shield with the Brown Bear on it is well known to all in the area and this brings Bjarni all that he seeks - shadowlings to kill and a role in the world.
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Old 03-15-2018, 08:51 PM
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Name: Valdimarr
People: Barding
Class: Warrior

Although young, Val carries a lot of weight on his shoulders. Being the last of your line will do that. Despite that, Val is as fun loving as the next person. While he is slow to trust, once you have earned his, Val will stand by you no matter the odds or opponent. While he's quick to avenge insult and injury, Val is just as quick to but the next round of drinks.


I'll fill out the rest, in a bit.

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Old 03-21-2018, 09:29 AM
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Cirda the Curious

Culture: Elves
Class: Scolar
Background: Seeker of the Lost

Appearance: medium height and thin, with dark hair he would sometimes use to conceal his eleven ears in less friendly lands. always has his bag full of stories and scrolls he has gathered.

Cirda has always been more concerned with the threat of the shadow then others of his race and knows that lost knowledge is the only way to defeat the shadow. He has left his home to travel the world to find every scrap of knowledge that can be used when the true battle with evil starts.

Spending his time chasing down every scrap of info that may be useful has made other just see him as a curious “young elf” for he was born after all the major battles with evil. Even when he goes to human lands he is seen as an oddity. Wardening around collect stories from various people and pouring over what little books and scrolls remain from that time. For in his time collecting knowledge of evil, he has become fascinated with folklore of various peoples.

He is returning from the lands to the far east and has stopped in Lake town for supplies and stories to add to his collections.

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