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The Nine Heroes

Nine they were, under the three moons,
Children of a broken, bloodied world.
From every corner of Ansalon they came, even beyond,
Heroes in their desire to save a single soul.

Please add your applications here including a link to your character sheet once it’s ready. Thank you!
He/Him - I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Running Dragons of a Broken World: A Dragonlance (Age of Mortals) 5e DnD campaign
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Isandril Moonsilver, Wizard of High Sorcery
right-aligned image
Name: Isandril Moonsilver
Race: Silvanesti Elf
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Solinari
Affiliation: Wizards of High Sorcery
Background: Scion of House Mystic (Noble/Sage)
  • Personality Trait: I am almost always composed and well-mannered, as is expected of and befits one of my upbringing. But if my patience has been sorely tested or my ire raised, the one responsible will regret it through either word or deed.
  • Personality Trait: Though not exactly a priority, fashion and style are definitely an important consideration. After all, an elf and mage of some standing should look the part and do so well.
  • Ideal: Knowledge. The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge. And the same holds true for the realization of my goals and aspirations.
  • Bond: My sister, my twin, traded her own life for mine and that is a debt I can never repay. Yet I am given the opportunity to at least try, for she cannot rest and calls for my help. And help her I shall.
  • Flaw: I am not always quite as open-minded and trustful, or even tolerant, of other races as I like to think. I truly want to and I try to be, but old prejudices are not that easy to excise it would seem.

Of Covers...: At five feet and ten inches tall and possessed of a slender build, Isandril, his youthful appearance belying the fact that he is over a century old, fits the image of the archetypical Silvanesti elf quite well with his beautiful features, fair complexion and silvery-white hair, the latter a somewhat common trait of his bloodline. His eyes, however, are... unusual. Once a vibrant hazel color, they are now green with what can be best described as blood red flecks speckled through the irises, an almost constant reminder of the price of his return to health. As far as clothing is concerned, the Silvanesti noble shows a distinct preference for tailored garments of usually elven craftsmanship, with his current ensemble consisting of an embroidered white shirt, a blue vest and a pair of gray pants, all made of fine cloth. A sleeveless soft leather surcoat with matching bracers and boots, as well as a blue hooded cloak with details in silver thread, serve to complement and complete his attire of choice. Other than that, the trappings of a mage, such as his spellbook and spell component pouch, are also usually not that far from his grasp.

...and Books: To call Isandril aloof would not be that much of a mischaracterization. Generally calm and in control, as well as courteous to others, he can nevertheless appear distant, especially to those not of his long-lived race. It would also not be too far from the truth to say that his experiences and losses served to harden him more than a little, even though he had never been the warmest and friendliest of individuals even before those events, at least not towards those he did not trust or consider friends or kin. Still, slow as he may be to open himself up to new acquaintances, he is neither unkind nor is he cruel, though on occasion he can be... unpleasant, usually when someone or something has given him cause to be. The return of his magic, however, as well as seeing his twin again, in spite of the nature of the meeting, have indeed made him hopeful once more and perhaps, just perhaps, that much easier to get along with. The change in him, even if it is not readily apparent, is there.

The Journey So Far:

All the World's a Stage:

Stat Block



"We'll have to go out through the kitchen."

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The BasicsName: Devari Marossa

Race: I'm looking at Actor and Ritual Caster (Wizard) for now, but will look over the Dragonlance feats before deciding for sure.Variant human - of Ergothian (colonial) stock even though she lived her whole life in Nordmaar.

Background: With the false identity of Lady Veralyne of Staughton (in Abasinia)Charlatan

Class: Going College of Eloquence.Bard
The Moral AxisAlignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity: We did just fine without the gods so why should we start curtseying and grovelling now?None

Affiliation: None
The PersonalityTraits: I find that a simple smile disarms more effectively than any trickery with a sword. My sunny façade conceals a ruthless determination.

Ideals: Self-improvement. Although I was born a nobody, there is no reason for me to stay that way.

Bonds: My baby sister blames me for her death, I need to show her that I really tried to help her!

Flaws: I am my own worst critic and will agonise over every mistake I make. I just can't help but manipulate people, it's the only way I know how to behave.
The Creative Touch
right-aligned image
Appearance: The first thing that people usually notice about Devari is the shock of deep brown hair which seems to have a life of its own. It is wild without being out-of-control, much like Devari herself, and frames a face which seems built to smile. Her wide green eyes dance with mirth, her full lips rarely cover her white, even teeth and her high cheekbones overlook deep dimples.

