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Nights in Korvosa

Game NameNights in Korvosa
Game SystemPathfinder
ThemeA higher level romp through some dungeons with a smattering of mystery and intrigue.
FlavourCity life, mysteries, dark plots, dungeon exploration, defeating villains
Plot SummaryThe Acadamae was so proud when their scholars found the Three Terrors mentioned in a mad king's journal. This unnamed king hid the terrors far abroad to keep them safe as he could not bear to destroy them. They've been rediscovered and transported to Korvosa for study and strange events have occurred since.

You'll be seasoned adventurers that Queen Cressida Kroft has hired to investigate disturbances in the city. You'll help the city guard and the Sable Company maintain order in the city by any means you find necessary (within the confines of the law.) Your orders are to steer clear of the Knights of the Nail who will also be keeping order. Your primary goal will be investigation and elimination. The Acadamae has been emptied after several deaths were reported. The dead students were slain by horrific creatures that appeared in the university. The events were random and the creatures disappeared before they could be disposed of. At night, you can hear roars and screams coming from the building, but orders are to stay out for now. The sewers have also become overrun by creatures and the major entryways are under twenty-four hour guard. Monsters have begun coming from the sea to attack citizens on the shore or near the water's edge. Permanent watches have been set up to monitor the situation.

1st Terror: The Shadow Tome of Sadariel (Sadariel was once a fallen solar of beautiful pure light.)
> Effects: The tome creates a vast area of dim light and shadows around it. It lures in creatures of darkness and shadow to protect it.

2nd Terror: The Horns of Kosk (Kosk was a demon lord of violence known as the Lord of Slaughter.)
> Effects: The horns enhance people's inner desires toward violence, corrupting them with its influence.

3rd Terror: The Ichor of Hamardun (Hamardun was a demigod of the sea.)
> Effects: The ichor calls to the sea and the horrors that dwell in the deep. Those who hear its call come to take it back to the depths.

Link for info on Korvosa:

Info on NPCs can be found at the bottom of the page under Notable Inhabitants.

Notable Homebrew NPCs

- Captain Finley Broadcastle: A former pirate lord banished from The Shackles for reasons unknown. He's made a name for himself in Varisia as a capable sea captain and is currently employed as a privateer. His ship is grounded due to the monster attacks and he leads his crew against whatever drags itself from the briny depths.

- Paracount Jarlixian: A nobleman from Cheliax that's interested in relics from the past. He's especially interested in the Three Terrors and would liberate them from Korvosa given half a chance. His relationship with Cressida is icy, to say the least.

- Lady Marigold: A mysterious lady from parts unknown. She maintains she's from all over, but carries herself as a noble woman. Her interests also lie with the Terrors and her arrival in the city coincides with the retrieval of the unholy artifacts. Rumors say she's a vampire or some other such creature.

House Rules

- Gestalt: This will be a gestalt game. Please don't make this an attempt to break the game or deal a billion damage.
- Background skills
- 2 traits and drawbacks
- Elephant in the Room
- Short Rests: taking short rests will benefit your characters, such as recharging abilities that are useable once daily.
- No Spheres

- Level: 8th
- Gold: 35,000
- Hit Points: Maximum per level
- Bonus Feat: Gain a bonus feat at 1st level for which you fulfill the requirements.
- Alignment: Any, but your character must make sense.
- Classes: Any except 3rd party
- Races: Any except 3rd party
- Ability Scores: 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 12
- Time Frame: The game will progress until the 11th level.
- Posting Rate: 2-3 per week would be good
- Players: maximum of 6
- Choosing Players: 2 weeks from today

Classes: Side I/Side II
Relationships: Choose at least 3 NPCs to build strong ties to.

- I'm looking for three-dimensional characters with personality and conviction. Make me believe they're real. I enjoy a good story and a fleshed out character, so a detailed application with a lot of depth has a better shot of making the cut. (This doesn't mean it has to be a long application, just detailed.)
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Reserving space for an application. I don't usually like combat-heavy games (which "romp through some dungeons" implies that this might be) but the emphasis on relationships gives me hope for some juicy RP opportunity and I don't get to play with mid-level gestalt concepts all that often.

How many players are you planning to take, and what's the planned posting speed? I need to learn to read the ad twice before asking anything.

right-aligned image
Name: Loren Kudanna | Class: Occultist / Investigator

Race: Shoanti (Human) | Gender: Female | Age: 43

Height: 5'5" | Weight: 134 lbs | Hair Color: Brunette | Eye Color: Blue

Visible Scars/Tattoos: A series of tribal tattoos along the left shoulder | Attire and Visible Objects: see image

Background: Loren spent her formative years as a slave girl in the orcish city of Urglin; her, her parents and most of her extended family worked in the Bonecarvers' Temple of Rovagug there. The family did their best to keep her out from underfoot of their orcish masters, and that usually meant one thing: cleaning duty. Loren spent many a night with tomes and scrolls long since ignored by the temple priests, and as she grew, her curiosity about the symbols and their arrangement in those scrolls compelled her into literacy. This did earn her an occasional beating from a Bonecarver who was in a particularly frightful mood or felt that such knowledge was beyond her place, but that only encouraged her to get better at being surreptitious in her readings.

