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From Whence the Darkness Comes

Waking the DarkIn the time before, we lived lives of peace and harmony. In the time before, ours was an existence that wanted for nothing. In the time before.....they called us paragons. Pioneers of a legacy that our children, and our children's children would live in -- a perfect life free of pain. This was to be my gift. My gift to you, to them. To all of us.

And then the fire came. It came from far and wide. And it swept through all in its path, reducing our carefully created world to nothing but fire and ash. I remember waking that day, as the end came. I had no knowledge, no warning that it would come. It would begin a day like any other. The sun was in the sky, shining its beatific rays of warmth down upon us far, far below. It was....it should have been a beautiful day. Little did I, little did any of us know that death came for us that day.

And when it did come, when I watched those I knew, those I loved die.....their flesh melting as the skin peeled from their bones, I knew there was nothing that I could do. Then, at the end of it all, I too died. And as I did, as I watched family, lovers and friends become screaming, burning caricatures of people, then white, gleaming bone, and then dust to be blown away in the wind, I was given to know one thing.

All of this was my doing. I, in my ceaseless pride, brought about the end of the world. And with that knowledge came one more thing.

One day I shall return. I shall return to the new world that was born from my hubris. With my coming, I shall usher in a new age, and it will be the most glorious age of them all.


The girl wakes, to darkness. This, in itself was not an unusual thing. It had been five and twenty naming days since her birth, and she had never known anything different. All that there ever had been, all that there ever was, was incessant blackness and dust. This was her life. This was their life.

What was different this time was the terrible, terrible visions that plagued her dreams. Moving the tattered, torn cover from over her body, she sat up. Her breaths came in and out in short, sharp gulps, and instinctively she moves her hand over her chest. Horrible nightmares had tormented her as she had slept for the last couple of weeks. They were dreams of a world before, a world above. One that was ultimately bathed underneath a carpet of crimson flame. She saw......saw humanity itself die. She saw people running, screaming, looking for a saviour that would never come even as they burned.

Standing, Sofia Halloran holds her head in her hands, letting her golden locks cascade down to her shoulders. Shaking her head, she looks around her, taking in the "room" she lay in with eyes of the brightest aqua. Room was too strong a word. What Sofia lived in with a dilapidated wreck of a hovel. A crudely constructed abomination made from whatever materials could be sourced from the underworld that they lived in, the hovel was nothing more than walls and a roof that preserved her modesty. It certainly offered little protection to her should the creatures of the underdark come calling. But then, the small community that she lived within offered her some little security.

She shivered. It was particularly cold today. Grabbing a woollen shawl from the floor, she threw it over her shoulders, cocking her head to lean on it. It was the most valuable possession in a life that offered little valuable beyond continued survival. Sighing softly, her eyes watch a small puff of air escape from chapped peeling lips before dissipating into nothingness. Walking slowly to an empty doorframe that signified an entrance to her "home", her eyes look out into the dark.

All was quiet, and all seemed still. A short distance away from her, there was a singular, small lantern on the ground, casting its faint illumination and banishing the shadows.....even if only temporary. Nothing moved, outside from huddled shadows moving on the wooden palisade in the distance.

The Watchers, she thought to herself, taking a small amount of comfort from the fact that if there was truly something amiss here that they would have alerted the village by now. Still, Sofia could not shake the strange sensation that there was something wrong. That there was something lurking beyond in the quiet darkness waiting to devour them.

Her lips part as she sings quietly to herself....

ďAnd then the fallen angel came,
To take the pain inside her heart,
Her broken heart,
She closed her eyes and saw the hate,
And the truth,
She's not alone,
It's always there,

This is her revenge for all the years of hate and tears,
Fire is falling from the sky,
She's burning down her past,
She starts a new life."

Words to a song she once heard. Sofia shivers, holding herself as she shakes her head, dwelling on the words and their meaning.


Far, far away, alone in the dark someone kneels. Their face is obscured by a dark cowl. Around them is a small antechamber. An antechamber sealed by a stone door now lying ajar. Within, there is nothing but cold stone walls and dirt. The figure reaches down, taking a handful of dirt within a scarred hand. Holding it in clenched fist, they bring it close to their face, and then they open their hand, watching as the dirt trickles to the floor from between their fingers.

Lying forward, the figure presses their face on the dirt. They close their eyes, and they speak in a soft voice.

"Swords are drawn of darkest skies,
And silence the terrorous cries,
The darkness has eyes and sees us all,
For dark-forged weapons utter no noise,
All grows dark and adds to their night,
Thus befalls all evil might,
Thus befalls all evil might."

Turning, the cowled figure places their lips on the ground, touching it softly for the briefest second before they whisper, "Waken, my queen. Waken from your eternal slumber. The world waits for you once more."

From the center of the room there was a slight disturbance.....
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