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Old Feb 6th, 2024, 03:50 PM
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Round 0 - D&D 5e Applications

right-aligned image

PrologueIn the annals of magic, there existed a wizard whose mastery over the arcane arts was unparalleled. While those who knew him called him Tim, most only knew him as the Sage of Shadows. His power surpassed even that of the revered Circle of the Nine, leaving whispers of envy in their wake. Yet, as swiftly as he had ascended to prominence, the Sage vanished from the world, his arcane sanctum disappearing with him into the mists of mystery.

Now, a call for aid echoes across the realms, carried on ethereal winds that stir the hearts of adventurers far and wide. Sir Ethan, now the elderly, stalwart leader of the esteemed Crossing Companions Adventurers Guild, has issued a summons to all who would heed the call of duty. The Sage of Shadows, in his wisdom, has found a way to pierce the veil of oblivion and send forth a plea for salvation.

Gathered under the banner of courage and camaraderie, you, esteemed members of the Crossing Companions, are called upon to embark on a perilous quest. Together, you must delve into the depths of a cursed labyrinth, where the Sage's sanctum once stood, now inverted into the earth itself—a maze of danger and wonder, one to compare to the dreaded Zanakazu's Labyrinth.

As you stand at the threshold of adventure, the fate of the Sage and the balance of magic itself hang in the balance. Will you answer the call and brave the trials ahead, or will the secrets of the Sage remain forever shrouded in darkness? The choice is yours, brave adventurers, for destiny beckons, and the journey awaits.

Application rules
  • This year we are starting at Level 6.
  • Abilities are determined by 27 point buy (remembering that the Standard Array is one option under 27 point buy)
  • Use max hit points at first level and roll each level after that (rolls are to be in your character application post)
  • For character creation we will only be using the D&D Basic Rules - Please note this is different than the SRD. We are not using content from the PHB, or other published sourcebooks.
  • Use the RPGX official character sheet when building your character, and provide a link in your application. Be as clear as you can within that sheet about all calculations, including ability scores, skill ratings, and gold spending. Because ware are limited to a small selection of classes and races, it is highly encouraged to make use of the 'Customizing a Background' option on page 38 of the basic rules.
    - We will be using the rules for APPENDIX 1: CUSTOMIZING YOUR ORIGIN IN D&D to allow for more variation with the limited races
  • As a Saftey Tool, if you have any Lines & Veils, they should be included with part of your application and will not count against your wordcount for either section. You can choose to make these public or private to the DM. If made private to the DM, we will work to ensure that they are honored during play, without disclosing who they came from.
  • In addition to standard starting equipment granted by your class and background, you have an additional 500 gp, and may be used to purchase Equipment found in Chapter 5 of the Basic Rules. Wizards may also use this gold to add spells to their spellbooks. Later in the adventure, you will have the opportunity to obtain treasure and purchase more gear.
  • Your application should be anonymized. When you post your application, please put it under BOTH a spoiler tag AND a secret tag

  • Images are not required, but may be included. Please keep them to a reasonable size, if you include any. Musical selections will likely not be considered by the judges.
  • Applications will have two separate sections, each to be in their own fieldset. First is the Character Write-up. The second is the Stat Block, which should be appended to all game posts. The Character Write-up has a limit of 1000 This excludes any BBcode mark-up, but DOES include any and all visible text in the application for both sectionswords. The judges will be relying on this website to count your words, so it is recommended you do the same.
    Your character write-up should provide:
    • A backstory
    • Tell us why your character joined the Crossing Companions, and perhaps list a few of your accomplishments while among their ranks.
    • Include at least 1 Flag, which will be used by other players to help know how to interact with your character in-game. Example Flags: "talk to me about gear", "play silly word games with me", "collaborate with me in combat"
    The Stat Block can be of your own creation, but should include a link to your character sheet, basic information the DM will need to know about your character to resolve interactions, and track any resources you have such as HP, spell slots, and so forth. Again, this should be appended to all of your in-game posts, so make it useful, but not distracting.
  • Mechanics for how you build your character will not count against your word count and can be put in a spoiler at the end of your application. This includes mechanics used for 'Customizing a Background' if you choose to go that route.
  • Applications close on May 27th at 10 PM EST. . You may freely edit your submission up to that due date. Any edits after that time will result in disqualification.

