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Old Jul 4th, 2024, 09:17 PM
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Are there concessions for equipment your character could feasibly create themselves? Such as homemade medicine. Things you would learn to make after so long living off the earth.

Also, after looking through the Roll20. Net page, what if you choose not to take equipment the page tells you you would normally get? Such as weapons.

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Old Jul 5th, 2024, 02:44 AM
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Old Jul 5th, 2024, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Aisede View Post
I started reading Stormlight Archives but never got past The Way of Kings. Well, I didn't even finish that one. It's a LONG book: 1216 pages.
I feel this. I bounced off it a few times before finally finishing it, then getting absolutely and unequivocally sucked into the Sanderson universe.

Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Never read it. In fact, I've never read a Brandon Sanderson book. My friends did. Mike was a voracious reader, like me, and he was always finding great authors, old and new. I did read some sample chapters for Mistborn way back in the day, thanks to Mike, but I was wasting way too much time reading back then. I'd read all hours of the night. I'd forget to eat. Show up to work late with bags under my eyes. It wasn't pretty.
My wife is the same way. She literally only reads on vacation now for that reason.

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Old Jul 5th, 2024, 09:16 AM
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Added a phrase in the description section and an opening to the storytelling section. It makes the character come off a bit more outgoing and immature which hopefully will make him a little more fun to play off.
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Old Jul 6th, 2024, 12:01 AM
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You know what? Why not a last second app.

right-aligned image

Name: Mara (MAH-ra)
Age: 27
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Monk
Background: Hermit
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Traits: I was the caretaker of an ancient ruin; I am now a pilgrim in search of a relic of spiritual significance.
Ideals: Logic. Emotions must not cloud our sense of what is right and true, or our logical thinking.
Bonds: My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil that only I can destroy.
Flaws: I harbor dark, bloodthirsty thoughts that my isolation and mediation failed to quell.
Physical Description: Mara is above average in height with jet black hair and dark eyes. Despite her thin frame, she is wiry, tough, and scrappy when it comes to a fight. She can often go toe to toe with those twice her size as she is skilled at leveraging her dexterity while using her opponent's strength against them. She is shy and timid socially, but less so in one-on-one situations. Normally stoic, she is a bit of a klutz when she isn't focused which can sometimes lead to a bit of unintentional physically comedy.

Mara History aka The Hook(TM)Born into a family of lesser nobles, Mara received a decent education at a young age. However, she had a temper that was hard to control and led to many embarrassing episodes for her family. The final straw was a party her parents hosted with the intent to win favor with the local lord in which they hoped to move up a rung on the social ladder. However, Mara went into one of her fits of rage when she wasn't served the food she asked for and made such a scene that the lord left abruptly and her parents lost significant face with their peers.

Having had enough, her parents sent her off to a monastery, The Temple of Divine Will, promising they'd allow her to come home once she learned to control her anger. However, as soon as she arrived at the monastery, her parents cut off all contact with her and disowned her. There were only a handful of monks who still lived at the monastery and all of them were of old age. Generally, they shunned Mara as they didn't know what to do with her. Eventually one, Jun, saw potential in her and began to train her.

Over the years, two significant events occurred that shaped Mara's future path. The first is that she slowly lost most of the memories she had of her family which eased her pain and allowed her to focus and meditate her anger away. Most of the time. The second is that she found out the true purpose of the monastery: hiding and protecting the shrine of a long forgotten god. Well, that's what Jun claimed, anyways. There was no real proof that Mara had seen that this god had actually existed. But believing it did gave her a renewed purpose in life.

Then, as time had its way, one by one the monks passed into the next life until it was just Jun and Mara. Jun had begun to go blind and grown feeble. However, he shared one last secret with Mara: there was a relic that could summon a great evil that could wipe out the shrine they had worked so hard to protect. That relic was believed to be in a crypt beyond the village of North Peyxe. And, as luck would have it, the village harvest was soon during which time a tournament was to be held. And so, Jun sent Mara off to gather what information she could about the relic under the guise of being a participant in the tournament...

Mara RP SampleMara sat away from the others at the campfire. She saw the stares. She knew this made them uneasy. However, she didn't know how to talk to them or what to talk about. Just here to do a job, she thought to herself. What's the need to talk in those circumstances? The merchant caravan had been a fortuitous way to travel to North Peyxe for several reasons. First, she was less likely to be put upon by ruffians if she traveled in a group. Second, it gave her a reason to enter the village more discreetly. And third, it paid coin, something she had been in, umm, *light* possession of since leaving the monastery. She was actually still a bit surprised the merchant had been willing to hire some strange woman off the side of the road.

