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House Rules

Strenuous Recovery

When a character is healed from 0 hit points they take a level of exhaustion.

LanguageCountry of OriginNotes
AldanischAldanSpoken throughout the country by just about everyone
DonavischDonavaSpoken mostly in the borderlands (not in Handel Herzogtum)
TerranoirischTerranoirSpoken by natives visiting the port, mostly Dragonborn and Elves
KlauischDrachen KlaueCommon language shared by Dwarves and Goblins of the mountains
ImperialAncient ImperiumSpoken mainly by Cult of the Dragon followers and Orcish tribes
High ImperialAncient ImperiumThe language of spells and scholars (and dragons)
DawnischEmpire of the DawnCommonly heard among the Halfling and Minotaur sailors in port
CelestialPlane of CelestiaSpoken by Aasimar and celestials
InfernalNine HellsSpoken by Tieflings and devils
SylvanFeywildSpoken amongst Fey creatures, including certain groups of Elves

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