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I still haven't read any of the rules but I'm reserving my spot because first post feels lucky
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left-aligned image

Name: Aranor Talandren
Race: High Elf (Moon)
Class: Fighter (Champion)
Background: Soldier (Customized)
Flag: Let's talk tales of valor and bravery.

Backstory: Aranor was born into wealth and privilege, yet as the third son felt always like an afterthought to his parents. He would never inherit his parents' land or titles and only a portion of their wealth. Generally free to do as he wished, he felt listless and purposeless. His life was one of slow luxury, and he did not find it fulfilling. His parents, who had always regarded him with genteel, benign neglect, barely even noticed when he decided to enlist in his nation's military. Despite his protestations, he was awarded an officer's commission due to his noble birth, and he quickly fell into and cherished the role. As a pureblooded moon elf, Aranor was able to serve for over a century, often outliving most of his soldiers and fellow officers as humans made up the bulk of the military. This did not faze him, and he relished the opportunity to mentor those much younger than him in the art of warfare, in ideals such as courage, valor, and discipline. Finally, he had found a place where he belonged.

Joining the Crossing Companions: Aranor's military service came to an end when he made a costly error in judgment that led to the death of a platoon of soldiers under his command. The moon elf himself barely escaped with his own life. Now he walks with a slight limp, almost imperceptible, which worsens with bad weather. Because he had served for so long and with such distinction, he was allowed to quietly retire. Ashamed and guilt-stricken over the loss of his soldiers, Aranor once again found himself adrift in the world. That was until he heard of the Crossing Companions. For most of his life, the moon elf had scoffed at adventurers, deeming them little more than honorless mercenaries. The idea of joining such a company galled him at first, but the only other option he could see was returning home to the family fold. That was unthinkable to him so he joined up with the Companions and to his surprise it quickly began to feel like home. These were no shiftless louts--for the most part anyway--but brave men and women who often sought adventure not only for the coin but to seek worthy pursuits such as knowledge and serving others. He found Sir Ethan, the leader of the guild, to be particularly worthy of respect.

Link to Character Sheet

Actions/Stat Block

Bonus Action:
Free Action:


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Character Write up

left-aligned image
Gunnar Lund
Gunnar Lund was an atypical Halfling. Most of his race were light and agile but Gunnar was more strong than dextrous and was always a stout man, even when compared to others of his clan. There were many rumors about whether his heritage was mixed with some other race that was considered more strong than smart (including a few surrounding his mother) but these were all baseless ramblings of the ignorant; and rude.

When he was old enough to escape the gossip of the small town he had grown up in he voyaged and found he had a knack for fighting which he decided to turn into a career. The local lord was always hiring militia and, while he received quite a few odd looks as he applied for the infantry, he was accepted and learned even more about being an efficient fighter.

Gunnar served the lord for almost a decade before retiring; his halfling nature was simply bored. He had learned a lot from his time with the infantry but it had become too routine and despite how much he enjoyed belonging to a group who only teased him as a friend instead of an oddity, it was time to move on.

The ex-soldier traveled for a bit. Helping folks out here and there before deciding that he needn't put the skills he had learned to rest. He continued doing freelance work as an adventurer till he found the Crossing Companions and quickly signed on as an agent of their guild. He was less concerned with the pay and more interested in the chance to overcome new challenges and explore different situations. The Crossing Companions was not an organization to disappoint those drives he had.

One time the Halfling found himself delivering a package across a derelict rope bridge across an icy crevasse. Another time he had to help eradicate a fledgling Rat King in the city sewers nearby (His companions wanted to use the small man as bait but Gunnar won an arm wrestling competition and the Half-Orc had to do it instead).

Whatever comes up next does not matter to Gunnar Lund. As long as he gets to adventure, utilize his impressive strength, and enjoy the life he has been given he will be content with whatever life (or Batrick, the Goblin cook for the barracks) throws at him.


1. Gunnar used to be embarrassed by his strength before moving out of his town but has come to embrace it, even revel in it.
- Engage in a competition of strength with Gunnar to immediately draw his interest.
2. Gunnar was once the subject of bullying due to being different.
- Being a rude bully will not attract positive attention from the Halfling.
3. Gunnar heard a funny joke once...but can't recall what it was.
- Tell Gunnar a joke and he will try his best to reply; but will probably mess it up. Will the new version be as funny? Not likely, but he'll chuckle at it anyway.


