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Old 05-16-2019, 02:18 PM
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Rules Reference

Here I will reference a number of rules contained in the PHB and DMG that will be enforced here and come into play for ease of reference. I have copied the relevant sections out of each of the books. Although not referenced here, I will also be enforcing Madness effects when the situation calls for it through role-play. This will be through use of Wisdom and Charisma saving throws (see pages 258-260 of the DMG for more details if you want to know more about madness:

Hunger and Thirst (pg. 185 PHB):

Characters who don't eat or drink suffer the effects of exhaustion. Exhaustion caused by lack of food or water can't be removed until the character eats and drinks the full required amount.

A character needs one pound of food per day and can make food last longer by subsisting on half rations. Eating half a pound of food in a day counts as half a day without food.

A character can go without food for a number of days equal to 3+ his or her Constitution modifier (minimum 1). At the end of each day beyond that limit, a character automatically suffers one level off exhaustion. A normal day of eating rests the count of days without food to zero.

A character needs one gallon of water per day. A character who only drinks half that much must succeed on a DC15 Constitution saving throw or suffer one level of exhaustion at the end of the day. A character with access to even less water automatically suffers one level of exhaustion at the end of the day.

If the character already has one or more levels of exhaustion, the character takes two levels in either case.

Exhaustion (pg. 291 PHB):

Exhaustion is measured in six levels. An effect can give a creature one or more levels of exhaustion.

1): Disadvantage on ability checvks
2): Speed halved
3): Disadvantage on attack rolls and saving throws
4): Hit Point maximum halved
5): Speed reduced to 0
6): Death

A creature suffers the effect of it's current level of exhaustion as well as all lower levels.

An effect that removes exhaustion reduces its level as specified in the effect's description, with all exhaustion effects ending if a creature's exhaustion level is reduced below 1.

Finishing a long rest reduces a creature's exhaustion level by 1m provided that the creature has ingested some food and drink.
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