This turned out to be lifesaving for her as, at the age of ten, she was nearly slaughtered in cold blood by a visiting orcish mercenary named Shok'ol , and it was only her perfect recitation of a prayer seeking oblivion in Rovagug's Great Maw after death that persuaded the orc to spare her. He spoke to the priests of a skillset that he wished for her to have, and offered a handsome sum of gold two years hence if he was satisfied with her training. Thus she began to be seen as a more valuable commodity, and though she did not know what skills Shok'ol asked for her to have, it became somewhat apparent that they involved far more than cleaning and study. The priests began to use her as a mouthpiece to the villagers, asking her to collect tributes for their protection racket. She quickly learned that if she charged 5% over the Bonecarvers' asking price and pocketed the difference, most merchants didn't question it.

Every six months, Shok'ol would check in on his investment, and shortly after he left, some new task would be laid in front of her.

On the day before she was to leave with him, her father inscribed the ritual tattoo of adulthood on her shoulder and gave her the name Loren, which he said was the name of her great-great-grandmother. He wished for her the same nomadic life that their ancestor had, and the hope that it would find her peace and prosperity in her new life.

What followed was nearly eighteen years of brutal work at Shok'ol's side. Unlike most of the orcs before him, Shok'ol's treatment of Loren was extremely close to a trusted mentorship rather than a traditional owner/slave relationship. He was not above beating her for insubordination or failure, but such things were rarely necessary, and most of the time he found her to be good company. She was useful for going into places he could not without arousing the same racism and hatred that she'd experienced in Urglin, and at times even posed as her manservant in order to put the right people off their guard about him. Most of their work involved assassinations of people working against the interests of those who contracted him, but as the work continued, it became apparent that Shok'ol's specialty was delving into sacred sites and archaeological digs on the heels of some do-gooder adventuring types. This often meant solving old riddles and researching the voices of the past, and Loren quickly discovered a passion for those parts of the job. It was in this area, especially, that her humanity could be counted on to gain access to things most deemed Shok'ol unworthy to see.

The partnership ended with a little bit of strain between them; at Riddleport, Loren had needed to get close to a man named Antapor in order to gain access to an old runestone that his uncle possessed. Her faux affections turned genuine rather quickly, and upon discovery that she had become pregnant with his child, she wanted to return to him and settle down. Shok'ol would not hear of it, and insisted that, benevolent treatment aside, she was still his property to do as he pleased with. She insisted that he couldn't set foot in Riddleport to stop her, and he reminded her of what the pair of them had done for a living for so long. "Don't think because I have an uncle's love for you that I'm above treating you as I would any other contract."

The point became moot; two weeks later, the pair was set upon by three elven brothers whose father they had put in the ground a year prior. They put one brother down easily enough, but the second managed to plunge a poisoned dagger into Shok'ol's heart before he and the remaining brother fled into the night. With dying breath, Shok'ol gave Loren leave to seek out her own path, so long as she swore to him that she would not let all that he'd taught her go to waste indefinitely. She took that oath, but it had no real value to her; once her son Grelek was born, she had every intention of growing old with Antapor, living the simple life of an aristocrat's wife. Indeed, until Grelek turned six, her adventuring gear sat unused in a chest in the family basement, and not a thought was spared to her old life beyond basic precautions to keep other disgruntled kinsmen like those elven brothers from discovering where she lived (fortunately, Antapor only knew her by the cover identity she had used with him, so that seemed like it would be easy enough to accomplish).

left-aligned image
The plan mostly fell apart on her first visit to Korvosa.

As it turned out, relatives of Loren who had previously left Urglin were living in Korvosa; an elderly aunt and uncle, their three adult children, and several grandchildren. While Loren was unfindable, they were not, and the two remaining elven brothers had long ago swiped one of the grandchildren with an ultimatum that he would be sacrificed in a dark ritual to find her unless the family turned her in themselves. They had searched for months with no success and then, as luck would have it, Loren walked right through the gates of their home city. In desperation, they kidnapped Grelek and forced an ultimatum of their own on their kinswoman - their child's life for Grelek's. Long story short, Antapor got quite the education on his wife's true nature that week. Although Grelek was returned to him, a second of the three elven brothers was put to the sword, and her second cousin came out of the affair with only a missing finger, Antapor had no interest in continuing relations with a woman who had used him and lied to him for years. There was also the matter of her blood relatives, who insisted that she needed to remain in Korvosa to protect them from any other visitors that her past might have brought to their door.