Although charm has always been her first line of defence she has found that sometimes it is not enough, and so she has trained her body hard and is as graceful and nimble as any dancer. She is also comfortable in her leather armor and wielding a rapier, although each are used primarily as a deterrent.


RP Sample:
The MundaneFamiliarity: I read the Autumn/Winter/Spring cycle many times in my youth along with some of the origin stories of the Heroes of the Lance, in fact the one with Kitiara and Sturm was possibly my most read book at one point. I also seem to have picked up knowledge of the continuing adventures of the twins, although I'm pretty sure I haven't read those books so where that knowledge came from is a mystery.

Other than that I know nothing of the setting and this ad was the first I had heard of the Age of Mortals.

App Status: Complete
Level 2Bard 2
HP: +11 =22
Spell Slots: 1st +1 =3
Additional Spell: Charm Person
Jack of All Trades: Starting at 2nd level, you can add half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, to any ability check you make that doesn't already include your proficiency bonus.
Song of Rest: Beginning at 2nd level, you can use soothing music or oration to help revitalize your wounded allies during a short rest. If you or any friendly creatures who can hear your performance regain hit points at the end of the short rest by spending one or more Hit Dice, each of those creatures regains an extra 1d6 hit points.

The extra Hit Points increase when you reach certain levels in this class: to 1d8 at 9th level, to 1d10 at 13th level, and to 1d12 at 17th level.
Magical Inspiration: At 2nd level, if a creature has a Bardic Inspiration die from you and casts a spell that restores hit points or deals damage, the creature can roll that die and choose a target affected by the spell. Add the number rolled as a bonus to the hit points regained or the damage dealt. The Bardic Inspiration die is then lost.
Level 3 Bard 3 College of Eloquence
HP: +11 =33
Spell Slots: 2nd +2 = 2
Additional Spell: Aid
Swapped Spells: Remove Charm Person, add Calm Emotions
Level 4Bard 4
+9 =42
Spell Slots: 2nd +1 = 3
Additional Cantrip: Message
Additional Spell: Suggestion
Feat: Prodigy; proficiency in Khurish (language), kimanjah (instrument), and Performance (Skill). Expertise in Insight (skill)
Current status: All good.

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A New BeginningThe Basics

Character Name: Xihue

Race: Human from the continent of Taladas, in Northern Hosk.

Background: Xi started as a shepherd so his perception skills are keen. Meditation is a part of that experience which has further enabled his skill in perceiving his surroundings. Although he loves animals and lovingly cares for them, he was never as gifted in handling them as other shepherds were. Once he began his training in preparation for the spirit mission that he is on, Xi honed his acrobatic skills. It is a central part of the discipline that is required for his form of martial art. Since music is a key component to Xi's meditation, he carries a flute and capably plays the instrument as a personal pass time. He's quite skilled with it and rivals some of the bards he's encountered in his travels. Xi speaks the common tongue and a version of Tamire Elvish for it is said that one must understand their enemy's words in order to understand their thoughts.

Class: Monk, Way of the Sun-Soul or Way of the Open Hand. Either will work depending on the DM's need for balance (one for range, the other for close combat {close combat preferred}).
The Moral Axis

Alignment: True Neutral

Deity: Xi is a polytheist. He respects the gods and honors several including Kiri-Jolith who is called Qu'an the Warrior, Chislev who is called Jijin, Mishakal who is called Mislaxa, Nuitari who is called Ne'Ugiar, Solinari who is called Toyaqual, Zivilyn who is known as Xivyn, and Takhisis who is called Erestem.

In reverence to these gods, Xi wears a long sash that is woven in a pattern that bears the colors of each mentioned deity. The smallest representation is that for Erestem, represented by a thin, black line that is woven throughout the sash. That line expresses the potential for corruption that weaves its way throughout reality and which is always present, even when unbidden or banished.

Affiliation: Unaffiliated at the start.
The Personality

Traits:. Xi admires beauty in all things and will openly comment about art, poetry, or highly charismatic characters that he encounters. He's always looking for the beauty in everything.

As a shepherd's son, Xi has an affinity for animals, especially pets and domesticated livestock.

Ideal: Ascension. By perfecting himself in mind, body and soul, Xi seeks to Ascend to an enlightened state of being.

