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Old 08-14-2011, 01:53 AM
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Hero Lineup

Post your applications here, as well as a link to your sheet.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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Old 08-14-2011, 03:52 AM
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Here's my app. This is probably very, very wrong but here's the sheet.

Name: White Wrath

Race: Lycanthrope (Werewolf)

Class: Fighter||Lycanthrope/Ranger

Gender: Male

Age: Roughly 20 years equivalent if one were to ask.

Background: White Wrath long ago gave up on any humanity that was left. So much so that he discarded his name and took on something more descriptive of his monstrosities. White Wrath might be one of the reasons that "lone wolf" is such a popular idiom. His seclusion is as much caused by others as it is his own doing. There's just something about him that restricts him from making deep connections, even with his own kind. Perhaps it is a classic self fulfilling prophecy, or perhaps it truly is something magical in nature that infects his infection. White Wrath doesn't mind much. Does he want to be close with someone? Of course he does. However, over time, he has resigned himself a life of loneliness. He is always taken back to a simple quiet night, staring up at that desperate moon and thinking "So it's come down to this has it?". As time went on, the winds smelled more and more peculiar. Unsure of this unsettling feeling, Wrath signed up for the "clean up" duty he's heard so much about. Perhaps in an attempt for some minor glory, or maybe simply going on a journey of personal salvation.

Personality: As stated in the background. White Wrath carries this sort of manic depressive sort of personality. He's been convinced that something is out there waiting for him. Something better than this. However, he's resigned himself to not finding it. With this, he wakes up every day pushing just a little bit farther. Some days are harder than others, but he does find happiness in those small things. A game with a friend. A nice chat on a porch. A good meal. The world isn't totally bleak. Just not exactly puppy dogs and rainbows.

Appearance: As I'm sure you can indicate by his name, his fur is a brilliant white much like a, well a white wolf. His hybrid form is as big as a average human, roughly 5'4" and weighing 130 pounds. A bit of his left ear is missing as he had to settle a familial dispute with aggression. His snout is shorter than usual his nostrils stick up just a little bit. Both his snout and his hands are quite dirty, making inconsistencies with the rest of his coat. Embracing his change, White Wrath typically only wears a pair a trousers, careful not to expose his "down theres". He does keep one souvenir. A brown scarf that was given to him at a young age by his grandmother. In his humanoid form, Wrath has the expected symbols on his hands. Not only his hands though, these marks cover his entire body but in the form of burn marks rather than tatoos or birth marks.

Other: White Wrath loves pickles. He can't control it, he just loves pickles. Occasionally going out of his way for one. White Wrath also suffers from a mild form of Tourette syndrome. Tourette's is not exactly the occasional burst of bad language. It's an uncontrollable tick that can take many forms. (For reference, I'm sorry. I'm a psych major and it bugs me how people misuse terms). This usually takes the form of a small whimper or bark.

Solemn Vow: Yes, I do solemnly vow to stick with the game. The only catch I cannot attest to my frequency of posting. I will promise to at least post once a week. I know that's not comforting, but I don't want to back myself into a corner and end up letting people down.
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Character Application

Click image for larger version

Name:	Female_Gnoll_Najak.jpg
Views:	19
Size:	83.2 KB
ID:	47915

Name: Itrugg "Snaggletooth" Gnaw
Gender: Female
Race: Gnoll
Class: Ranger2||Rogue1/Gnoll1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Evil Leaning Tendencies Occasionally)
Age: 14 (Equivalent to 22)

  • Gleefully adding teeth to her hemp necklace from the unfortunate souls that have called her “Snaggletooth.”
  • Having a fondness for various types of books…

Itrugg is roughly average height measuring about 6 feet & 4 inches, but she has a slighter athletic frame compared to others of her race only weighing in around 214 pounds. However this isn’t the most remarkable feature of the young female gnoll, but what most people usually notice first is the two pronounced upper canine teeth that protrude out of her muzzle giving her this constant awkward sort of grin…thus giving rise to her, much hated, nickname of “Snaggletooth.” Covered from the tip of her black snout to the very end of her long slightly curved tail in a mottled pattern of grayish-white and charcoal smudges, except having long mane of flowing white hair upon her head running down between her shoulder blades accented by various feathers from ravens weaved into the hair. She generally tends to wear well-crafted dark leather armor fitted to her form which doesn‘t restrict her movement, having a large falchion that has a few notches carved into the handle counting hard fought kills over the years of her bounty hunting…