Thus was the matter settled; Antapor put her aside and returned to Riddleport with Grelek, while she remained in Korvosa. Publicly, it was announced that she would take a position in the Acadamae and that said position would force her to remain in the city. They told all who asked that they were still happily married, and he and Grelek visited her in Korvosa once a year to maintain appearances and allow her at least a small role in her son's life, but in truth, Antapor was quite done with her, and the sting of that rejection continues to weigh heavily on her heart to this day.

About a year before the scholars found the Three Terrors, Loren left the Acadamae's employ at the behest of Neolandus Kalepopolis, the city's senechal. He tasked her with accomplishing a freelance duty suited to her talents, and it is upon successful completion of that duty that she has come to the attention of the Queen, who requires some aid concerning her former employer...

Personality: For a person who has been through (and done some of) the horrible things in Loren's life, she has managed to retain a whimsical and amused outlook, albeit one tempered with a healthy dose of cynicism. She's the type of person who will entertain even the oddest hypotheticals from inception to completion long before any thoughts of feasibility (or for that matter, ethics) enter into the equation for her. While extremely knowledgeable of Ruvagug, she is quite done with The Devourer, and expresses lasting gratitude to Pharasma for bringing her all of the experiences she has had, as well as the resources to survive them.

She loves a good mystery, and has a weakness for well-baked pastries. It is rare that she is found without a book or scroll at the ready to help her wile away any boredom she might be experiencing. While not rich, she is comfortable enough to be able to afford a few silver in upkeep to have a serving boy managing her household and handling the tedium of cleaning, cooking, drawing her bath and keeping her hearth burning. The one currently performing those tasks was a street urchin who attempted to pick her pocket, and mostly due to the resemblance he bears to her son, she elected to put him to work rather than send him off to the guards.

Appearance: Like most middle-aged women, Loren is starting to get a bit rotund and uncomfortably saggy, but her work keeps her active enough to fall into true decay. She likes to keep her brunette hair long enough to attract the attention of potential suitors, but not so long as to be a hindrance when crawling through old ruins or sprawling out with books in a dusty library. She favors azure-colored corsets because they bring out the blue in her eyes, and she often makes sure to keep her tattoo uncovered in deference to her cultural heritage. She can often be a bit unkempt if she's in the middle of a project, but whenever she knows she is going to be entering a town or city, she becomes very meticulous about her hygiene.

NPC1 - Neolandus Kalepopolis: As indicated in the background section, Neolandus became aware of Loren by reputation and hired her for a personal commission. He was satisfied enough with her performance to recommend her to the Queen as a potential answer for their current troubles.

NPC2 - Hessim, Newby and Sage: Loren is a frequent patron of the paint shop, both because her research notes often call for higher quality inks and because, of late, she has taken up painting as a hobby. She has a tendency to flirt with Newby, in particular, and always has a cup of ginger tea with her when she knows that Sage is going to be on duty at the shop.

NPC3 - Grau Soldato: Loren doesn't buy the alcoholic routine for a second; she's convinced that the old watchman is actually working undercover as a spy of some kind, trying to convince people that he is no longer fit for the Guard as a way to gain inroads with the city's criminal element. She says as much to him whenever they're alone, but around other people, takes great pleasure in going along with the "act" and providing him the "charity" of a warm meal together or a swig of brandy. For his part, he's never confirmed or denied her suspicions, and seems to enjoy her speculation - which fits the spy and bum personas somewhat equally.

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Posting interest for a necromancer wizard fighter
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I'll be accepting up to 6 players max.

You'll have plenty of opportunities to RP your character. The amount of combat will be reasonable and make sense as far as story and progression is concerned.
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Originally Posted by IronStar View Post
- Classes: Any except 3rd party
- Races: Any except 3rd party
Do you consider D&D 3.5 as 3rd party?
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Do you allow retraining?

