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Old Aug 17th, 2022, 04:49 AM
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PotM July


First of all, may I please pique your interest by showing you this empty sad thread waiting for posts to be nominated? Feel free to take the time and energy to nominate a post that made you wonder, a post you liked because of the content, writing style, or whatever made you think, wow; this post needs a nomination.
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Besides that: Congrats to creed for having written the winning Post of the Month July!!!! To quote Jon; 'Creed absolutely nails the hollowing sadness of loss and the absolute fury the giants have stoked in him. His oaths at the end of the post are chilling.' There is even more icing to the cake according to Jon, there is some interaction that makes this post worth reading, creed's character gets hit in the heart. Please note; that this character has been on this adventure for three years now, and this post was filled with the hollow sorrow of losing a dear friend... Go on and start reading, do not forget to handout RPXP generously :-)


Again, this month had a collection of interesting posts to read. The nominations were so good that all nominated posts should be the winner, so a shoutout to each post is the least we can do to get them rewarded with RPXP love. Learn and read these wonderful posts and I will even explain why you should read them ;-)
  • According to Wynamoinen this post is well worth the read, yes it's long but Strangemund took a risk to provide some input to a DM that could end up bad. And it did, Strangemund rolled a 1 and had to deal with the consequences guided by some you lose at least one fingersmall guidance of Wynamoinen. Let's read up on how Strangemund handled this challenge over here
  • bananabadger's nomination was almost a nomination worth itself! Apparently, Mallothi has the skill to be descriptive in a beautiful way and added familiars that were so cute that you should really read it. This is the place to be where you can find Mallothi's post
  • High praise coming from tomplum -> due to Drifter One's talent this post became alive in the mind. it is a story of a character beelining to an Inn to be faced with an old flame that coaxed our story out of him. This post is the story told by Drifter One, adding many characteristic perks and and movements. Do check it out to see what this story is all about
  • Yes, as we have mentioned before, nominating yourself should be done more often! Jennifer is a good example that when a post is good, it should get noticed and be read by many. This is the third post that wraps up a story but to read the reasons for nomination please read this where Jennifer provides background and adds some links to tell the entire story. Her motivation to share the nominated post: you'll see in a moment the mother of future characters to come; I was loathed just to let it sit with the build-up and the climax of the story and not at least share the epilogue with our readers. So do not hesitate and start reading!!! --> the post itself
  • After reading this post, written by AnotherDragoon, you will understand why it was nominated by Fillyjonk. It was a unique situation (a 4th level Druid's first wildshape) according to Fillyjonk and AnotherDragoon was able to really get into character and catch the essence of what was going on within the story. Yes, why wait for reading, go go goooo
  • Going to say it once more: consider nominating yourself if you feel that a post is worthy! Montagemanic nominated this post. The nomination itself was sparked with a lot of enthusiasm --> quote: I love the interactions with NPCs I inject, I love thinking through what could be possible within each "round" of the encounter, and how much space I can travel given the map of the library, and I love how the dice favoured me in really clutch moments to make the outlandish behaviour seem plausible. Some of the most fun I've had in creating a post in PbP or RPGX, so I hope others can enjoy it too! Strong words for a worthy post it is

While reading, please hand out that click the icon of the scales at the right top of a postwell-deserved RPXP, it's the appreciation every writer appreciates <3
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