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Old 05-16-2019, 02:19 PM
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Combat Notes

Please see the below notes in reference to the way combat will work in this game. A combat encounter round will play out in the below way:
  • Pre Combat: GM will determine surprise. The surprised party will be subject to a free round of attacks from the aggressors. This will only happen in the very first round of combat.
  • Players will go first. This will happen in every case, and players will post on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Monsters will go next. They will all attack in one GM update.
  • GM will resolve damage and statuses. Round ends.

By removing initiative, my intention is to adapt and streamline combat to a PbP format. There is nothing more frustrating than Player Y having to wait five days to post because Player X was before them in the initiative order and hasn't posted yet.

I will use Google Sheets to track the combat and provide a combat grid where required (not all fights will require a grid). There will be two tabs on the sheet. The first will provide a quick reference as to pertinent player and monster stats (within reason). The second will be a grid of the battlefield. It will be down to the players to take responsibility of moving their own characters on the grid, and I will do likewise for the monsters.

Please note that I may not provide a grid for all encounters. Some, depending on the nature of them, will be theatre of the mind. I will assess each and every encounter to determine the best method of tracking them.
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