I have several potential concepts, will check out NPCs to see if they inspire me to choose one in particular.
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right-aligned image
Name: Kallistiel Illuiadlara
Race: Elf (Elves often have trouble relating to neighbors of other races, especially those with much shorter lifespans. As a result, some are trained in minor magics that are particularly useful when dealing with non-elves. Elves with this racial trait and an Intelligence score of 11 or higher gain the following spell-like abilities once per day: comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison, and read magic. The caster level for these effects is equal to the elf’s level. This racial trait replaces elven magic.envoy, The eerie beauty of some elves cannot be denied. Elves with this racial trait receive a +1 racial bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks against humanoids and a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against transmutation spells and spell-like effects. This racial trait replaces elven immunities.perfect)
Classes: Swashbuckler / Magus (Bladebound, Kensai)
Age: 140

Str: 12, Dex: 18 +2 race20, Con: 15 -2 race +1 lvl 814, Int: 17 +2 race +1 lvl 420, Wis: 14, Cha: 16

1- Breadth of Experience
1- Weapon Focus (Kensai Magus)
1- Agile Combatant (EitP replacement of Swashbuckler's Finesse)
3- Elven Battle Training
4- Elven Battle Style (Swashbuckler bonus combat feat)
5- Elven Battle Focus
5- Improved Critical (Swashbuckler Weapon Training)
7- ?
8- ? (Swashbuckler bonus combat feat)

You’ve learned to use your quickness in place of brute force when performing combat maneuvers.

Benefit: You add your Dexterity bonus to your base attack bonus and size bonus when determining your Combat Maneuver Bonus (see Combat) instead of your Strength bonus.

Special: With or without this feat, when you are using a finesse weapon, you may use your Dexterity bonus in place of your Strength bonus when attempting a disarm, sunder, or trip maneuver. This feat allows you to add your Dexterity bonus in place of your Strength bonus when attempting a bull rush, grapple, hamstring, or overrun maneuver.
Agile Combatant, Although still young for your kind, you have a lifetime of knowledge and training.

Prerequisites: Dwarf, elf, or gnome; 100+ years old.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Knowledge and Profession skill checks, and can make checks with those skills untrained.
Breadth of Experience, Your fighting style is enhanced by your keen intellect.

Prerequisites: Int 13, Elven Battle Style, Elven Battle Training, Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +4, weapon familiarity racial trait.

Benefit: While using Elven Battle Style, you can add your Intelligence modifier to that weapon’s damage (instead of any other ability bonus or modifier you can add to your weapon damage). The weapon must be one appropriate for your size.
Elven Battle Focus, You wield traditional elven weapons with grace.

Prerequisites: Elven Battle Training, Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +1, weapon familiarity racial trait.

Benefit: While wielding a longsword, a rapier, or any melee weapon that has “elven” in its name, combat maneuver checks attempted with that weapon as attacks of opportunity don’t themselves provoke attacks of opportunity.
Elven Battle Style, You have been specially trained to wield a variety of traditional elven weapons.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1, elf.

Benefit: You have received special training with traditional elven weapons (longbows, composite longbows, longswords, rapiers, shortbows, composite shortbows, and any weapon with the word "elven" in its name). You receive a +2 bonus to your CMD against disarm and sunder maneuvers directed at one of these weapons you are wielding. In addition, if you are wielding one of these melee weapons, you may make an additional attack of opportunity each round (this bonus stacks with Combat Reflexes).
Elven Battle Training, Choose one weapon group listed under the fighter’s Weapon Training class feature. Attacks made with your chosen weapons are quite deadly.

Prerequisite: Proficiency with at least one weapon from the selected weapon group, base attack bonus +8.

Benefit: When using any weapon from the selected group, your threat range is doubled.
Improved Critical (including Elven Thornbladelight blades), Choose one weapon group listed under the fighter’s Weapon Training class feature.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with at least one weapon from the selected weapon group, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using any weapon from the selected group.
Weapon Focus (including Elven Thornbladelight blades)

Traits: Category: Race
Requirement: Elf

Having lived outside of traditional elf society for much or all of your life, you know the world can be cruel, dangerous, and unforgiving of the weak.

You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saving throws

AppearanceKallistiel wears tight black leather clothing accentuated with red which could either show a connection or devotion to Korvosa and her colors or to her darker past and the colors of the Dark Prince. The clothes highlight and enhance her pale skin and eerie beauty while allowing for mobility for combat or spellcasting. The clothes also serve to cover scars she has not deigned to heal so as to serve as a reminder of the darkness she has escaped from. A slender, slightly curved, elven thornblade hangs at her side, its hilt wrapped in dark red leather matching the accents on her clothes. The blade itself, when drawn, is of a dark metal that sports intricate mystical runes.

PersonalityKallistiel's personality is a complex blend of light and shadow. She often wrestles with dark masochistic urges born from her years spent amonth the Kuthonites in Nidal but strives to find hope and joy in her life once more. This struggle can manifest not just with intense introspection but can lead to self harm, a means to push away the crushing depression from her past losses or losses that may come as her friends age while she remains, effectively, unchanged. Despite this darkness, she possesses a fierce determination to protect those she cares about. If they cannot live as long as her, she can at least do what she can to help them stay in her life as long as possible.