Options chosen are standard except:
Swapped +2 Dex for +2 Strength
Background (Soldier)
Swapped Intimidate for Acrobatics
Swapped Vehicle Proficiency for Language (Dwarvish)

Stat Block
Stat Block

Gunnar LundHP = xx/xx
Second Wind1/1
Action Surge1/1
LuckyWhen you roll a 1 on the d20 for an attack roll,ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll.Re-roll 1's
Great Weapon FightingWhen you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make with a melee weapon that you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a 2. The weapon must have the two-handed or versatile property for you to gain this benefit.Re-roll 1' and 2's
Improved CriticalBeginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20Threat on 19-20
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Well, need to improve the stat block a lot before the deadline obviously but this should give you a solid idea of what I'm going for.
Brother Reedcrest
left-aligned image
Description: Brother Reedcrest has been called a priest with the eyes of a thief, which is fitting because his hands move like a thief as well. Both are Quick and Precise, which works fine with the Crossing Companions Adventurer's Guild. It's not exactly a secret that he's not particularly good at giving sermons and performing ceremonies. Where he shines as a Priest is in Action as those quick hands as a Healer. Often ditching the traditional flowing robes for light armor, Brother Reedcrest is a Cleric of Eldath and a self-described "Attempted-Pacifist" - and a Battle Medic while we go waist deep in mud and elbows deep in entrails if that's what it takes.

Bio: It's not uncommon for people that join the Clergy to take new names to signify the start of their new lives in service to the Gods. With Brother Reedcrest, that's more literial then most. Not even the other clergy truly understand how deep this goes with Brother Reedcrest. Born Davner Swifthollow, he rejected the peaceful village life for what seemed to be the more exciting life of an adventurer. Except the group quickly fell on financial troubles and turned to banditry, robbing travellers on the roads of their possessions. As time went, the group became more violent.

The cold, ugly truth is that Davner and his friends actually murdered the Real Brother Reedcrest soon after his ordination. Davner was just the one that replaced him to completely the stealing of his identity as part of a plan to steal a bigger score from the church. The learning of the ceremonies, the prayers, the words of the Vow of Peace and the Healing Arts - all of it he was originally learning just to sell the act and get the other clergy to let their gaurd down. The Real Brother Reedcrest who was a much better Priest was buried in an unmarked grave in the woods along the road to Oakenbrick.

But then something happened that may have been the Goddess Eldath bestowing a minor miracle. The Fake Brother Reedcrest got so used to selling fake piety that somehow his mask of faith became genuine. The Real Brother Reedcrest was a better Priest, but couldn't stand the sight of blood. The Fake Brother Reedcrest may not be able to delivor a decent sermon with his words but those quick, precise hands can be put to excellent use with the Healing Arts. And he has the mental fortitude to bring those arts to the grittiest, most dangerous of places. It's gotten to the point the Fake Brother Reedcrest can cast some divine magics like the Real Brother Reedcrest could if not as far along. Whether it's because the Goddess approves of his change in path or it's some sort of cosmic mistake he doesn't know, but he has a feeling that one day he'll find out.

Why?: The Fake Brother Reedcrest is, deep down, seeking a little redemption. He's ultimately just going where he thinks his healing skills could be put to the best use and he can usually be found at temples when not with the Crossing Companions. He's trying to follow a Vow of Peace, and will do his best to resolve conflicts peacefully if possible and will refuse to do any direct action to harm another living thing save for direct self-defense. He doesn't always succeed, but he does always try. On the flip side though he's an unflinching battlefield medic, said to sometimes to be able to patch someone up faster then a dagger can stab them. Adventurers are in high need of his skills, simple as that.

- You're a Priest? Why don't you dress like one?
- So where does a Priest learn to Pick Locks?
- Do the Coin Trick again!
Stat BlockSheet
HP: 43/43
AC: 15
Conditions: Clear

Spells: 4/4 1st Level - 2/2 2nd Level

Special Mechanics of Note:
*Disciple of Life - Leveled healing spells heal an additional 2 + Spell Level HP as a bonus.
*Fast Hands - The Rogue's Cunning Action has been expanded and can be used to Use an Object as well, including Healing Kits and using Potions on Others.

HP Rolls
Dice HP Levels 2 thru 6:
5d8+10 (4, 4, 5, 7, 3)+10 Total = 33
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