Bond: The Ascended Master was Xi's Great Grandfather. This is the spirit that has given Xi his visions and motivated him to travel so far from his home in the North. The Master is a revered figure in Xi's culture and is thought to have become a "brother to the gods" after having attained Enlightenment. The reality is that The Master fell just short of that goal and his lost soul has been trapped on this world, trying to complete that ascension (or, perhaps, assist one of his heirs to accomplish what he failed to do?).

Flaw: Xi feels compelled to have many children, highly valued by his culture, but has no desire to raise any of them. He believes that his seed is intended to be spread across the world and is willing to do that without any consideration for, or assumed responsibility for any lives he might impact or create upon his journey. There is no consideration for the consequences of his promiscuity.
The Creative Touch

right-aligned image
Lean and tall, Xi has a wiry, attractively muscled physique that distracts from his otherwise average appearance. His relaxed, stately bearing exudes a sense of confidence that typically belongs to royalty and people of stature or power. He is simply attired with bandage-wrapped hands and feet with leather-shod sandals. The most notable item of his clothing is a long, mostly brown, sash that winds its way from shoulder to waist where it ends as a obi-style belt. Although Xi's primary weapons are his hands and feet, he walks with a shepherd's crosier and will occasionally carry simple weapons like dao, tambo, emeici, ono, jutte, bian, Bō staff, kuwa, qiang, or kusarigama

Backstory: Of the five tribes that populate Northern Hosk, only one lives in the mountains that ring the Great Sea of Fire. These shepherds call themselves the Alan-atu and practice lives of meditation, enlightenment, and introspection to attain transcendence of the spirit. They are in a hostile land where few tools and weapons exist with which to defend themselves, their communities and their families, especially against the Tamire Elves. Hand-to-hand combat has been refined to an art form and the most exceptional warriors require only their focused consciousness for their bodies to become potent weapons. Xi was given a vision that he must travel an immeasurable distance South, into the foreign worlds beyond the mountains, to retrieve what is needed to save his people from an impending catastrophe. He has traveled alone, as his vision demanded, to arrive in the place where this adventure starts. He does not know why. He does not seek an answer to that question. Xi simply knows that he must be here, now, ready to learn what he must know.

As a boy, Xihue led a sheltered, quiet life. He tended the goats and sheep, fed the pigs and cattle, did his chores and helped to keep this family's modest home clean and orderly. At the age of 6, he began to have dreams that drove his parents to take Xi to the shaman where it was discovered that he was spirit-touched. Some powerful, beneficent ancestral force had a purpose that required Xi's assistance to effect. From that moment, Xi was trained by the most capable members of his community in order to broadly educate him in preparation for whatever task might be required. Eight years later, a vision appeared to nearly everyone Xi had met that told them that he was ready, that he was needed in a far-away place.

Xi's people are fairly remote and their interaction with other races has been limited with the exception of the unique Tamire Elvish folks who's cultural nature is more similar to his own than to traditional Krynn Elf races.

The next day, Xi was given gifts by the town elders, his parents, and the shaman. They sent him out, across the world, on his way to destiny.

Roleplaying Sample Any post I've ever written in the campaign we've shared under Wodine.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
The Mundane

Familiarity with the Dragonlance setting, the Age of Mortals and the adventure modules: I've read two or three Dragonlance books. Other than that, I've mostly played original, sandbox campaigns or Forgotten Realms, especially Neverwinter based stories.

Status of the application: complete
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Talia Dawnstar
left-aligned image
Name: Talia Dawnstar
Race: True Kender
Alignment: CG
Class: Rogue (Inquisitive)
Background: Handler
Diety: Gilean
Personality Traits:
Nothing can dim my shine... even if I have to fake it.
Want some... get some. Bad enough... take some.
Ideal: The status quo is the enemy of knowledge. Truth must be tested and dogmatic thinking leads to inexorable decay.
Bond: The stars above, the trail followed by my father all his life now lead to nothingness. He wanders aimlessly, searching for the Dawnstar but the sky has changed... the map rewritten. I must show him the way.
Flaw: As above... so below... if there is astronomical knowledge to be gained... I would risk everything.

Appearance: Talia is a small, slender kender, quick with a smile, and blessed with even quicker fingers. Irrepressibly cheerful to the point of willful obliviousness at times, Talia goes through life in a search for a cure for the tragic affliction that has befallen her people. She prefers to be dressed in simple, loose clothing… a nice pocketed vest and some comfortable mucking boots. You never know when a sewer is calling your name.