BackgroundKallistiel was born in Kyonin and over the span of forty years was, like all elves, practiced or trained in artistry, dance, arcane studies, and other aspects of elven culture, including fencing games with the other elven children. Her natural talent with the elven thornblade was evident even then.

Her sheltered existence took an irrevocable turn when her father left Kyonin on a mission to explore how the aftermath of the death of Aroden had impacted the next generation of humans. Always a curious one, she snuck away with him to see more of the outside world. Her father was furious when he discovered her, but couldn't turn around or send her back without compromising his mission.

While neighboring Druma did not appear to have been affected. Cheliax, the empire whose borders had stretched to Lake Encarthan, was still in the midst of a civil war. Kallistiel and her father spent the next several years travelling the fracturing empire, avoiding the open conflicts, at worst observing from a safe distance, documenting how the humans persevered or perished and drawing new maps as the borders changed. Given the dangerous setting, her father ensured she kept some focus on her arcane and combat theory, while the more artistic pursuits, while not abandoned, were less frequent. They travelled for over twenty years before they began the journey home.

While all that time, her father was constantly on guard, perhaps the notion that they were finally heading home caused him to relax. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when their path took them directly into the middle of the Mothune civil war. They were surprised when a squad of Molthune soldiers attacked, thinking the two elves were in league with the half-elf rebel leader, Igral Nirmath. Her father was slain and her own death would have come next if it weren't for a counter-attack by the would be Nirmathi guerrilla warriors. Still a child, her saviours took pity on her and brought her further north, away from the direct conflict, to be sheltered with other war orphans.

Klllistiel was adopted by a trader shortly thereafter who took her away from the conflict to Korvosa where his own family lived. There she befriended other children that lived nearby but she hadn't realized the speed at which human's aged. After a decade, a boy became a man, a green adventurer hoping to win fame and fortune, only to die on a King's mission to defeat the red dragon Glarataxus. What was once a 10 year old girl, seemingly her own age, had grown, married and became a mother. Since her own parents were getting on in age, the elf girl continued to visit her now older friend, helping raise the baby, Cresida Kroft. Soon enough Cresida herself had grown into a girl the same age as her mother was when they had first met... and then continued to age further.

They were close friends when they appeared close in age but Kallistiel started to become depressed that she would lose another friend to adulthood. Her adopted mother died in an attack by Glarataxus on the city and her father's heart gave out soon after. Again and again, her human friends aged rapidly compared to her near-static elven growth, or died off in some tragedy, each time leaving deeper and deeper emotional scars and the thought of continuing down that path was too much for her. While Cresida's family took her in, the following year, when Cresida had turned 13, the elf stowed away on a ship to try to avoid the emotions. That ship sailed to the Shackles where she joined a pirate crew as a powder monkey and ship's boy, sailing under one of the first Free Captains to brave the first Regatta, racing around the eye of Abendego.

Once again, other children appearing to be her age got older and joined the crew proper or died in ship combat. Even though she tried to stay more aloof from these children, she always found some connection that caused her to feel each departure from the group, a reminder of what was past and what was still to come. Despondent, she left on a ship to Cheliax and travelled up to Nidal. There, she found a place for her constant feeling of loss as the world passed her by, falling in with Kuthonites. The nature of the worshippers of Zon-Kuthon were such that she never became emotionally close to them and she rarely got involved in their more sadistic pursuits. Instead her dark observances were more along the lines of self-harm as she used the pain to help push away the depression brought about by the crushing loss she was feeling.

This was a dark period for the young elf but when word of Cresida's rise to the throne reached her ears, she left the darkness behind in Nidal and return to Korvosa. It was time for her to face life again. Over the following years, she re-connected with old friends and forged new ones in the city that she considered her home. She turned her life experiences towards helping safeguard against threats against Korvosa and Varisia.

RelationshipsSilvia Gurges, priestess of Shelyn: A woman that had helped Kallistiel find the light after her departure from Nidal. She is able to talk through her dark emotions with the cleric who holds the door open for future happiness and beauty, helping her stave off some of the dark habits she picked up in Nidal. Silvia was instrumental in opening Kallistiel's heart to new relationships that she can savor one day at a time, offering happy memories despite their ultimately fleeting nature.

Velus Antinus, follower of Zon-Kuthon: Kallistiel, unfortunately, still feels drawn towards the darkness she found in Nidal. While most of the time, Silvia helps her overcome her darker urges, should they become too overpowering, or should Silvia not be available, she often seems to find herself in the Shingles, meeting up with Velus and thus falls with him into depravity, disappearing for days or weeks at a time before resurfacing, desperate to, once again, see the light, and return to Silvia's counsel.