Itrugg’s personality is a mixture of contradictions for this oddity of a female gnoll, having a rather feral spark of intelligence uncommon among her tribal-kin. Socially she is impatient with anyone who she deems an overly pampered domesticated-whelp, who have no real idea what the world is really like from the confines of their sheltered lives among stonewalls or the narrow-mined assumptions, all to often, they have about issues before taking time to put a little thought behind their words. She is remarkably cold and methodical in her actions, but has a tendency towards aggression and violence when having to deal with certain issues and problems that arise, keeping a tight leash on that part of herself when in civilized areas or among those whom she wishes to maintain as allies, presenting a cultured but oftentimes thin veneer of civility. On the other hand, she has focused mind and remarkable patience when pursuing a mark, known to track and wait in ambush for days for her prey to make a fatal mistake to her advantage. When she relaxes with people she deems trustworthy, she is up for a stiff drink or two…letting her playful, cynical, and ironic sense of humor out of it’s locked chamber…

Short Backstory:
  • Originally from the large northern settlement of Hars’mar, Itrugg Gnaw was born the third daughter of the gnoll tracker Fekkur Gnaw and his mate, Irrok of the Al’Chorhaiv Tribe of the Northern Scorched Plains. Although her mother was a skilled alchemist (a rarity among her kind) dealing with healing powders and various poisons, and most likely Itrugg herself would have followed in her mother’s paw prints, but she took after her father-becoming a skilled tracker of the various wildlife that prowled the wilderness…
  • For the past several years, Itrugg has been a traveling mercenary with the Bloody Maw Marauders, a guard for various traveling merchants and cattle drives, hired muscle for a dozen different employers, but has found her greatest success currently as a freelance bounty hunter tracking down ruffians and criminals plaguing Dry Ryhv…

Solemn Vow: Yes, I’m committed to sticking with this game, come orc marauders, nor dragon's breath, or high water…
"Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry." ~Mark Twain
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Name: $ku'tch@Rrrox ("Roxy" for short)
Gender: N/A (Identifies as female)
Race: Mind Flayer
Class: Monk 2 // Mind Flayer 2
Archetypes: Monk of the Sacred Mountain, Monk of the Four Winds
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: X42i (19 years, the developmental equivalent of a sixteen-year-old)
Hobbies: Hop-scotch, sparring, slumber parties, and humanoid anatomy and physiology.
Allergies: Milk.
Appearance: Roxy looks like most any other illithid - tentacles on her face, long fingers tipped with vestigial claws, a viscous mucosal membrane over the entirety of her skin, eyes filled with fire and twilight. However, Roxy is unusual, in that she has taken her strange appearance and modified it, making her even more odd-looking.

She has green tattoos on her head and down the lengths of her tentacles, and across the rest of her body as well. Her skin is also much darker than that of other illithids, appearing almost black - although this, too, may be the result of epidermal modification.

Personality: Years of not being able to harvest the local populace for food and reproduction has left the illithid race somewhat lacking in their traditional dominative perspective. True, there are still the odd mind flayers who dream of traveling the stars and stretching an empire of mucous-covered mind flayery across the cosmos, but these are the rejected cousins, the old-fashioned zealots that everyone - everyone - is embarrassed to have in their family. Most illithids are normal, with normal tastes in food and music, often with a desire to fit in with the rest of the world despite their illithid upbringing. Having your colony's elder brain insist that you go to "Mind School" on Sundays instead of going outside to play with your Gith friends doesn't help to establish social connections, but a young illithid makes do.

Roxy dreams of seeing the world, not ruling it. She wants her friends to be with her, and not in the sense of ceremorphosing them to be illithids too, but in the sense of them being beside her, as they are, and experiencing everything the world has to offer.

Roxy likes speaking humanoid languages; her strange mouth and lack of a proper tongue makes it difficult to form most syllables, but she welcomes the challenge.

Roxy is perhaps a bit non-traditional, even in her family. Her parent-units (illithid reproduction doesn't necessitate the having of a father and mother, but shifting social paradigms have brought about an expectation of "family" as being separate from "colony") might wish that she would just come home, eat a nice country brain, and grow old and curmudgeony like the rest of their species; but as long as she's happy, they're disinclined to complain.

