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Old 11-03-2012, 05:09 AM
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Interim Thread 1

OOCHere's an interim thread for you to wrap up your last 3 months. That's 90 days for crafting purposes, if that matters. I will try to make this intro post more interesting later on, but for now... please remember to post:
1. What you did in the three months between the last adventure and now.
2. What you're going to spend your stipend on (you have 1500gp each, to be spent on equipment etc.)
3. An outline of your two contacts (each) in Flint. You should pick two districts and tell me the name, profession and an interesting fact about your contact in each of those districts. This contact could be a friend or family member, a criminal informant, an ex-girlfriend, a merchant whose shop you frequent, a minor noble who owes the PC a favor, a religious figure, or many other options.
... and to level up to Level 2!
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Old 11-08-2012, 12:54 AM
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The calls of shore birds and the salt air put Orpha's mind at ease on the voyage home. She had come so close to death that now, the sunrise seemed so much more beautiful. In a few short days, she had seen wonders of the modern world that one could spend a lifetime trying to understand and master. What more wonders could the world hold? One just needed to get out and experience them. The RHC was now far more than an easy way to excel in academia, it was a way of life. She knew the voyage home was a brief reprieve from her duties, so she took to enjoying the company of the other RCH officers and let the cares of the world slip past her like the waves on the keel.

The first week ashore passed in a blur of reports to file, assets to account for and catalogue, and swarms of other details she was expected to deal with. She was delighted to be invited to a royal wedding, but she knew that such plans were fragile things. Still, it sounded delightful, which was odd for her as she didn't typically enjoy such frivolity. It sounded like an escape now, to be in a tailored dress. Perhaps it sounded sweeter after slogging through swamp water. On top these duties, with her RHC mission complete, she was expected to turn her full attention toward her studies at the academy. She returned the four remaining scrolls, having hastily copied the others into her spell book on the voyage home and was given her stipend for the next mission. It showed that she wouldn't be needed for at least three months as information was currently being gathered regarding her next assignment. Three months to catch up on her studies. There was so much she wanted to do, and so little time. She set to work organizing the hours of the next three months as efficiently as a general would organize a battle plan. It didn't leave much room for sleep, but there was little to be done about it. With the schedule in hand, she met Lionel as soon as she could to arrange times where the two could work together, often late at night.

Lionel's connection to the cosmos was inspiring. She made him explain no less than eight times about how he drew on the arraignment of the heavenly bodies to empower his color spray spell. In the end, she had to accept the fact the it was a gift he had the few could share. His profound connection gave him an unique focus for his arcane art, a focus she couldn't share. Still, the physics behind the stars fascinated her. It was like some kind of giant clockwork mechanism up there, driven by forces unknown. It became clear that if the two of them wanted to observe the stars seriously, they'd have to get a boat and get far outside the smog of Flint. She knew a wire merchant who often shipped his materials or products on barges, plus this merchant was an old friend of her family. In exchange for two weeks helping him repair and improve several parts of his rather complex mill, he granted her and Lionel a pass aboard his freight barges. Working with old Bladedelver was therapeutic to the gnome. The two could spend twelve hours adjusting gear ratios and speak only a few words, and yet she'd learn more than listing to a dozen lectures. After two weeks, it was time to set sail. Rather than sit in port at night, the barge captains would ferry the two astronomers out into the clear night sky. To Orpha's delight, the barge captains knew a great deal about the stars, as they spent many years under them running their cargo up and down the coastal waters. To go on these voyages required Orpha to be late or absent from some of her classes, drawing much ire from her professors. She did her best to balance how much trouble she was getting into at the academy with how much she was learning with Lionel.

She discussed this conflict of interest with Professor Avery, one of the few professors who really liked her. He was not well liked by the other professors due to his eccentric behavior and complete disregard for protocol. The suffered him because he was brilliant. When Orpha told him what they were doing, and how they would often discuss the nature of the planes, he agreed with her that such endeavors were within the scope of studies appropriate for an abecedarian. He agreed to let her pursue these weekly outings so long as she could pass his exams each week. She did and she now earned credit for her midnight voyages to stargaze.

By the third month, she had ascended to and abecedarian of the 2nd order of the 1st stratum. Three more to go and she'd be a apprendere in the second stratum. Three months, had it been THAT long. It felt like no more than a month. There was so much still to do. She had papers due, spells half researched, presentations to deliver, and a stack of copies to scribe. She stumbled into the Constabulary's stores, her hair uncombed and her bloodshot eyes hidden behind her goggles. She hadn't slept the previous night, but the deadline for her requisitions was an hour ago. After pleading with the clerk to re-open her account for the mission, she ran her finger down the scribbled list her and Annie had come up with the night before. It wasn't much, and she knew she was probably missing something important but her mind was balancing so many details it was as good as she could do. All she knew was they were going into the city, so she wanted to help support Annie as much as she could. In the last mission, she felt venerable to attack as well, so having a few scrolls of mage armor seemed like a good idea for any situation. The pearl was something she wanted last time but it was already out. When she saw it was available, she was quick to snag it before another constable did.
  • Scroll of Mage Armor (x2)
  • Nesa's coin
  • Pearl of Power - magnitude 1.

