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Old Feb 25th, 2024, 04:43 PM
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Competition rules and rules queries for Outplay 2024

If you have any rules questions, you can make them here. If your question involves spoilers of the events in-game (or if you want to keep your concerns away from the prying eyes of other applicants), please put your question under a secret tag, and direct the question at your DM (or one of the DMs of this game forum).

General rules for Outplay 2024
All participants must abide by the Outplay 2024 Code of Conduct (Read Me FIRST!)

All participants must abide by the RPG Crossing Site Rules including the new section on Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Competitions.

Multiple applications: Only 1 application. We are running only 1 system this year.

Reusing Characters: : You may use character concepts that were created for other competitions or games. They will need to be reworked to fit theD&D Basic Rules. Only content from the Basic Rules will be allowed this year.

Post edits: In all role-play rounds, you may only edit your post in the hour after its initial post. Posts edited after this window will not be considered by the judges, and may not be granted award points. In Round 0 you may edit your application as much as you want until the deadline.

Dice rolls: Each day of the competition, you make one 1 dice-rolling post. All game dice are to be rolled in this post, separate from your game post, and labeled. Any editing of the dice tags after the initial post will result in a big red box invalidating your rolls. (This includes editing the label, so make sure you do that first!) We are not requiring the use of inum, although you may continue to use it if you wish. The dice post is separate from your game post, and not subject to the 1-hour time limit. For example, you may make your dice-rolling post initially after the GM makes an update, coordinate on the results with your teammates, and then make your in-game post several hours later. Please keep dice rolls in a SPOILER, to keep the thread as tidy as possible. Once you have made a roll to take an action though, you are locked into using that for your action in your game post.

Players only control their own characters: You cannot control other PCs, named NPCs, the environment, or the specific outcome of any events other than the general degree of success/failure alluded to by the outcome of your rolls. You do control your own character, the actions you take, and when appropriate non-named NPCs. It is acceptable to include actions that other players have already taken if their incorporation assists in your narrative as long those actions are not modified. Your posts may include actions that will be taken by the other PCs ONLY if it has been collaborated on, and agreed to, with another Player in an OOC channel beforehand. You are also encouraged to create/define/interact with objects undefined by the GM if they could arguably fit into the scene and enhance your ability to roleplay and/or highlight your character's skillset.

Player vs Player Conflict: PvP will not be allowed. In-character disagreements are acceptable, but in most circumstances deliberately acting in a way intended to stop another character from surviving/succeeding will be heavily penalized. Any potential exceptions to this will be made very clear.

Post Rate During a round, the DM will update the thread once a day. The Rounds are only 4 posts this year, with judging over the weekend. At the start of each week, you may pick ONE encounter to participate in, though you may choose to sit the week out if you prefer. Players who wish to earn the most points and advance to the final will want to participate every week, but you could participate as little as once during the competition if you choose.

Rest between Rounds You will not have the opportunity to take short or long rests between encounters. You will need to manage your resources wisely. You will have the opportunity to spend gold earned during the rounds (or saved from character creation) on goods and services at an in-game shop.

Scoring: Scoring will be very different this year. Every Encounter that you participate in, which is completed will grant you 1 point. The judges will pick one player from each encounter, whom they feel is most deserving, to vote as the MVP. The main criteria for this vote is; 'Based on this round, which player in this group would you most want to game with at your table?' with some short feedback for why. The MPV will be awarded one additional point.

GMs: ridin gaijin , Ysolde
Judges: Bhelogan, savoylen, Ildrahil, Admin Dirk, Raylorne

Elimination structure: There will be no eliminations this year. All participants who create a character that is complete and approved may participate in any or all of the first four Encounter rounds. At the end of the Encounters, a number of players (probably 4, but TBD) with the highest point total will be selected to participate in the Finale of Outplay 2024.

Competition timeline
Round 0 (applications) open: Monday, May 6th through Monday, May 27th

Round 0 Character Sheet Reviews:
Adjustments to characters finalized: Up to May 31st.

Event Rounds (first DM post will be the Sunday evening before listed, DM wrapup post and judging will be the Friday - Sunday after the last play day of the week)

Round 1 play: Monday, June 3rd through Thursday, June 6th
Round 2 play: Monday, June 10th through Thursday, June 13th
Round 3 play: Monday, June 17th through Thursday, June 20th
Round 4 play: Monday, June 24th through Thursday, June 27th

BREAK: The week of July 1st

Final Round play: July 7th through (This round may go longer than 4 days, will last until the final encounter is resolved)

All players who make it into the Final Round of Play are eligible to receive set of 3 custom Crossing Companion Dice, featuring the Crossing Companion's Logo on the 1 spot.

The Winner will receive the Outplay 2024 badge on their profile, and is also eligible to receive a plaque, custom-made by our own savoylen.


Last edited by Bhelogan; May 11th, 2024 at 05:53 PM. Reason: Removed the old 'elimination structer', since we are not doing eliminatinos this year
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