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Old 02-06-2014, 10:52 AM
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The Righteous

Please Place your finished Characters here i will repeat all the character Generation info here so there is an easy source.

For decades, demons have ruled the worldwound. Fearsome fiends of every stripe - their mottled skin harder than iron, teeth like serrated blades, and eyes burning with Abyssal flames - they roam the ruined lands that were once known as Sarkoris, leaving their mark wherever they go. Four Crusades have attempted to cleanse the land, but each seems to meet a worse fate than the last. Were it not for the line of magical wardstones along the eastern and southern borders, the demons would have long ago overrun north-central Avistan and beyond.

The Fourth Crusade hasn't really ended as much as petered out, yet some refuse to accept that. Amid the crippling shortages and record lows in morale among the crusaders, the Mendevian war effort teeters on the brink of collapse. Though the demonic occupation of the Worldwound is growing a dwindling minority of paladins and priests maintain that the Fourth Crusade is still vibrant and alive, and that the turning point for the war is only a few days away.

The players are currently in the city of Kenabres right near Armasse. The Campaign will begin on Armasse. Please of some sort of background for your character and why they would be here on Armasse.

Character Generation
Stats:20 Point buy
Classes:Paizo material only no psionics.(i reserve the right to reject some Paizo material that isn't meant for players.)
Races: Please keep it to core races. Anything outside of core will need to be approved.
1.Starting gold will be either random or average for your class i will allow you to pick(no changing your mind if you get a bad roll).
2.The starting level is 1 on the Medium track
3.We are using the pathfinder point buy rules so if you have any questions on the point buy feel free to reference this.
4.Please keep your alignments to the umbrella(aka LG, NG, CG, LN, CN)
5.The campaign will eventually have the players commanding armies as well as gaining mythic tiers.
6. 2 traits but one is required from the The WotR players guide i will copy them here for your convenience.







The Players guide i linked above is free to download off the paizo site and contains lots of setting information and hits on the campaign itself. If you need help fitting a character into golarion feel free to contact me or InsaneFox as we both have a very good understanding of the inner sea region.

More Stuff we will use
Mythic Heroes(hint this will be you but not right away)
Mass Combat

Awarded ByAmountEachTotal
Anevia Friendly2005050
Two Dead Maggots400100150
Two Dead Cockroaches400100250
Horgus Friendly20050300
Dead Cave Viper400100400
Dead Giant Fly400100500
Anevia vs Horgus Fight400100600





Any other questions feel free to PM me.

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Old 02-06-2014, 04:18 PM
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Name: Shin Jijuka
Race: Human
Class: Pistolero
Gender: Male

For as long as Shin can remember he has been tinkering with small devices from clockworks to children’s toys, but it is his pistol that he considers his pride and joy. The 50. Cal Jijuka special. Granted he hasn’t quite gotten all the kinks out of it yet, but that’s what field testing is for, and luckily, or unluckily, Shin has never had any trouble getting into trouble for his pistol to get him out of.

These skills have served him well working for his father as an apprentice. Though his work earns him little money, he has a roof over his head and a meal in his belly every night. His family lives in a poor part of town where the holy crusaders rarely visit unless they are on one of their witch hunts, but Shin’s family has never done anything to draw their attention.

Having grown up in such a rough neighborhood, Shin has grown some very rough edges. With a tongue as quick as his wit, he often shoots his mouth off as recklessly as his firearm. Throwing out taunts and insults like candy, Shin has earned a reputation as a trouble maker, and has few friends, not that he ever lets that get to him. He shamelessly enjoys himself, reveling in parties and festivals, such as Armasse. The fact that the city is in turmoil has done nothing to spoil Shin’s enjoyment, in fact he takes perverse joy in pissing on the traditions authority figures. Whether demon worshipers or crusaders, Shin is all to eager to spit in the face of anyone who tries to run his life and tell him what to do.

Despite this belligerent attitude, Shin still has a good heart. He often puts himself between bullies and their smaller victims, and always helps those he knows to be good people. Much of bravado is simply a product on his environment. If he doesn’t stand up to people and assert himself, they’ll walk all over him.

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Old 02-08-2014, 10:53 PM
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Name: Zarathos
Race: Human
Class: Cavalier (Emissary -Ultimate Combat-) Order of the Penitent (Knights of the Inner Sea)
Gender: Male

Stolen from his home at a young age after his family were killed right in front of him, Zarathos was going to just another tribute to some dark force. This did not come to pass. Instead the dark force seemed to grant Zarathos great power and ability. From that point it's all kinda a blur to him now but it's always been believed by Zarathos that it was him who used that power against those who would have killed him. All that is known for sure is that those men died horrible deaths and Zarathos has been making his way round Worldwound borders to finally Kenabres. Here at his young age he learned the ways of other traveling knights and demon hunters, preparing to be a seeking of vengeance and protector of the innocent.

Zarathos isn't a typical crusader. He was taught that the truly evil monsters of the dark were those to punish and yet no one ever told him of what makes a monster and what makes a man. After all, it wasn't some foul demon who butchered his family as cattle. They were men. So for as long as he can remember Zarathos has devoted himself to redeeming all he could, but also making sure that the real monsters get what's coming to them. When he's not seeking vengeance he's fairly easy going and a bit quiet. Keeping to himself mostly a bottling the rage within but always there to lend a hand.
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Old 02-09-2014, 01:57 AM
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Name: Ozwald Encarthi
Race: Human (Taldan/Ulfen)
Class: Hidden Cleric of Sivanah
Gender: Male
Homeland: Xer, Razmiran


Personality and Appearance: Ozwald is a blonde haired man with blue eyes, the markings of an Ulfen heritage. However, despite the rugged build that one would expect, the young man is rather scrawny and frail and possesses soft facial features. He carries around a calm and peaceful look, with a perpetual smile. But his eyes show hints of a wisdom that far surpasses the boy's years. His dress is rather extravagant, with flowing blue and white traveling clothes, (stark contrasts to the colors of the Razmiran church that he formerly belonged to) a matching cloak, and an exquisite blue and silver scarf. He carries with him a book that one might assume to be for spellcraft of some type. Ozwald is a rather intelligent boy, who seems to act without any particular sense of worry or urgency. Whenever he is uncomfortable, the young priest resorts to cracking light-hearted jokes to break the tension of the situation and is an avid lover of puns.

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Old 02-15-2014, 06:15 PM
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Name: Amiranda Sholtz

Name Amiranda Sholtz
Race: Half elf
Class: Magus
Gender: Female

Personality: Amiranda doesn't like people very much and is often cold toward them, but she is not without a heart. She is also a very caring person by nature. She doesn't laugh often and isn't the joking type. Relaxing isn't in her vocabulary. She doesn't like confrontation, but isn't opposed to it.

Amiranda doesn't remember much of where she came from, her last name is self bestowed. Ever since she recovered from her coma, it was more or less a blank slate with fragments here and there. What she remembered was the demon. She knows that she'd do anything to not feel the fear that had struck her heart when she thought about it for months after. Though haunted by the sliver of memory, and the scars over her chest and stomach, she worked hard to make sure she could have any advantage in a battle in case that freak accident were to happen again. Amiranda was brought up in a church for a short time, before determining she should go out and manage her own fate. Like Pharasma taught, She would not be afraid of the gave, and what this life had to throw at her, she would take on.

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