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Old 07-13-2018, 11:47 AM
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Group 79

Please post your character applications here. Please include a link to your character sheet.

Character Creation RulesStarting Level: 1
Stat Generation: 20 Point Buy.
Classes: Core/Base/Hybrid/Unchained/Occult/Alternate, include any possible archetypes.
Races: Core, and any other 15 point or less race.
Starting Gold: Roll or take average (whichever is higher).
Traits: Two. Or three and one Drawback. No drawbacks for feats.
HP: Max at first, rolled for afterwords.
Skills: Background skills rules will be in effect.

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Old 07-27-2018, 12:36 PM
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The best ally is a dead ally, sometimes
right-aligned image
Name: Heinrich Delarosa
Race: Human
Age: 43 (Middle aged for stats)
Class: Juju mystery oracle, Lich curse

Traits: Unnatural presence, Slippery, Keeper of the veil
Flaw: Betrayed
Alignment: True neutral, viewed as neutral evil by most. Heinrich does not believe himself to be "evil" per se, merely a victim of circumstance whose actions have led to an unfortunate standing in the eyes of the world that have set him on darker paths that shall not be changed.

Party role: Summoner and controller of the undead for any number of uses. Distraction? Undead! More bodies for combat? Undead! Make a guard look like he's still alive? Undead! Not to mention general spellcasting, mostly buffs and debuffs.

Physical description:



Gold was rolled on the application thread for a 120 gold total.
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Old 07-27-2018, 01:51 PM
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The BasicsName: Kalberick Jynn
Race: Ifrit (Mostly Human ART)
Class: Brawler (no archetype)
Gender: Male
Age: 74
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Party Role(s): Melee Beater, Intimidation Specialist, Flanker, Comic Relief
The Important StuffPhysical Description:



RPG Sample: Serious and possibly overboard. And, for good measure, silly and somewhat risque.
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Old 07-27-2018, 03:36 PM
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right-aligned image
Credit: Alec Surana

Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 121

Sheet: Link

Class: Wizard
Alignment: Neutral
Party Role(s): Face, Arcane Caster (Control, Summoning, Buffing)

Physical Description:
Quen is the poster child for elven grace and beauty. To a fault. His long, reddish-gold hair frames a face with high, feminine cheek bones and blazing emerald eyes. He has thin eyebrows, often raised in quiet judgment or curiosity. His full, pouty lips, more often than not, smirk in condescension or flirtation. His skin is smooth and pale. He accentuates his lithe body with carefully chosen clothing that he keeps clean with his arcane powers. His long, elven ears each sport a small, golden hoop and he wears a thick, golden ring around his right thumb.

Driven - Even before Quen was picked up by Arranus and threatened with magical education or jail, the elf had been driven. He had not been content to merely survive on the streets. He had used his charms, his wits, and every other tool at his disposal to eek out a semblance of comfort and security. That drive stayed with him as he studied under Arranus and he holds on to it this day. He seeks power, fame, and riches and refuses to let anything stand in his way to achieve them.
Charming - One of the tools he employed was his ability to charm. He found, early on, that a compliment, whispered softly with a light touch, could open doors that brute strength could not. He learned to read the desires in others and play to them. Implication, flirtation, even friendship could all be used to get what he wanted.
Vain - A life of being wanted by others has made Quen haughty and vain.
Meticulous - Quen is organized, clean, and detail oriented, from keeping himself and his clothes as presentable as possible to a near obsessive manner of keeping his things.

Quen was born to a prostitute elf in the port city of Ayden on the southeast coast. His father, supposedly, had died at sea shortly after impregnating Quen's mother and she spoke kindly of him. She, however, died when he was near twenty. He was old enough to take care of himself on the streets, especially after having essentially been doing so for several years, and he spent the next few decades carving out a small, street urchin kingdom. When he was yet older, Quen worked in one of the pleasure houses of Ayden, by the docks, where he met Errol. They were thick as thieves, literally, and often worked together to seduce and steal from their marks. The game lasted a good while, until Errol stole from a particularly belligerent sailor and was beaten to death. When he was ninety, shortly after the death of his friend and partner Errol, Quen was up to his usual pickpocketing and targeted an elderly man with loose looking robes. An easy mark, he thought. Arranus, however, caught Quen's wrist and threatened to turn him into the guard, unless he came with him for magical training. It was the arcane spark in Quen that had allowed Arranus to notice the attempted theft. Between jail-time and a gang in shambles or going with the older man for supposed magical training, it was an easy choice for Quen to make. It took nearly three decades to transform the street rat and prostitute into a competent student of the arcane, but by graduation, the transformation was complete. At least on the surface.
RP Samples:


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Old 07-27-2018, 05:23 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Kolbar „Badger“ Kesselring
Race: Dwarf
Class: Ranger (Urban Ranger)
Gender: Male
Age: 71
Alignment: CG
Party Role(s): Skill Monkey, Combatant (Melee or Ranged), moral support (not really though).

Physical Description: Receding short cropped hair that is peppered with grey and a beard shifting from the same grey to black surround a gnarled face of a middle aged dwarf that seems to have never cracked a smile in his lifetime. Dark, piercing eyes stare from underneath bushy eyebrows and a massive steel ring hangs from his nose. He is clad in worn, black leather clothing and wear as massive hoodless black fur cloak. Despite his stocky build he moves with quiet ease, like a predator ready to spring at any moment.

Personality: Kolbar is a man without family, without a clan and some would say without honor. He is surly and quiet, his voice like gravel when he speaks and he generally doesn‘t have many positive words on stock in his vocabulary. Though he grudgingly respects the need of a community for some sort of hierarchy and authority he does not put his own faith in it. Some things are best done by yourself, your own way. He has a good heart in him but his loss has cast a shadow over his character, making him somewhat standoffish and aloof.

Background: Kolbar moved to Volstrad as a young man to learn his trade as a woodworker, a strange profession from a dwarf and one that was not taught where he came from. He soon married and settled down in the city to set up shop with his wife Oshkva and spent the next decades plying his trade. Then the darkness came and as fate would have it one of the first victims to be found, drained of all blood was his wife. They had never been blessed by a child so now Kolbar, broken by grief was alone with no one to come home to at night, with no one to share a meal with, to laugh with, to hear softly breathing by his side at night. The only person he loved had been taken away and soon he‘d loose everything else as his time was spent stalking the streets at night, blindly searching for the beast that had killed Oshkva, leaving his business to gradually fade away. He became surly and driven, a man with no friends and one who people generally avoided.

After years of searching with little to no results he heard about the Royal Inquiries, a group that was to be put together to investigate the dark rumors that have been going around for years. Realizing that perhaps he couldn‘t go on alone like he had for years, this could be the only chance he had to get some answers at the least and from that, revenge.

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