Not yet twenty years of age, Talia retains the optimism of youth yet she is surrounded by a transformed Kendermore where happiness seems to be a fleeting notion most often buried under fearfulness and paranoia. Talia replenishes her happiness by filling her many pouches, hidden and otherwise.

History: Hailing from Goodlund... from what recently became known as the Desolation, Talia Dawnstar was weaned on the tales her father told her of the wonders of the Age of Starlight. Her father was a highly skilled navigator that sailed for the wealthy merchants of the Jade Coast. But that was before. Now her father and the rest of Talia’s family are gone, nothing but memories. The Dawnstar, the family namesake Talia was told, was a blazing sun that had burned its way across the sky and disappeared long ago… but destined to return.

While an exciting tale… it was something more for Talia’s father. He was certain that the Dawnstar would return. He became obsessed with the Dawnstar, creating detailed star charts as he tried to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and the gods above.

Of course, Talia learned by his side, becoming infected with the same insatiable curiosity. Tagion Dawnstar was sure that impending catastrophe from above fast approached and as he fell deeper and deeper into his fears, he repeated a single phrase over and over. "As above… so below."

Role-Playing Sample:

The Mundane

Familiarity with the Dragonlance setting, the Age of Mortals and the adventure modules: I was a huge dragonlance fan when I was younger. The twins trilogy is one of, if not, my favorite books of all time. I have enjoyed diving back into the lore just to complete the application.

Stat Block

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
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Application for ‘Dragons of a Broken World’
right-aligned image

Character Name: Aric Armitage (son of Robard Armitage, a hunter and woodcutter, and Myrrah Armitage, a barmaid – and former sorceress)

Race: Abanasinian (variant human)

Background: Inheritor (SCAG). Aric holds what he thinks is his late mother’s journal, though it is in fact her libram. He studies it every chance he can, though there is much he does not understand.

Class: Arcane Archer (fighter)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Though his father was not very religious, Aric was brought up by Robard to pray to Habbakuk, the god of hunters. His mother was a follower of Lunitari, though Aric does not know this.

Affiliation: Aric is unaffiliated but seeks magic user(s) who could help decipher his mother’s journal (though it is in fact her librum).

Personality Traits: I may not be brave on my own, but I can be brave for others. I have a curious nature and will go anywhere that seems mysterious. (custom)

Ideal: Equity: Just because someone is different, or starts off with less in life, or has different beliefs, does not make them less of a person. (custom)

Bond: Myrrah Armitage, Aric’s mother, was killed by who he was told were mage hunters. Aric feels a strong connection to her through dreams and through what he thinks is her journal.

Flaw: Anxiety: Aric becomes agitated by loud, angry voices, by abusive people, and in general by people who remind him of his father. This manifests itself in the form of a stutter when speaking.

Appearance: Aric has delicate features for a boy, much to the lasting chagrin of his barrel-chested and hirsute father. He has his mother’s dark auburn hair that hangs down to his shoulders, as well as her thin cheekbones and pale white skin. He does have his father’s height, standing tall and thin at 6’ 4”, as well as Robard’s sharp grey eyes, though Aric’s lack the hard look of disapproval that was so often directed his way.

Aric’s arms are long and thin, and they lack the coarse black hair that carpeted his father’s body. What other hair he has is largely thin and blonde, almost white. He wears plain peasant’s dress and a deerskin jacket that is too small for his tall frame. Most of his wardrobe has been crafted from skins of animals hunted by his father, but since the passing of Aric’s mother it has been a while since he had any new clothes. Aric is only fifteen years old and has yet to grow any noticeable facial hair.



Familiarity with Dragonlance universe: It’s been several years but I’ve read Autumn, Winter, and Spring a number of times, and I think I read Summer as well. I’ve read the Twins trilogy, and I have dozens more that I have yet to read that are just gathering dust on my shelf.

Application Status: Donezo

normal image without text wrap
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Posting status: Delayed by life/brain stuff. Will post when I can. Skip/NPC as needed.
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Tegan Uth William
right-aligned image
Name: Tegan Uth William
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (planning on Knight of the Sword)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Kiri-Jolith
Affiliation: Knights of Solamnia (Squire)
Background: Squire (based on soldier background)

Personality Traits:
Courage. When everything is overwhelming, facing fear head-on is often the best approach.
Faith. Kiri-Jolith guides my path, like my ancestors before me. That path may end in death, but it's my path.
Ideal: Honor. Est Sularus Oth Mithas. Tegan has taken the Solamnic Oath also known as the code. His father demonstrated this during his life and Tegan holds honor in the highest standard.
Bond: Tegan's father, William Uth Cedric, fell during the War of Souls. Tegan has had images of William flashing in his dreams. Although there are no words and the dreams are cryptic, Tegan is sure that his father needs him. Perhaps Kiri-Jolith is encouraging him to go and help.
Pride. Tegan has pride in his family, in the Knights, and in Kiri-Jolith. He is loathe to admit it, but when that pride is damaged, his temper can flare.
Naivety. At 26, Tegan has not travelled the world much. He has lived in Solanthus all his life, partially under the control of the Dark Knights when the Knights of Solamnia were expelled.