Gian Cotter, student at Orsini Academy: Kallistiel was given the opportunity to hone her fencing skills with members of the Academy. While many students there were snooty nobles, Gian was more down to earth and they became close friends. She hasn't shared her darkness with him, wanting to keep him in the light and not scare her off.

Zyrel Kalissreavil, son of the ambassador of the Mierani elves, Perishial: Zyrel and Kallistiel are elves that are close in age and serves as a reminder and the closest connection she may find to her elven heritage. Perhaps it's just pity but, unlike the other elves, he is willing to talk to a Forlorn like Kallistiel, allowing her to have a friend that will not age away from her. One more potential rock in the sea of darkness.

Cresida Kroft, queen of Korvosa: Given the nature of time, Cresida and Kallistiel aren't as close as they were when Cresida was 13. However, there is an unspeakable bond she has with an old childhood playmate who also helped raise her, even though decades had passed since then. Cresida is often busy, given her station, but can occasionally set time aside to reconnect and catch up with her old friend.


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Name: Inno Mate
Race: TBD
Classes: Divine Herbalist/Hedge Witch





Role: Ultimate Party Support, Healer. Slight tactician/battlefield control.
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Would you allow the option player as monster for one side of the Gestalt? My idea is:
Very Young Silver Dragon (cr8 - medium sized) / Cleric L8 for the Gestalt side.
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Aras3: Not exactly. What 3.5 content are you interested in?

namo: I will allow retraining.

DarkNetwerk: This adventure occurs when Cressida is queen and after Return of the Runelords.

You can choose all known NPCs, make up some, or mix and match as you please.

Edit- Kaylara: A silver dragon is intriguing. I'll allow it. Let's see what you come up with.
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I will note that my application may look a little weird, but this is because I am giving a distinct answer for my social versus vigilante identity in each of these cases. I’ve played vigilante trying to downplay the difference before, but fitting with the intrigue, I want to really embrace the class and give it that distinction. So I have given each of them their own descriptions. Anyway, here it is along with the character sheet in progress:

Character Application
Social Identity: Beauregard Gagnon (Pronounced GUY-on)
Vigilante Identity: Vincent Jones

Race: Halfling

Classes: Aether Overwhelming Soul Kineticist/ Stalker Vigilante

Social Identity: NG
Vigilante Identity: LG

Intended Party Role
Beauregard is intended as a stealth skill monkey character with the ability to do many things at long range telekinetically including lock picking and disabling traps from a distance. This combined with at will self-invisibility is intended to help him to be very useful at enabling the party to get into places they shouldn't be able to. He will also be pretty decent at the social skills, but not have stellar knowledges. In combat, he is a ranged attacker with melee options, but with a preference to use his 120 ft range and invisibility to soften up the enemies with at least one good attack from stealth before engaging in combat.

Social Identity: Beauregard is a very small halfling coming in at 1 feet 6 inches tall and a meager 8 pounds. (I know this is really small, he has permanent reduce person on.) He has long flowing light blonde hair which cascades down his shoulders and light blue eyes. He can never be found without at least one excessively poofy piece of clothing on, usually his favorite hat which has a colorful feather at the front of it. This poofy clothing allows him to have a constant slouch making him appear shorter, without being obvious. He loves wearing deep blues and reds in striking combinations.
Vigilante Identity: Vincent has a much more plain appearance than Beauregard- when he allows himself to be seen at all. He has the same height and weight as Beauregard, but appears taller as he stands properly. He wears a simple bun without any ornamentation. Vincent wears simple dark armor and appears very solemn and serious.

Social Identity: Beauregard appears by all accounts to be a bumbling fool, though his eyes have a depth to them that might tip a very close observer that he is more than he seems. He is very vain and fastidious about his appearance. He wants to be SEEN by everyone. He has an air of foolishness that one might think is an act if it wasn’t so convincingly genuine. Those who know him better know it in fact to be an affectation, as he is insightful and intelligent, deftly maneuvering his public appearance to get him unnoticed due to his apparent unimportance and absentmindedness.
Vigilante Identity: Vincent is very business oriented, but is known to joke around when he perceives that tension is hindering group cohesion. He values his connections with others and he recognizes intellectually that he can’t do everything himself. He sometimes has a hard time taking this to heart though, and struggles accepting help with the things that he specializes in. He does everything with a small quiet smile on his face like he knows something that everyone else doesn’t. While he can be reserved until you prove your worth to him, once his loyalty is earned, it is unconditional.