Background: $ku'tch@Rrrox was ceremorphosed from a dying drow, just like the rest of her family. In Wek'nethal, when you register to vote, you can also register as a "brain donor", which means that if you are dying - usually of old age, but accidents have been known to occur - your body will be sent to the Illithid colony to be ceremorphosed into a new illithid. The process is painful, but sedatives have been manufactured to dull the donor's senses, making their passage from life a relatively calm one. So when a drow woman was inflicted with mummy rot, her donor card was found and she was brought to the Illithid colony to be harvested. One week later, Roxy was born.

Roxy, as she prefers to be called, was supposed to be an Ulitharid. Her gestation period as a tadpole was far longer than normal - seventeen years, if you can believe it - and when her parents inserted her into her host's brain, there was significant hope that she would turn out to be one of the truly powerful mind flayers, the six-tentacled titans that served on the Council of Six (Six because they had six tentacles, not because there were six of them; there were, in fact, anywhere between twelve and fifteen serving on the Council at any given point in time). However, when she finally emerged from her host's skull, she had only the typical four tentacles, she was not a towering giant, and in all other ways she seemed to be...normal.

Still, illithid society is not as draconian as it once was, and her parents showered her with affections - though perhaps less than her little brother, who did turn out to be one of the ascended Ulitharids - and she lived a semi-normal life.

When she was twelve years old, the elder brain insisted that all children be sent to Mind School to learn what it meant to be an illithid. There, they learned the Qualith alphabet and its many nuances, the traditions of brain-extraction, and some small, exaggerated form of the illithid history, which the elder brain itself didn't really understand; "We came from the future," it said, in that vague, over-confident tone that suggested that it was just as confused as everybody else, "and landed in the past. And now we are in the present. So there you go. Illithids are past, present, and future; though not necessarily in that order."

When she wasn't at Mind School, Roxy enjoyed playing with her friends, some of whom were Githyanki, some of whom were Githzerai, and all of whom were awesome. They played games, which Roxy usually won, and they went on adventures - though not proper Adventures, since they were only children at the time.

When she was fifteen, she graduated from Mind School and her Sundays were suddenly free to do as she liked, so she signed up for Combat lessons with the Elder Orb Nayushimee. As it turned out, beholders were excellent teachers of how to fight - no one knows why - and she learned quite a lot under Nayushimee's tutelage.

Now she is nineteen, very nearly an adult, and - she thinks - ready to start her life apart from the family, apart from the colony. Roxy is ready to see the world, and find her place in it. Her combat lessons are over; now, her Sundays are spent volunteering at the homeless shelter, reading stories to the kids there.

The children love it when she does the funny voices.

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Name: Aki
Race: Naga
Class: Sorcerer || Ranger
Gender: Female
Age: I have no idea how long Naga live but she is the Naga equivalent of a young adult, 22-23ish.


The dark hallway in her mind was silent... eerily so. The statues on either side, beautiful pieces of art, capturing the many emotions of nature. Fear, joy, ecstasy... almost eerily realistic poses on each of them, watching her... waiting...

Slithering down the floor, she could feel the eyes behind her... the tension rising to its peak before she felt something brush against her tail. Turning around she saw them, the statues were no longer on their pedestals, instead standing right in front of her. "YAH!" she yelped, turning and running... slam into another statue which tipped backwards, shattering to pieces against the floor. With another scream she moved quickly through the legs and frozen arms of the statues, knocking them over left and right, shattering stones filling the hallway as she could see a door in the distance. Moving for dear life, she was almost to her salvation when it opened, a beautiful woman standing there with her eyes closed.

"What is this disturbance..." she said, opening her eyes as they glowed red, catching Aki's eyes as they permeated the darkness...

************************************************** ***********************************

"****!" Aki yelled, waking from a panicked sleep, the nightmares coming again as she wondered what they meant. The cold night in Dry Wyhv helped nothing, her mind a fungled mess of... fungus. Ok bad analogy but you get the point.

Personality: Aki is a beyond paranoid Dark Naga, with an attitude that could be best described as a sadistic dominatrix. She loves nothing more than to toy with those who allow themselves to be toyed with... and there is nothing better than toying with one that doesn't. That's not to say she is obvious with her methods. Indeed she loves slowly and subtly tormenting them until they break, playing with their minds and their fears, all for her own amusement.

