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Old Feb 6th, 2024, 03:26 PM
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Outplay 2024 Code of Conduct (Read Me FIRST!)

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Outplay 2024 Code of Conduct

Outplay is a friendly competition where the community gathers together to tell a story, and through rounds of elimination, pick a winner. The main goal of Outplay is to help bring the community together, have fun, and get a chance to game and interact with site members who you may not otherwise come into contact with.

To promote a positive experience for all, by participating in any capacity in Outplay 2024 you agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct for ALL Participants:

All communication between participants will be done in the spirit of respect and friendliness. We are here to enjoy playing a game together. Any communication that is deemed by the Organizer to detract from the spirit of the event will be deleted or moved to a more appropriate forum. It is expected that feedback from the judges will not always be glowing, but it is given to both help select who moves on each round and to help players improve in their writing/playing.

Keep it PG! RPG Crossing Site Rules state that We consider ourselves PG-13. Due to the wider site visibility of Outplay, and to the preference of the Organizer (Bhelogan), Outplay content should reside in the realm of PG. Any posts that are deemed to be outside of that scope will be addressed by the Organizer. Profanity should be limited to fantasy swears, and sexualized content should be minimal. Any post that violates RPG Crossing rules should be reported per the normal RPGX procedure.

Additionally, Outplay will integrate some elements of Saftey Tools, to help ensure that all players have an enjoyable experience. Specifically, Lines & Veil will be used during applications in Round 0, giving potential players a voice in any content they would deem offensive, that would otherwise fall within the listed guidelines for Outplay. Flags will also be used in Round 0 to give some insight into how characters can interact with each other. The X-card will be used, as a PM to the Organizer if an issue arises. Depending on the severity of the issue, play may be paused until a resolution is reached. This may include locking game threads and using private workspaces to edit needed content before play resumes. In such a case, the schedule for Outplay will be shifted as needed.

Players are encouraged (but not required) to work together throughout the event. These communications often happen outside of Outplay threads. While we cannot moderate content that happens off RPGX, it is encouraged to adhere to the code of conduct even in these scenarios. Any reported instances of harassment of another player will be handled as if they had happened on RPGX. (If you find yourself in this situation, please provide screenshots, links, or other evidence to help the moderator team identify what has happened)

Any issues involving complaints about game rules, another participant, or specific posts should be directed to the Organizer via a PM. The organizer will address the issue, within a 24-hour window. Resolution may take longer, depending on how complex it is.

Types of Participants, and expectations based on their role:

Type of Participant What is their Role What are the expectations for their involvement
OrganizerThe Administrator in charge of Outplay overall, creates new threads, posts results, and is the point of contact for all conflict resolution. May also fill in as a DM/GM and/or Judge Monitor threads and posts to ensure content adheres to the Code of Conduct. Point of contact for conflict resolution and complaints. Will respond to reported issues within 24 hours.
DM/GMsRuns individual game threads as the GM/DM (depending on the system). May also fill in as a Judge. During weeks of play, will post 1 Update per 24-hour period, with communication about when the post will be when possible.
JudgesGives results and rulings for each game threadGive justification for their votes during encounter rounds, and full feedback for all players during the final round
PlayerAnyone who participates as a player in Outplay during any or all of the rounds.During play weeks, will post once per day in the game thread. When possible, be active in the OOC thread in communicating with the other players as needed.
SpectatorAnyone who is not a player in Outplay, but still interacts with the other participants and the event in one of the OOC threads.Read the game threads, enjoy the event, cheer on their favorites, and so forth in the OOC thread.

Additional RPGX Staff Members may be assigned to help moderator the Outplay forums, but will not otherwise be participants.

Failure to follow the code of conduct may result in losing the right to participate in Outplay in the future, and possible site infractions in egregious cases.

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