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Old 07-27-2018, 02:31 AM
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Jeez, there have been so many good ones. My group always played in semi-historical settings where there were Vikings and Goths fighting alongside Elves and Dwarves against Huns and Giants. It made it quite fun having historical references. There was Dinadain the Paladin who died in a lance charge saving a village from a dragon, there was Askr the Dwarven Cleric that prostelyzed everyone he came in contact with, Mordecai the Magician who was a Theif-Wizard, but pretended to be a cheap street prestidigitator playing 3 card monte and pulling pennies out of ears.

I played a Celtic Bard, named Killian Tollbeck, 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, I am dating myself.
Anyone not familiar with that rule set, Bards were the toughest class to achieve. Basically the first Prestige Class. You had to have at least 5 levels at a Fighter class and 3 levels as a thief. Then you had to find a Druid to teach you, you had to be of a Neutral alignment, and it just went on.

So I slugged through all of it, and the DM was awesome. Because in gameplay you weren't just some guy that could sing a monster to sleep. If you went into town and you were a Bard you were respected, etc. We played out a lot of fun stuff from basic adventures, to humorous mishaps to serious large Army size battles. As we changed rule sets he went on to ADD 2nd E, then the D20 variants, ending in 3.5. I haven't played him in a long time, he is still alive in the game world and has 23 total hard won levels.

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Old 08-23-2018, 01:35 PM
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