Appearance: Tegan is a tall man, approaching 6’3”. He has the bearing of a knight, broad shoulders and a strong arm. He has proud posture. His bright blonde hair flanks a joyous face. Optimistic in almost all challenges, Tegan’s brown eyes resonate brightly. His trim beard and strong jaw finish the look. He had clearly seen lean times but persevered through them.

His armor is well-maintained. His metal gauntlets rest on a sword belt. A round shield is swung across his shoulders. His sword is plain, but well-made. His father had taught him that a beautiful sword is just extra weight. The sword is balanced, with a finely honed edge.

His boots had seen some use but had plenty of life in them. Tegan had kept them well polished. In contrast, his pack sighed on his back. It carried enough to survive, but little more. It also carried a large bisons horn, a symbol or Kiri-Jolith, strapped to the outside of the pack. It was a gift from Tegan’s father, William.

Backstory: Born in 396 AC, Tegan was born into a well-off, but not rich, family. His father was a Knight of Solamnia, as was his father before him. Before that his family still had the honor of a knightly family, but they were smiths, forging arms and armor for the Knights. The gods were absent, but William taught Tegan of Kiri-Jolith anyways. With no gods, Tegan still had faith.

As a boy, Tegan dreamed of becoming a Knight. He had visions of grandeur, seeing himself at a column of knights, pushing back the wyrm Skie and his armies. He had little idea of the gruesome nature of war. It’s less acts of honor and glory, and more about perseverance, fighting for a cause, and hoping that favor shines upon you and yours.

Living in Solanthus, Tegan was able to train with a swordmaster from a young age. He knew that he would have the opportunity to present his case to the council and hopefully be granted the title of squire. This was granted when he was 19.

When Mina and her knights took the city, Tegan wished to go with the Knights on their march to Solace. It hurt his pride when he was told that he was not ready. His time had not yet come. His father marched South and Tegan was left at home. Not all was lost. Tegan was to care for his grandfather, Cedric, who had lived a rich, long life. He taught Tegan much about the values of being a knight. It went beyond the Measure, even beyond the Code. Being a Knight was not just a rank or following a set of rules. It was a way of life that was difficult, but also the most rewarding.

Tegan continued to practice his sword skills, practice his faith, and made sure that his grandfather was safe. He recently started having dreams of his father. They were just glimpses and images, but Tegan knew the worst had come. It wasn’t a fortnight later when a report came to their home that William had fallen in honorable combat. Tegan and Cedric were crushed. Gradually Cedric’s health worsened. Tegan stayed with his grandfather until his end. He died peacefully.

Shortly there-after, the gods returned. Tegan continued to have dreams of his father. The emotions related to the dreams became more urgent; more stressed. With all these events: the death of his father, then his grandfather, the dreams, and the return of the gods, Tegan knew that this was clear indication that the time had come to move forward. He hadn’t been ordered to leave, but he needed to prove himself worthy of the knighthood. That wouldn’t come staying at home alone.

Roleplaying Sample: Tegan awoke in a cold sweat. He sat up, breathing heavily. His heart raced and he slowly took stock of his surroundings. He scanned left to right, trying to determine what woke him. The dreams continue. I can feel father's call. As he thought this, he knew it wasn't the dreams that woke him. His dreams may be intense, but they had never woken him before. He sat for a moment, letting his heart slow as he breathed deeply. The scent of smoke filled the air. He had fallen asleep before extinguishing his small bedside candle. Wax had spilled onto his nightstand. He pulled the covers back and walked to the window. He cracked it, hoping for some fresh air. Tegan loved the cool, tranquil, evening air. It gave him great peace.

