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Old Oct 17th, 2023, 09:54 AM
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PotM September

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It does not happen often, especially with our judges ;-), but when it happens, their vote is powerful by unanimousity.
Congratulations to FraterChad for winning the 'Post of the Month September edition'!!!!

For a reason, the image added to this announcement isn't the same as that used in the winning post. I felt guided by Kaigen's reason for nominating this post: (link)

Horror is not easy to pull off in RPGs, and the moment where the monster is revealed and goes from a vague threat to a knowable presence is tricky to navigate. FraterChad properly introduces his monster with the right amount of suggestion and menace to preserve the sense of foreboding and threat (while also making good use of what the players themselves are providing)
Please go and read, add some RPXP to share your admiration, and be challenged and inspired <3
  • Besides the winning post, there were other posts in the running. Mitsubachi made a post that impressed Hotsun lasgun, it was a mutual post (so credits to Arkanis as well) and to quote: Mistubachi and Arkanis did an excellent duo post about love and loss in a hotel bar. Curious? Intrigued? Do not hesitate, and start reading over here. If you are eager to add some RPXP to this post, please do so. Do not forget about Arkanis' contribution so I can recommend find an Arkanis post and sharing the same love.
  • In this post, AnotherDragoon's character is managing a lot of things at once, and I was so impressed with how he kept moving forward, with aplomb and purpose, in the face of nearly hopeless circumstances, and how he keeps trying to bounce back from the failure and keep looking for solutions. . Positive words written by lostcheerio, nominating this post, right here. As a bonus, the humor, creativity and good cheer is admired, so this will be worth your time reading...

Honorable mention --> since I was slightly late closing the September thread, one post slipped in and wasn't judged/ taken into consideration. Therefore I would like to invite you to read, enjoy, and admire this post, written by Danilore. It is said that Dani did a remarkable job juggling a split party, multiple NPCs, and vastly different challenges, so this could be a vey valuable, good read.


And that's all folks, please nominate posts! You can click this link, and read what is expected. Every writer should have been nominated at least once, so we need you to make that happen :-)
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