Her biggest enjoyment however, is toying with the laws of nature... changing things into other things... mostly living things into non-living things. This is part of the reason she focused on the spells she knows... and continues to try and learn more ways to do it...

11'3" long, black hair, red eyes, deep blue scales with pale skin

Aki suffers from what could only be described as Medusa Envy. She desires the ability to turn any living creature to stone with a simple look so much, she would not only trade her own soul, but her mother's, sister's, second cousin's, and have three children just so she could sell their souls for it as well...


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Name: Zahji Mohadda Alhud-Ra
Race: Rakshasa
Class: Ninja||Rakshasa
Gender: Male
Age: 21. Equivalent to 19.

Zahji originates in his father's desert citadel. He's a prince born of a low ranking wife, so he was comfortable but not powerful.
He was taught stealth, intrigue and self defence so he could survive the corrupt local politics, but he proved a terrible student.
Throughout his childhood, Zahji's mother used magic to hide his "deformed" hands, which aren't reversed like rakshasa hands are supposed to be.
His apparent lack of talent helped keep him under cover for many years, but he was eventually found out. His mother fled across the desert to gods-know-where and his cruel father had him banished as a freak.
Since then he's wandered the world, seeking a way to return to his old standard of living and determined to enjoy himself in spite of his circumstances.
Along the way, he's found a way to put the lessons of his youth to good use, sneaking about and ending fights with ruthless efficiency.
He's never heard of a ninja; he's making it up as he goes along.

Zahji's father is a traditionalist. He believes that his race are the embodiment of evil and that it's their right, duty and destiny to corrupt all they touch and make other creatures suffer.
Zahji holds the same beliefs, but unlike his father, he's not very good at it. He'll proudly claim to be pure evil, but his idea of a moral transgression is less like devouring somebody's baby and more devouring somebody's pie. He rips the tags off mattresses switchs the labels of the decaff and regular coffee, turns road signs around and gives booze to children.
He's always laughed at the idea that adventuring might be ethical. "Oh, sure. I bet assassination, looting, grave robbing and trespass are just fine if you do it to help people. What could possibly be wrong with that?" but the observant will notice that he never does those things without justification.
He's not particularly aggressive or mean; traits which remind him of his dad. He's not above (or should that be "below"?) stepping in to prevent such bullying behaviour, usually saying "That's my job!", or claiming that that the offending acts lack style. "You're making evil look bad!
He's heard of a sense of restraint, but he doesn't know what one looks like.
He's not easy to anger, but making a deal over his hands or pointing out ways in which he's not very evil will do the trick.
He sees other people as lowly peasants, but he doesn't look down on them so much as regret that he's in no position to do so. He's trying to move on, but he's still bitter about being exiled.

As a Rakshasa, Zahji is a humanoid with the fur, head, tail and claws of a tiger. He's probably unique among his kind in having inward-facing palms. His blue eyes make him more distinctive still.
His build is verging on the scrawny, he's slightly lower than average hight and his arms are pretty long.
He's managed to keep hold of an outfit of colourful silks. His clothes aren't picked for their practicality; he wants to to make sure you remember him after he jumps out and rips off your head.
He'd love to look terrifying, but he's slightly too fluffy for that.
He has a badge which reads "Rakshasa in Disguise", which he sometimes wears when using his change shape ability.

Zahji has a chase instinct, to which he is an unabashed slave.
He eats little other than meat, fish and baked goods. Cookies and pie crusts aren't good for his species, but he doesn't care.
He likes to catch and kill his own food with his claws. He doesn't eat people, but he's sure they'd be delicious if he did.
He sees nothing uncool about walking into a bar and ordering milk.
He owns a devious puzzle cube, which he has long given up on solving but still fiddles with compulsively.
Zahji has it in for birds. The way he sees it, birds do not belong outside of him and those who resist are being unreasonable.
He makes much use of his Forgotten Trick ability. For him, it doesn't represent briefly remembering something he's been taught. Instead, he just does something he had no idea he could do and can't always repeat it.
He finds human-style ears kinda creepy.
He primarily uses his natural weapons. He sees little reason to lug a sword around when he has such serious claws. Besides, if he has to kill people he might as well have fun doing it.

Solemn Vow: I do
Ingle Land?

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