As Tegan gazed over the city from his second story window, he noticed the night was quite bright. Glancing up, his eyes locked on the presence of the bright moon. His grandfather had told him stories of Solinari. Tegan's stomach clenched and he blinked, forcing the shock down. The moon is... back? What does that mean? He sat on a stool and reflected on what he knew. In a moment of inspiration, Tegan prayed. He had been taught the sacraments of Kiri-Jolith by his father and grandfather. It had always been a ritualistic worship. They knew the gods had left, but they taught Tegan anyways. This prayer was different. As he prayed the ritualistic words, he felt something stir inside him. He faltered and couldn't remember the words. He felt... a call. He could sense a presence. Tegan couldn't define how he knew, but he could feel Kiri-Jolith. It was an odd but invigorating feeling. In that moment he knew. He knew it was time to set out. He knew not where, but he knew it was time. Retrieving his sword from the trunk at the foot of his bed, Tegan felt it's comforting and calming presence. He was far from an expert Knight, but his sword gave him peace. Feeling conviction towards his call, Tegan packed his belongings, ate a meager breakfast, donned his armor, and set out. In one hand he carried the bisons horn his father gave him to represent Kiri-Jolith. It gave him more comfort. He only wished his grandfather could have lived to see the moon return.

Familiarity with the Dragonlance Settings, the Age of Mortals and the adventure modules: I grew up to my father reading Dragons of Autumn Twilight to my brother and I as we went to bed. I loved the stoic and honorable Sturm Brightblade, uncompromising in his morals. I loved other characters too, but Sturm was definitely my favorite. I went on the read the first six novels multiple times (Dragons of Autumn Twilight - Test of the Twins). From there I have read lots of lore online, primarily to find out the end of the stories of the various Heroes of the Lance. For this application I have read a bit about the War of Souls, but do not claim to really be super knowledgeable (very open to correction).

I also played in my father's pathfinder port of the original Heroes of the Lance game. Surprise, surprise, I played Sturm Brightblade (and later Tanis).
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"The truth is, you're the weak and I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd." ~ Jules, Pulp Fiction

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Zendra Zantir
right-aligned image
Name: Zendra Zantir
Race: V. Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Artificer
Background: Archaeologist
Deity: None.
Affiliation: None currently.

Personality Traits:
"I love chasing down and solving a mystery and devour even the slightest rumour that there might be a lost city or interesting shipwreck nearby."
"Unless stopped I have a strong tendency to tell endless stories. If I have been partaking of wine or ale the stories get a little out there..."
Ideal: "If it can be recovered no knowledge should be lost forever. I know in my bones there are a thousand secrets just waiting out there to be discovered."
Bond: My dear old uncle Loren of the Red Robes. A great mage in his day, a great drunk in mine and a greater storyteller than any bard I've ever met. While we had our disagreements and I know you thought I am reckless I miss you my wise and hilarious mentor.
Flaw: "I am secretly extraordinarily jealous of the Wizards of High Sorcery. Magic runs in my blood but despite my best efforts even the simplest cantrip goes in one ear and out the other when I try to study it."

Appearance:Zendra is a slim, attractive blonde woman with hazel eyes who stands at roughly average height and looks slightly younger than her actual age which is about thirty. She wears fine clothing (or at least as fine as she can afford) in shades of gold, her favourite colour. Unless the situation demands it she is never without her stylish hat, the band decorated with green-blue feathers (see picture.)
History: Zendra would bristle at the idea anyone would compare her to a Kender but while she is fully human (at least as far as she knows) there is a certain similarity with the diminutive folk of Krynn. Like the Kender Zendra is insatiably curious, is heedless of danger and a strong dose of wanderlust.

Zendra is an expert in the arcane, especially in tracking down magical items; she is very much an active explorer and seeker rather than someone who stays at home in a dusty library. Sometimes her eagerness to lay her hands on the relics of the Age of Despair has had unforeseen consequences (people with long memories in her home town of Flotsam might be surprised to see her now given they remember her as being less blonde... and being far less female.) However Zendra is inherently resilient and optimistic and has bounced back from more than one disaster. She is especially fascinated by those living paragons of magic the dragons and even claims to have met one.

Zendra's interest in magic stems from being raised by her uncle Loren, once a wizard of the Red Robes before the Chaos War and sadly declined in the age of mortals. He has since passed on but not before filling Zendra's head with stories of a bygone age of godly and arcane magic. Unfortunately for her while she has the interest and family heritage in wizardry she cannot cast a spell to save her life despite repeated attempts. Instead she has studied alchemy and through her explorations amassed a treasure trove of minor magical charms and amulets of varying use.

