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Old 09-16-2018, 09:07 AM
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Story summary

A few days before a local festival, a group of friends finds time to catch up over dinner. Over a magnificent meal at Jamirah's Honey Spot, they discuss theories about the strange quakes rocking Jharkand. At the end of the dinner, a polite yet menacing man named Sayeed Said intrudes and blackmails them into a recovery mission.

It seems four thieves, possibly employed by him, of their own initiative broke into someone's establishment and stole twenty small boxes of Harpy's Fingers, a rare and valuable spice. Sayeed wants those boxes back, presumably to return them to their rightful owner, and this very night. His usual resources have refused the job, though.

With little choice, the friends take on the mission, reserving the right to deal with Sayeed himself another time. The thieves had been hiding out in a grain shop when a tremor struck, and now the group sees the tremor revealed the entrance to a hidden network of tunnels and chambers. These date from a somewhat dark time a few hundred years back in the city's history, when the rule of law and order was weak and the Thieves Guilds owned the streets.

Delving into the underground complex, the friends discover a sophisticated system of living quarters and defenses--along with three of the robbers, all gruesomely murdered, each with some Harpy's Fingers on him. Everywhere in these chambers, the explorers spot variations on a two diamond design.

As of this writing, the friends stand in a more opulent section of the complex, confronting a trio of long-dead--but not, apparently, quiet--corpses. High-ranking officials of the Thug's Guild, The Keepers of the Records, Arms, and Treasures respectively have taken for themselves unknown numbers of the stolen caskets of spice. Our friends' path forward lies through these unnatural creatures...

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