As she took a bite of the food she'd been rationed (nothing more than hot meat and a bit of bread), she spied the merchant getting up from the fire and walking toward her. Oh great, what now? she whined internally. Isn't it enough that I single-handedly dispatched three thugs by myself today? But her wordless complaints didn't matter. The merchant was sitting down on a crate across from her, a large grin on his face. He giggled a bit. Is he drunk? she thought just as strong waft of ale filled her nostrils. Yep.

So, lass, he said, This clearly isn't your first time caravaanin'. She raised her left eyebrow at this. Uh huh... The merchant continued. The lads and I were just swapping some old war stories, as we like to call it, and it eventually devolved into retellins' of the dumbest things we've ever seen someone do on one o' these trips. I thought maybe you'd have a knee slapper to share. With this, he crossed his arms and looked expectantly at Mara. She rolled her eyes and hoped he didn't see. And what am I supposed to answer when I've never done this sort of thing before?

Mara knew she was in a bit of a tight spot. She didn't want to lie, but she also knew if she was honest about how green she was, it might lead to her sudden unemployment. She thought back to her time at the monastery and remembered an incident that might be adaptable to a situation such as this.

Ok, so, she started, fumbling a bit. There was this guy...ummm...Tom... Totally unbelievable name, but I've already committed. Aaaaanyways, she continued, trying to sound confident, We were at the mark...I mean we were selling our goods. Because that's what merchants do. Right. So, uh, Tom, he eyes this stand across from ours that's selling some meat looking stuff. He goes over and asks what it is, but the lady at the booth didn't speak Common. Tom just shrugs and buys the meat stick...thing. He starts just voraciously attacking this thing like he hasn't eaten in days. Comes back and tells us how good this "deer meat" is. One of the other merchants overhears him, comes over and says, "Hey mo...sir, that's actually dog meat you're eating there." She cracks up thinking the story is hilarious, and even though the merchant isn't all that impressed, he can't help but laugh in return due to his inebriation.

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Old Jul 6th, 2024, 06:47 PM
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Alright, we're done with the application process, and I've made my decisions.

Togot, Zealot and Geldar: I'm sorry, but you weren't able to refine or get in completed applications by the deadline. Thanks for the interest, perhaps we'll play again another time.

For everyone else, I want to do something that I think is a little bit cool, but I'll build in a caveat for you to keep it fair. Let me explain:

Eliminating those who didn't complete their apps to my satisfaction leaves me with a pool of twelve characters. It became apparent to me fairly early on in the process that when I tried to play with the mixing and matching of people, I was quickly seeing two distinct groups forming instead of one, and I really like the cohesion in both of them. So here's what I want to do:

1) I want to invite all twelve of you (that's delpinator, Chaos Havik, Aisede, Drinkslotsa, Azathool, Penbeast0, Grouchy, Nasrith, Ermine, Kenneth, Silveroak and Separateunion) to come participate in the game's prologue, which you can find here. The prologue will last for two weeks - first week will just be roleplay in the tavern while I go in depth with you guys on character creation in private threads, and second week will be the festival itself, up until the moment that the lottery is drawn and the tavern keeper's son is chosen to handle the traditional pilgrimage.

2) When Chapter 1 begins, I'll declare In Character who the chosen participants are for the pilgrimage. That will become Group A. Those who are not chosen for the pilgrimage, Group B... I actually have a separate adventure in mind for you, to take place in North Peyxe itself while the others are gone.

3) The Caveats: If everything goes according to plan. Group A and Group B will have six members each. But making the selection an In Character event and letting you guys form relationships with each other beforehand means the dynamic of the whole thing changes. Maybe someone decides to turn the kid down because they've developed a stronger relationship with someone he didn't choose. Maybe something happens during the roleplay that makes him sour on someone I intended for him to choose at this point. Who knows, lots of things can happen, and I want to respect that as cool as this seems to me from a storytelling perspective, it's not what you signed up for. Therefore, on request, I will go ahead and tell you privately whether I intend for you to be in the group going on the pilgrimage or the other group. This will allow those of you not interested in any alternative adventure to back out before we start, and it will allow those of you slated for the pilgrimage the option of not participating in the second prologue scene so you don't do anything that messes with his choice.

I do request that you not ask unless your participation is contingent on the answer, because I think being surprised will be fun for you. And I want you all to recognize that being in Group A versus Group B isn't a reflection on App Quality - all of you put in a worthy effort and most of you put in exceptional effort - but is rather just about which personalities I want to play around together. So it's not like the answer is going to give you any kind of feedback on how "good" your app was.

Hope to see you all over there.

This thread is no longer guaranteed to be monitored. PM the DM if you need or want something.
Hope you're having fun!
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