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Old Feb 21st, 2021, 02:04 PM
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Nominations for April 2021

RPGX Book Club Nominations for April 2021 are now open!

Nominations will be reviewed for the criteria below, and approved nominations will be listed here. Please note that the criteria are not in place to "evaluate" nominations per se, but are a way for you to show some initial commitment to the conversation about your book and provide some seeds for such conversation. We hope that a book's nominator will be an active participant in the conversation, but there is no requirement for it.

Nominations will be open until February 28th. A winner will be selected by die roll on the evening of March 1st, CST. If your nomination is not listed here prior to then, one of us has missed something. Please PM me to get it sorted.

The winning nomination and discussion schedule for the book will be posted in the "Schedule" thread and "Current Read" thread of the "Book Discussions" folder. The first section's discussion thread will open in the "Book Discussions" folder on January 1st.

There are no requirements for making a nomination. This is not a themed read.

There are no genre restrictions to your nominations. Fiction and non-fiction of any genre are welcome.

Nominations will not carry over to the next nomination period. If you'd like to re-nominate a book, you may copy/paste the nomination from the Archived Reads.

You may nominate up to two books per nomination period.

Nomination Criteria
Nominations for blatantly religious, political, or explicit (violent or sexual) works will not be accepted. Nominations may also be rejected for containing highly offensive content. Nominators of rejected works are encouraged to submit replacement nominations up to the time of book selection.

Nominated books must be 600 or fewer pages long.

All nomination posts must include the following to be accepted:
  • Title and Author
  • Page length
  • Genre
  • Five sentence maximum synopsis, written by you, not Amazon/Goodreads/etc. Get us excited to read your book!
  • A brief thought on why it would be a good book to discuss
  • A minimum of three discussion questions. You may come up with your own or find them in the book itself, on the publisher's website or elsewhere online, or any combination thereof. Post all questions that contain spoilers in secret to Baxder! You also may also post spoiler-free questions in secret if you'd just like to save them for the book's final discussion.
  • Whether or not you have read the book.
  • At least one link to where the book can be obtained.

Happy reading; no foolin'!

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