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Old 09-06-2018, 12:13 PM
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Currently I am playing a Half-Elf Wild Magic Sorcerer, Emros Trux, that I really have enjoyed. He is amazed by magic that he does, and clearly has no clue what will happen from time to time with his powers. Currently he is fairly new to my game, but I love the wonder and the joy that this character brings to magic in a world where its not really that uncommon but to him, being the one doing it, it feels new and amazing.

I also have a concept for a character that hasn't seen a game yet, a cleric that was a sailor, but was saved by his deity and given powers to heal and destroy evil, including the pirates who killed his captain and crew. I love the idea and look forward to one day really fleshing it out.
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Old 09-18-2018, 11:21 AM
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I know I've already posted in here, but I recently had a player contact me about reprising the role of his character in game that he had bowed out of due to life constraints. Ragnar, an inquisitor of Gorum, focused on front-line, heavy-hitting combat. Uncompromising. Always ready to confront whatever challenge, physical or otherwise, that lay ahead. It's worked out really well in the Wrath of the Righteous game, with its emphasis on confronting evil, the themes of redemption (and how that forces you to confront what you've done, and the challenges of the road ahead), and particularly with the foil of a compassionate Shelynite priest in the party.

After the player left, someone else took on the role of Ragnar, and while he was a good player and character it just wasn't quite the same. I'd love to see the old Ragnar come back in all his glory!
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Old 09-19-2018, 05:00 AM
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My best character was probably Godwin Burns, a socially-isolated sorcerer of limited skill. He was profoundly insecure; wouldn't let anyone get close and lied a lot about his powers in that blustery Great and Powerful Oz fashion. But he found himself in the company of strangers who he'd come to depend on (and vice versa) and one of them was the former slave of a wizard, who knew little of magic but could see through all of Godwin's blustery fibs. So in terms of the character arc, it became a struggle with that character and ultimately a found-family thing where he opened up to his new friends and found honest acceptance of himself. He never became a powerful sorcerer, but he became a modest sorcerer worthy of respect. Godwin was a GURPS PC in a friend's fantasy campaign in the late 90s.

My favorite character changes with the seasons, and it's usually one of my recent ones. Currently it's Ajebaje Katha, a genetically-engineered humanoid with some subtle chemical powers (essentially, he has psychoactive pheromones he can use consciously) who works as a massage therapist / life-coach / new-age-bullpucky guru for a high-end space resort. I love Aje because he's genuinely focused on the mission of making sure everyone placed in his care at the resort has an excellent experience, even if it's not the experience they were seeking. To this end, he's helped lead invading mercenary armies to the negotiating table, rescued a runaway space princess, settled a union dispute and other "above and beyond" his usual duties as a guru / massage therapist. Even if you're an invading armada, he wants you to have a great time on his watch (but since the other guests also deserve a great time, YOUR great time will not involve invading them, but it might involve drugs and dancing). Aje is a Risus PC in a friend's space-opera campaign, still technically ongoing but, with scheduling facing the usual grown-up-life challenges.
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Old 10-03-2018, 08:47 PM
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So far I'd have to say it's my wizard, Voratia Disore. She blew up a volcano she was standing in after blowing a hole into its side so the party could escape on the back of a dragon we just got done killing and raising as undead. Teleported out afterwards.

The BBEG thought he was clever trapping us in a dungeon in a volcano. Left his army at the entrance while he came in with his lackeys to gloat.
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Old 10-05-2018, 05:07 PM
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My favorite has to be one of my early paladins, Sindanon McAnders. At the time she wasn't really anything special; your average run-of-the-mill lance-focused paladin, but over time she grew into this paragon of virtue, and a bastion of the old ways and traditional values in a campaign setting that became more and more technologically driven.

I've played her through several stories (both dnd campaigns and fre-form role play) ending up on what would be level 25-ish. She ended up founding a nation for human refugees of which she is still the sovereign.
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