As a stubborn individualist Zendra has a strong dislike of the corrupt and tyrannical and is not above 'liberating' magical artefacts from particularly nasty owners which she then sells to more moral sorcerers and mystics (for a price - unlike Kender she does know the value of steel.)


Familiarity with the Dragonlance setting, the Age of Mortals and the adventure modules: I've been a fan ever since my teens and have read most of the core novels and short stories (though I might be rusty about some of them.) I'm probably more familiar with the War of the Lance era but I do know of the War of Souls.

Status of the application: Complete (I think!)

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Spirit Talker
right-aligned image

Variant Human, Plainsman
NG Shepherd Druid 4

(Theme Song)

A bit of a young buck, exotic yet generic in appearance and dressed in Plainsman garb that indicates his heritage, with the typical long hair and leather trappings of his race. He also seems much more rugged, as one who has long been from separated from his tribe, appearing even more primal than the rest of his peers, for he walks the path of a Shaman, living fully in Nature as a hermit, half in the World and half in the Spirit.

He barks of pure madness in many ways, seemingly talking and muttering oddly at voices from beyond or even suffering bouts of outright possession, he seems like an incredibly unstable human being, yet does have his moments of profound insight.

This Wild Bushman seems to just Know Things and has embraced his madness to become somewhat an embodiment of Nature, given his ease of natural knowledge, survival, medicines and poisons. His mad ramblings into the ether lead him ever forward at the provocation of the spirits of his Ancestors and other Lost Souls.

Backstory Pt.1: Thunderhooves' Woe
- Life of Grandma and the Qué-Taw
- Parents, Dancing Fire (Mother) and Wolf-In-Shadow (Father)
- Driven from northern plains, first by hostile settlers coming from Tantallon driving them east, then slaughtered by the Eastwall mountain gnolls (decided not to have other humans be as demonized, given Grandma's eventual acceptance of people in the RP sample)
-Mother dies shortly after birth, but not before seemingly rambling like a madwoman. The words she mutters were meant to be his name, "Light-Hope". But in in Thunderhooves despair, she names the child after the slaughter, more as an eternal reminder to herself.
-Journey to the south with a handful of surviving tribe. Redwaters slowly wastes away to critical condition, eventually a stopping crying altogether, a child just born coming to deeply understand death. This, among several factors, leads him to grow up emotionally stunted.
-Arriving at the Direwoods, meant to keep her tribe safe by going further than most other denizens would dare. Tribe still too scared to enter and set up a settlement on outskirts
- Grandma is driven further inwoods due to desperation to find the herbs needed to keep newborn Redwaters alive, and to search for the soul of her daughter in case she is drawn there
- She settles deep within, and befriends the Fey as a result of her Shamanistic harmony with nature, and her hatred of civilized folk.
- They teach her the power of Mysticism, which augments her own knowledge. She grows bitter and hungry for power, harboring a deep hatred for gnoll and "civilized man", becomes a dark bruja driven by love and anger to protect Redwaters and her Tribe at any cost
Backstory Pt.2: Mysteries of Direwood
- Redwaters as a boy; emotionally stunted but spiritually aware due trauma, suckling a dead womans milk, and being nourished afterwards by Ghostgrass found within Direwood
- Receives Mystic training from both Grandma and the Fey
- Forms Friendships with Ghosts,has sensitivity to spririts
- Main Ghost companion is a slain cousin, who he spends time chatting with and searching for other lost tribe members whom may have gravitated to Direwoods
- They know of a few other ghosts who haunt the woods, neighbourly relations, mysteries begin when they start to disappear
- A guiding spirit whispers to him at his now favorite favorite place of contemplation; one day he mysteriously finds some ancient ruins of a peoples long since passed. filled with etchings and heiroglyphs of an ancient language and way of life. There should be no reason for him to understand anyone of it but he somehow does. Druidic teachings upon the ruins grant him knowledge of The Old Ways, setting him up for his transition to Divine worship through more formal religious understanding.
- Ghost Cousin disappears, unknowingly taken by Tahkisis. The Fey and the Ruins may yield some clues, but not at this time
Backstory Pt.3: Old Ways in a New World
- Redwaters is now the Tribe's Shaman, acting as wise council and healer; the Tribe has grown a little by now, and have a new Chief overlooking their daily affairs. He enacts their traditional rites and cares for their ailiment. He also tends to his Grandma's tree, which has now withered but still grows an single, vibrant, beautiful apple.
- He has abandoned Mysticism (he never was able to make magic work due to his nature; his spiritual abilities are inherent) , but still practices the Old Ways traditions of his tribe as their religious figurehead, augmented with Old Teachings of Chislev Religous Texts
- He suddenly feels "An Awakening in the Force", notices the sky is different. New moons. New sky. And a patch of darkness in the heavens. He feels abject physical horror as a new physical sensation, mentally delighting in the experience.
- Once freed of physical paralysis, he runs to his grandmothers tree to check on her, only encounter a dark mare standing above her grave confused, and supposedly able to talk. In fact, he now hears ALL of the voices of nature, causing him to be overwhelmed and black out.
- Thunder had arrived shortly after his grandmother's death, a few years before the Return of the Gods. The horse is a manifestation of Thunderhooves' Will, her spirit animal. Neither of them know this of course, so this is just a little bit of made-up lore between you and I. Given the circumstances though, he obviously named her Thunder, after his beloved coocum. What the two hold in common is both their original names were lost.
- The days proceeding show the Direwoods flourishing with more life in terms of fauna and flora, and even the immigration of New Ghosts and spirits, but the Lost Ones have yet to return fully. I don't see him being overwhelmed with joy at the birds and the howls in the woods crying the return of Chislev as you say, as the loss of his Grandma was a far more powerful emotion to evoke a physical reaction from him. But I do see him wondering what it all means, due to his gentle and curious nature.
- Enter the "Elven Friend" and the spirits of nature (summonable animals) Though hesitant at first, I am sure they will quickly become friends. He does feel "Love" as a general overall aspect as a benign care for all things, bt romantic feelings are still beyond his capabilities being too powerful of an emotion, so we needn't worry about things getting awkward between he and she. It is her who sees him as one of the Last True Faithful of Chislev as a result of him following the tennants of the tomes. It is she who encourages him to try again with the prayers and the rituals within, not needing to TEACH him anything necessarily since he knows and practices devoutly. This leads to the discovery that he can control divine magic.
- Some time later, he has the dream of his cookum, trapped between worlds, never having been able to return to the Earth Mother.
-Thus begins his journey to the Kurish Desert, and into modern day, alongside Thunder and the Mysterious Woman





