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Old 02-10-2008, 09:05 PM
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House Rules

Here are the House Rules as currently laid down. I reserve the right to add/alter house rules when necessary (Modified by Solomon777).

Any posts with, or likely to have had dice rolls included MUST NOT BE EDITED. If so, even by mistake, the roll is considered a 1. This rule applies to me just as much as it does you. (Good Rule, but exceptions do apply. Please confer with the GM upon adjustment)

Do not wait for me to ask you to make Skill Check rolls. If you think someone may be hiding in the shadows, just go ahead and make a Perception roll. If I tell you to make one, it kinda gives the game away. (Good Rule)

The core Saga Edition rules are the only rules. There may well be some 'official' optional rule that has been published on the WoTC website but I don't care. We go by what's in the book, no exceptions. The only exception are errata rules, which can be found here:
(Good Rule, however, I run with a much broader scope of play, however the 'flavour of Star Wars' must remain within the game. Notify me of any requests)

Edit: The Starships of the Galaxy handbook is now also allowed.

Inter-group bickering is fine within limits. I don't mind if characters fall out but keep it in check. Every group I have played in where there were IC rivalries has always ended up having real-life personality clashes. You are all good guys in Star Wars so it shouldn't be a problem!
(Good Rule, keep it IC)

With regards to being 'good guys'...In DnD terms, the campaign wouldn't work if you were all whatever alignment you wanted to be. It's expected that, on the whole, your group are the sort of people who will go out of their way to help people. So, if we use DnD terminology, evil alignments are not allowed (no Sith), and at least two of the four must be 'good' aligned. If the whole party is neutral, the game won't work as you will miss every-other plot hook as you argue about "what's in this for me?"
(Have at whatever 'path' you wish to follow, but be warned...certain ideologies run deep in the SW Galaxy)

Character creation

Characters use 28-point buy. You have max credits for a Level 1 character of your class.
(4d6 drop lowest. reroll ones if you prefer/Credits are negotiable for higher levels of play)

You cannot have any equipment with an illegal or military rating except heavy blaster pistol or hold-out blaster pistol. You must pay for the license of any restricted equipment you own (see page 118 of the book).

You may choose a destiny but only destruction, discovery or rescue.

Dark Side points cannot be removed by any means. Use of any Dark Side powers should be kept to an absolute minimum or, better still, not at all.

Last edited by Solomon777; 10-20-2011 at 12:24 PM.
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