Beauregard is actually Vincent's fabricated identity, not the other way around. Vincent grew up with his parents on the halfling specific trading vessels that Korvosa has, and his parents (Hestia and Festus) loved travel. They were worshippers of Desna who thought that the opportunity to travel all the time was the ultimate expression of freedom. Vincent however was not so excited about this and he instead was always drawn to the city life. He loved the luxury of the clothing they wore and the secret plots and subtext. He loved the great game that politics is and wanted a part. As such, when he was old enough to go out on his own, he decided to establish himself in the city. He found a knack for infiltration and got work at the cerulean society (detailed below). At the same time, he was a nobody, a son of ship hands, and didn't have a real way to get into the more delicate social machinations. He decided to craft an alternative identity. After a lot of practice, he had forged noble writs and made it so that at least on paper, Beauregard was an obscure noble from Galt.
Social Identity: Developing this identity was relatively recent so he's still working on getting into the social scene properly, though his reputation as a blundering harmless fool is already well on its way with most considering him just a simple tourist. He doesn't have many deep ties yet as Beauregard, and he was hired by Queen Cressida as Vincent.
Vigilante Identity: Currently, Vincent works with the cerulean society and aspires to become an adept enough infiltrator to win the breaching festival- an ambition instilled in him by Guildmaster Boule. He gains employment from various noble houses by infiltrating and robbing their estates so he can show them what he was able to get and help them improve their defenses. He enjoys the challenge of raiding an estate that has already undergone his suggested upgrades. He is known to be near impossible to find unless he wants to be found and he has a deal with Guild master Boule, leader of the cerulean society.a member of the cerulean society who acts as a liaison for him. Boule and his staff collect jobs and then pass them on to Vincent when they match his particular skill set. He then drops in to discuss the job with the clients, showing off his prowess immediately by joining them in a private protected area. He enjoys the looks on their faces when he appears out of nowhere and casually starts discussing the job.

Guildmaster Boule: the leader of the cerulean society, when Boule learned of Vincent's telekinetic abilities, he saw potential for great skill at breaching security systems and thus a future winner for the breaching festival. Boule helped arrange training for him and encouraged him heavily to practice the finer control of his telekinesis, which Vincent can now use as easily and fluidly as his own deft hands. Vincent has been very appreciative of this assistance getting his feet under him and for the ongoing employment provided by the cerulean society.
Magistrate of Commerce Garrick Tann: Many dislike Garrick as a tax collector, but as far as Vincent is concerned, he's just doing his job. Sometimes there are those who try to hide their true earnings to evade the taxes they owe the government and if such activity is suspected, Garrick will sometimes hire Vincent to investigate without letting the relevant individual know so they don't have time to hide before the official methods get applied. Turns out having an official thieves’ guild has its perks for those in power.
Lady Eliasia Leroung: Some of that training that Vincent received was tied directly to more mundane and innocuous pursuits like learning languages and a general education on most important subjects. The easiest place to acquire that was at the University of Korvosa. While there, Vincent developed an admiration for her dedication to helping people make something of themselves. The University opened many opportunities for him and he views himself as forever in its debt, and by extension in Eliasia’s debt. He makes a point of occasionally checking in to make sure that she is doing well and not so subtly discouraging anyone he finds intending to do her or the University harm.

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I wanted to play a Wilder//Binder using the psionic and pact magic subsystems of 3.5
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Human Name: Aira Ru <-- Click on name to view sheet.

Dragon / True Name: Shadrevaena Istavantais

Race/Class/Gestalt/Alignment: Race: True Dragon (Metallic)
Class: Silver Dragon, Very Young
Gestalt: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good

Diety: Apsu

Physical description: In her dragon form, Aira is of Medium size, weighing 320lbs with an overall length of 16', her body is 6' long with a 5' long neck, her tail reaches a length up to 5' and the width of her body at approximately 3'. Aira stands at a height of 4', her wing span covers 30' with a minimum span of 12'. Her scales are mostly silver with some slightly blue-gray highlights that shows she is still young. At first glance, she appears very similar to the white dragon. However, her wings are more curved than a white's and she has two talons on her wings rather than a single talon that most dragons have.

The biggest sign of her heritage is the beautiful frill that begins at the top of her head and flows all the way down her neck and body to the tip of the tail. The frill is silver towards the body, fading to a purple hue at the edge.

Aira has two long, smooth silver horns with black tips, pointing up and back from the head with a pronounced sharp frill under the chin that resembles a goatee.


In her currently known humanoid form: Aira takes the appearance of a comely woman around her early 20's. She stands around 5' 8" weighing 120lbs with long flowing white hair and sky blue eyes. She wears bright colors, usually whites and sky blue because these colors remind her of the clouds and blue skies that she loves to fly in.


