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Old Sep 17th, 2015, 08:47 PM
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First campaign as DM, first campaign for my players as well. Heck I think it was even during the first session.
After getting around simplified rules and game mechanics I briefly introduce them to RP.

A while after they got surrounded by a pack of wolves, that's when my brother usually quite shy just started RP-ing out of the blue, used nature knowledge of his barbarian (barely civilized) to know he should kill the alpha male of the wolves pack attacking them to have a chance to survive.

He went up a tree, natural 20's, poor wolfie had his head buried 30cm/a feet in the ground from massive hit + extra bonus from falling from tree. Wolf pack dispersed right after.
This lighted a spark and every other player started (clumsily!) RP-ing it was the best thing ever!
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Old Oct 2nd, 2015, 03:00 PM
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This game started out in under mountain. The dm gave us free reign on gear and a warning. Be creative with your charater build. Now I have to say up front my charater rolls have never been this good! With witness I put up three 18 in stats. Dex ,int, con a 16 char a 17 wis and 14 str. Couldn't belive it. So in all fairness I had a big upper hand when it came to skill points. Any way taking heed of this warning I specd this guy out with skills like crude weapon smithing, weaving, several survial type skills. Then decked him out in the best gear found in the dmg. after entering the dungeon our group was set upon by a light beam that chased us thru the halls. Finally with no way to run the light passed over us. The teleportation was unexpected. We was put down on earth, in irland. It was the beginning of the Bronze Age, and we where without even a stitch of clothing. Playing the rolls of the Irish Sidhe legends in the real world history is a game I will never forget
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Old Oct 10th, 2015, 06:12 PM
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Two things come to mind really:

Shadowrun campaign, the job was to fly to an Aztech island laboratory and find out why they haven't checked in. Classic horror setup, flickering light, blood on the walls, weird noises etc..

Now imagine the game taking place in the GMs room in a dorm, the light on the hallway leading to the toilets flickering and an epic thunderstorm going on outside and you have the best combination of RL and in game atmosphere I can possibly imagine.

Fantasy campaign, had been running for close to five years. We started with five players (warrior, mercenary, rogue, healer and wizard). Over the years the rogue player turned out to be a few cards short of a deck, leading to the rogues death, the healer and wizard left due to time constrains. Another wizard, a druid and another rogue (who had to leave shortly after joining) were added to the game and after a lot of gaming sessions we had made it to the final confrontation of the campaign.

So we decided to finish the campaign in an epic two day session where we invite all the old players (except the crazy rogue of course) and even invited another player (who had a deserved reputation of being able to sell a fridge to an Eskimo) to play the evil overlord for the final confrontation.

It was to be an epic battle between the army of the good guys (that we had had a significant hand in assembling) and that of the evil overlord demi-god, who wanted to rule the world and was very likely to succeed if he wasn't stopped in that battle. We also knew that in order to stop him, the PCs would very likely have to sacrifice themselves. And so the PCs started out the session with an rp heavy dinner on the evening before the battle with all their friends and families, reminiscing about the good old times and saying their goodbyes to each other.

The good army's main purpose was to make sure to get the heroes alive to the demi-god, so they could then deal with him. Anyone who expects a lot of dice rolling to have taken place during the battle, however, will be disappointed. This was not Pathfinder or DnD where you can expect to be powerful enough to take down a demi-god in a straight up fight. It was mostly talking, trying not to let ourselves be convinced to join his side after all (fridge and Eskimos, remember?), until finally finding the opening to undo his divinity and banish him forever. (Of course what undid his divinity also killed us, but small prices and all that.) When all was said and done, we had enjoyed a whole weekend of largely roll free roleplay and finished the longest campaign I have so far played in. Awesome and sad at the same time.
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Old Oct 23rd, 2015, 07:07 PM
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My ranger blew a stealth check and became entranced by a cult leader. Several turns later a party member bull rushed me down a trap door into a death pit, where the entire party ended up jumping off a waterfall to escape a very fast, very strong, very mean hydra.
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Old Jul 15th, 2021, 01:12 PM
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D20 game set in the modern world, The characters were driving in our made-up city up from the harbor in a not-so-good area behind the industrial zone. I forgot where they were going, but wherever it was, they took their time and just went arguing about sexism or some such, which made for good RP but made the GM (me) bored. Just to make this obvious, I described a dented and hole riddled garbage container coming from the industrial zone down the hill, aimed for the harbor waters. They looked after it, wondered, and luckily switched back to the story.

Several in-game years and about half as long RL time later, the same characters were supposed to (stealthily) go to spy on a small new organized crime group in the industrial zone. Not only did they forget about being sneaky, one of them climbed into the shack used for a meeting, through the window while the door would have been open, made so much noise the whole block knew they were there. Of course, bullets were immediately flying from inside, and they had to take cover.

One of them asked if there was a garbage container around to hide behind. Sure I thought, why not. There should be many around. So first they tried to hide behind but as they were spotted and also noticed that bullets > than garbage container, especially as it was empty, they had this weird idea of jumping in after giving it a shove down the hill towards the back of the industrial zone. Bullets were,of course, still flying so the techmage type character remembered he had a time travel device which could be made to just cover the container and take them back in time. He didn't think about entering a time frame or whatever - if I remember right not even for an answer from his friends - and just dialed time back.

So you can guess it. I had the container break through the back fence and roll out onto the street to the harbor, picking up speed and described what was passing by as they looked through the bullet holes. So I described to them their car from a few years before, and their own wondering faces as they drove by up the hill.

For a long time the players tried to figure out how I managed to create this scene. They didn't believe me it was a very lucky coincidence because I tend to plan similar things way in advance. "That's like a container going downhill" became a favorite saying.
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