The Mundane
Knowledge of Dragonlance
Virtually Zero

Application Status
RL hit me with a 1-2 Punch. Will be back to regular posting rate soon.

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Hope Halliber
right-aligned image

Name: Hope Halliber
Race: Half-elf (Qualinesti)
Background: Bookworm, but in a land where dragons existBookwyrm (based on Sage and Acolyte backgrounds)
Class: Cleric (of the Knowledge domain)

Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Gilean
Affiliation: Order of Aesthetics

  • Trait 1: I tend to forget the world around me when I’m reading a book.
  • Trait 2: I try to smile and cheer for my friends as much as I can.
  • Ideal: Altruism. “When you help someone, you help everyone.” It is my belief that knowledge, like kindness, must be shared, not hoarded. Else, only malice will grow in their place.
  • Bond: My father, Shane Halliber. Since his passing, he has started to appear in my dreams or when I pray to Gilean. I vowed to help him in his troubled state. I believe knowledge is the key to realising this promise, and, to that end, I embarked on a journey in search of such wisdom.
  • Flaw: I cannot lie, even if my life were to depend on it. Truth is knowledge, lying is not.

There are two features that make Hope stand out in a crowd. The first one is her long hair, of a bright red hue. It is perfectly complemented by the soft traits of her face, the fairness of her skin, and her green eyes, like two pieces of emerald. The half-elf has a habit of tucking her hair behind her right ear, revealing a small piece of jewellery, a single earring made of amber, representing a leaf.

The second feature is a peculiar one. Books are a rarity in this day and age. Not a luxury, nor a mark of social standing. Most folks, regardless of their birth, spend their whole life without touching one. Hope not only read many in her short years, but also carry one on her person at all times. A precious gift for the young woman who uses it religiously to record all events she witnesses, be they mundane or extraordinaire.

Besides the grey robe typical of her Order, Hope likes to wear comfortable outfits, with a hint of colour, that let her move without hindrance. Although she has little sense for fashion, for the simple reason she has never read a book on the topic.


Roleplaying Sample:

The Mundane
Familiarity with the Dragonlance setting, the Age of Mortals and the adventure modules: I have recently started reading the first books. I am very new to this setting but already interested in learning more, a lot more, about it.

Status of the application: Done!

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