Personality: Aira, like her kin is a protector known as a "shield dragon". She loves Golarion and lives to protect the lands she calls home. Until the recent news about the attacks in Korsova, Aira never desired to join a group, much less go into battle. However, with her territory now at stake, her motivations have changed. She now seeks to join the ranks of a group who's leader she deems is worthy of her favor. She has set out on a mission to find this person and aid their cause until they themselves put the conflict to rest. Aira will not sit and watch her beloved territory fall into chaos or ruin, she will fight until her last breath to defend it if needed. As a faithful of Apsu, she felt a pull or calling and found herself making way back to Korsova for the explicit reason of staving off the evil that has reared its head.

When not defending her territory, Aira enjoys the company of humans and elves so much that she often takes the form of a human and lived among them for a while. Aira loves human dining and is always willing to take part in large feasts.

History - Hatchling: Aira is 21 years old / a very young silver dragon. When she was a small wyrmling/hatchling, Aira would spend much of her time in her human form, playing with the other children of the Korsova learning their language and culture. When it was time for the other children to rest, Aira would go home to practice flying. It was during her night flights when she would occasionally run into trouble. Due to her small size as a wyrmling, griffons and other airborne creatures would try to eat her. Luckily for her, the creatures she encountered while out flying around were not immune to her breath weapon. After she spent some time flying freely thru the night skies, she would retire for the evening by locking herself in her mothers library to study and learn about Apsu.

History - Youth/Adolescence: Aira performed the same routine for a few years as her knowledge expanded and she began praying/venerating the great Apsu along side her parents. Then the day came when she grew out of her small form and into a larger form equivalent to a medium sized creature. Due to her new size, the encounters she would previously run into while out flying have died down slightly as not too many things wanted to mess with a dragon.

Whenever Aira was not flying, playing or studying, she loved eating. Aira would join in every festival in Korvosa so she could indulge in the foods they provided. The shop owners would make a lot of sales just off of Aira. It did not take long before she became a few shop owners best friends. Because of her reputation with local food merchants, she became known as the woman who could eat everything and not gain weight.

Several more months passed, she had completed her training as a priestess and became a cleric of Apsu. She had then decided to take on a mission for the Korvosan Guard in the name of Apsu where she met Captain Cressida Kroft who (being well informed as she is) eventually discovered that Aira's was a silver dragon and thought it to be in best interest to start and maintain a friendship. Together Aira trained with the Captain as she taught her the basics of battle and outfitted her in armor. At first it took a little bit to get use too as she subjected herself to being trained and also managed to work up a bit more endurance because of it. Her mission proved a great success. It was because of her mission and success that she felt ready to defend the realm in Aspu's name and a good place to start would be here in Korvosa.

As time passed, Aira completed several more missions and began building good relations with the Captain who had also introduced her to Archbanker Darb Tuttle and the temple of Abadar. Aira enjoyed spending time in Korsova and the Temple there as it shared many similar ethos to Aspu, and being a merchant god, they had lots of food as a bonus and even started a food tab with the bank which led to her aiding the temple in Aspus name and building relations between the two religions.

However, as the time passed, eventually the big day came and on her 21th birthday. Her friend the Captain became the Queen and her parents had decided to move locations. Aira, being a typical rebellious child, argued with her parents, for she was not about to leave her friends or the area she was born in and wanted to protect.

Her parents just smiled as they knew this day would come and respected their daughters wishes. After packing up most of their belongings, Aira's parents decided to leave a bit of treasure for their daughter. Her parents gifted her with some books, magical items and of course gem and coin. Her mothers last comments were that they will always love her and not to spend all of the treasure on food.

Aira watched as her parents flew away into the starlit sky. Not much time passed as the lair grew quiet, almost desolate as Aira was now all alone.

However, even with her parents gone, it did not take long for her to shift back into human form to go live among the people of Korsova awhile longer. It was not long after arriving she began to hear news of the chaos and monster attacks upon the innocents within the city. Driven by the recent news, Aira felt the calling from Apsu himself, she felt the need to take action in protecting She considers (Golarion) her land her land. Thus she met up with her friend Queen Cressida to find others she could join with and root out the chaos and evil that was emerging.

RelationsCaptain / now Queen Cressida Kroft = Friend/Teacher - They met before Cressida became queen and have remained in contact ever since then.
Archbanker Darb Tuttle = Friends
Merchant Guild, Food industry = Popular/Favorite customer - There are many merchants whom she deals with consistently and built good personal relationships with (not just as customer).

Lair InformationAira's lair is found within an icy mountain, with the main entrance only accessible by air. The lair contains a main entertaining area, a storage room, a vault, a sleeping chamber, study, library, shrine, kitchen, lavatory and two clinic rooms where the dragon can offer help and protection to those who need it. The lair also has a concealed back entrance for use in emergencies.



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Great app! Only one thing stands out and that has to do with Cressida. She is now the Queen in the current timeline. Other than that, great stuff!
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