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Old Nov 19th, 2023, 09:55 AM
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PotM October

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To quote lostcheerio's words of praise; "...... these scenes are particularly elegant, as each PC going unconscious experiences it in a different, personal way. And then there's the mechanics -- spells flying, missiles flying, multi-level terrain, just wow. As a player, I so appreciate all the work and care that goes into writing a post like this, both creatively and technically. Applause from under the fallen paladin's shield!"

There was so much 'wow' in this recommendation, that the judges agreed and could see exactly what lostcheerio meant, and shared their view. Meaning: CONGRATS to Fillyjonk for their winning post!!!!!! Please read, enjoy, and click on those scales to show your RPXP love for this winning post!!!
  • Unfortunately, we had to disqualify lostcheerio's post for the best possible reason; they already won the PotM this year! We can imagine you want to read their October entry anyways (who wouldn't ;-) so read why PlaidPeregrine mentioned that this post was 'simply a beautiful, lively and such a brilliantly executed idea'. Adding a spark of humor led to the a very good post, you can read it over here
  • There was also a lot of praise coming from zevonian, who was impressed by Strangemund's post. To quote: "Y'all know about the significance of family, yeah. You go to parties, weddings, bail bonds persons, and courts for 'em. You watch vroom vroom car movies where noted RPG enthusiast Vin Diesel stress the importance of it. Maybe not all blood related, but somehow they're your kinfolk. Strangemund would have you looking in on such a family, in a time nearly a century ago, where some scattered but now have to go back home for a most important visit. A funeral.'
    I have to confess, this praise made me so incredibly curious about what was written, so I can imagine you do not want to hesitate anymore and start reading over here...
  • Color me extremely intrigued when I read Wynamoinen's motivation... " it's a clever fish out-of-water story, that doubles as body horror, that triples as character advancement and worldbuilding. Also, it's Halloween season, and here a specter is telling us the spookiest story of all: Mere Human Existence!" Doubles as body horror? triples as character advancement? Halloween vibe.... What did Elanir do????? You can check it out over here....

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading all these pieces of word art. Share some RPXP love, and maybe it even inspired you to write something awesome in November that ought to be nominated! If you consider nominating, please follow the instructions over here, and share you amazement and appreciation <3
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