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Old 07-13-2018, 01:46 PM
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(I suppose it is up to all of you whether you want to go this way or not, but it was hard to resist the temptation to make this reference.and Nocturnes?)

It might be useful for some of you to have known each other prior to the party itself. If that is the case, feel free to RP any backstories you want in here. I’m not likely going to add anything to these backstories, so feel free to use any NPCs who are not part of the main story as you like here. But make sure to check in with each other OOC that everyone is OK with how their character is being portrayed by anyone else in the thread. If you want to hash things out in terms of if your characters would know each other ahead of time and some brief ideas of what this might look like, feel free to do that in the Party Planning Thread.
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Old 07-20-2018, 10:12 AM
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Know your Opponent

This is a story about how Erwin Halamere met one of Jewel's many personas, Char, and discovered a little more than he should have.

Character List
  • Jewel - Human Sorcerer(Silver Draconic Origin) (PC)
  • Erwin Halamere - Human Monk (PC)
  • Sadia Halamere - Erwin’s half-sister (Half-Elf)
  • Farlo - Erwin’s trainer.
  • Sonja - Jewel disguised as a female Hostess
  • Char - Jewel disguised a male rogue
  • Jack Flash - Erwin’s next opponent

Know your Opponent

Farlo tells Erwin "We need every advantage we can get for the upcoming fight. I have asked someone to watch Jack Flash." Farlo gestures to Jewel, disguised as Char, "“This young man saw Jack while he was training. Hopefully, he has a few useful insights for you."

Jewel, disguised as Char, is a nondescript youth - a dirty brown cape and hood cover most of his body and features. What of his face that is visible is dark brown. Hints of black hair confirm that he is likely of Mulanese ancestry. The only unusual feature is a well-chewed ear.

Char starts in "I will tell you what little I know and hopefully you will consider it worth a few silver pieces." Meanwhile, Jewel thinks “tipping the odds is worth more than anything you will pay me.”

"Likely you have seen Jack fight before. He fights with much waving of his hands to distract his opponent, before striking. Although often the hands are nothing more than a distraction for his kicks."

With a sly smile Char adds "However, I have seen him practice a few techniques that he has not used in a fight yet. Apparently, he is much enamored of his kicks. He has a strike where he leaps up and then kicks out. However, he has this kick where he spins around and … well I cannot really describe it. Let me show you."

Char takes off his cloak, showing a slim, but lean physique. As Char proceeds to demonstrate a Jumping Spinning Heel Kick. While Char is both dextrous and somewhat familiar with fighting, it is obvious that he is not experienced with the technique. As Erwin and Char talk about the various moves, Char gets more animated. One of his kicks pulls out his tunic and Erwin gets a brief flash of silver draconic scales before Char quickly tucks his tunic back in. Char looked intently at Erwin attempting to determine what he has seen and how he will react.

Erwin’s eyes widen for a second while his mouth opens a little as if he wanted to say something but he stops and instead smiles at Char in complicity. "Well, You seem pretty good but you lack experience and mostly the technique you acquire from continuous practice. Anyway, I feel like I’m cheating but If you see it from a strategist perspective it is pretty fair and square to know about your opponent. Next time, I will treat you to something, here is your coins, Char." Erwin offer Char 7 silver coins grabbing Char’s hand with a delicate movement and putting the coins inside before closing it.

Erwin continues "You see… the kick should look like this…" his expression changes suddenly. A bloodthirsty expression shows on his face and his eyes full of a murderous intention. Then In a flash, Erwin leaps and spins, executing a perfect Jumping Spinning Heel Kick, this one filled with intention, nimbleness, and power.

Then Erwin’s face and eyes come back to the usual harmless expression and Char understands where his nickname, the conceited wolf, come from. Jewel thinks "It is well that my money is riding on him."

"And that’s how you do it..." Erwin smirks you with confidence while his master shakes his in disapproval.

"Tsk.. as always, you tend to show that bloodier face... seriously, you’re too serious when it comes to the job." Farlo complains.

"Farlo-sensei… I’m not a blood…" he interrupts as he heard his sister rushing to him.

"Blood?! Are you bleeding?! What did you do this time, Er?!" Sadie speaks out loud in concern she examine his brother’s body like she knew every inch of it, touching his chest and then his arms and then face with both hand and he blushes himself with a timid attitude.

"Eh.. ah--- Sad---saddy, wait! WAIT!!!!..." He hugs her tightly in her arm to stop her while she hides his face on his chest, hiding her blush as a serious expression shows on Erwin’s face. "I’m fine, that happened a while ago." Erwin pushes his sister from his body in a gentle way, putting his both hand on Sadia’s cheeks, kissing her forehead to calm her down.

"It won’t happen again… never again. They were talking about me having a bloodier face but maybe I show a little my intention." His expression suddenly shows his anger toward Jack.

"I heard Jack spoke very badly about Saddy and, to be honest, I now feel like I want to mop the floor with his blood; three times the saliva he spent to badmouthing about her." Erwin kept smiling and smirking trying to hide his hate with an awful result, making Sadia laugh about his brother weird expression.

"Bro… Your Face…. pffff…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" She covered her mouth in vain.

"Ugh… is my face that funny?" He picks a mirror to see his face.

"PFF…. Not your face, your expression was funny. Thanks! "She kisses him on his cheek and runs to the exit turning around to see Erwin

"Today my group and I have a performance, Don’t forget to come! As well remember I will be rooting for you in the fight!" She walks away.

For a couple of minutes, Erwin looks to the door with a satisfaction expression, a smile that shines and disperses the ugly atmosphere in the place to realize that Char and Farlo were there and he coughs.

"So… where were we?"

Char/Jewel watches as Sadie strolls away and thinks "Would that I had a sibling who cared one on tenth for me as much as those two care for each other. In fact, most families in Mulmaster would have turned Sadie out like my own family did me when my scales manifested. As well, Erwin at least glimpsed my secret, but said nothing.”

Char speaks up "I have heard that Mistress Saj is throwing a party. The pay is poor, but there is an opportunity to hobnob with our betters and perhaps find a bit of employment. I will not be there, but an acquaintance of mine ‘Sonja’ will be there. Sonja is hard to miss - a red-headed hostess with..." Char pantomimes large breasts "ample endowment. If you decide to go to the party, look her up. If she can she will put in a good word for you."

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