Professor Avery. Professor at Pardwight U. Eccentric, enigmatic and sardonic.
A young eccentric but brilliant professor of spellcraft at Pardwight University. Vary arrogant and direct Tiefling with a biting wit that most find quite offensive. Yet his ideas are revolutionary and his knowledge unmatched, which is why he's the youngest head of any department at the university. There are whispered rumors that suggest his demonic heritage is responsible for his skills, but nobody would dare say such a thing to him directly. Anyone but Orpha, who lacked such social graces at times. Because she asked directly, she earned an odd respect from the professor and they shared an odd professional friendship. He opened a class, after not teaching for over three years, and personally invited Orpha to attend. She would go to him when some problem was alluding and infuriating her. He would never give her solutions, but would always give her seemingly unrelated riddles that, once solved, would also give clues to solving her original conundrum.

Makor Bladedelver State-of-the-art Wire mill owner on the East Bank of the Stray River. Quiet, shrewd, and proud.
An older dwarf who runs the Bladedelver Wire Mill on the East Bank of the Stray River. Makor is a master at in the field of alloys and metal composition. He has designed and built a unique watermill inspired by those found in the deep dwarven cities. The mill pulls all sorts of metal into various gauges of wire. He is well connected with the nobility and well-to-do in Flint, as he's been in Flint for generations. His mechanical skill is well known but not something he advertises as he is content to simply run his milling business. He is a long time family friend who Orpha would often visit, for she found his mechanical knowledge intoxicating. He is responsible for introducing her to mechanical theory and igniting her passion for the art. The two would sit for long hours working on various projects, and he'd never correct her but would sometimes make casual suggestions that only a fool would ignore. Each suggestion was a gold nugget of hard learned knowledge and Orpha cherished them all. When his mill caught fire, Orpha spent many long months helping him re-build. She also convinced her Father to contribute financially but Makor woud not accept it. So instead, her family became investors in the business. Once it was profitable again, they transferred their ownership back to the Dwarf, a generosity he's never forgotten.

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OOCSome notes while I try to figure this out and remember what Domnik wanted to do....

* Branch out training for combat style, developing acrobatic techniques and maneuverability (Acrobatics, thanks to Trait, now up to +7 even when in armour; +9 for Jump checks)
* Since we seem set to be sent on jobs even when we're not exactly well-suited for them, round out my abilities with riding lessons (Ride and Handle Animal acquired).
* Resume my old ship-board crafting (Craft - Leatherworking) in case we wind up stuck on any tropical islands in the longer term.
* Talk to (well, buy drinks for) old hands and crazy adventurers about the kind of wacky traps and monsters and oddities they find when acquiring material for their stories - with a particular view to learning how to avoid (or at least survive) problems (Knowledge - Dungeoneering).
* Upgrading shortswords to Masterwork would cost 600gp. Upgrading the 'Agile' Breastplate to Mithral would cost rather more, but would be rather nice. Hrmmmm.....

It was probably little surprise to Domnik's colleagues that the scarred veteran was rather taciturn on the voyage back to civilisation, though he did essay a few self-conscious and rather awkward attempts to offer sympathy and support to the sole survivor of the elite team sent in ahead of their own group.

For the most part, however, he seemed content to enjoy elements of being at sea again - occasionally lending a hand with tending to the ship when he was best positioned to do so, but for the most part using his skills to stay out of the way and take some time to watch the sea, think, and jot down musings on maritime engineering.

There was also a certain amount of day-dreaming, worry, and political pondering relating to a certain royal wedding to which he had wholly unexpectedly been invited along with his colleagues....

Once back in Flint, Domnik made sure to sort out his paperwork and file reports, including confirmation of how much of his requisitioned kit he had managed to bring back intact. Sadly, that didn't help to get the kind of armour he would really like to have, but his enhanced stipend was more than enough to let him pick up a pair of masterfully balanced short swords to further enhance his combat capabilities.

Along with his reports, he made requests to branch out a little in his training, quietly requisitioning time with a horse-riding tutor and skilled sparring partners to help him to learn some new maneuvers of evasion and mobility. High-grade leatherworking tools were also acquired from stores, the constable writing a short essay on the requisition form about the advisability of a squad including individuals with the skills and equipment required to perform basic repairs in the field - especially when the locales to which the duties of a Special Constable might take him can be so thoroughly unpredictable.

By way of more conventional relaxation, Domnik spent a high portion of his pay in various pubs and bars where his reputation as a war hero was considered old news - places he could be taken seriously without being pestered for stories or challenged to prove himself. There, he made a point of buying drinks for adventurers past and present, gathering tales of traps and magic and other intriguing and awkward wonders - things that he had not, until his last trip, expected to encounter while a Constable.

Aiding in this awkwardly social endeavour was Nathaniel Price-Hill, first cousin (once removed) of the Lord Inspector of the Constabulary, and one of the men responsible for Domnik's post-war position. The same age as Domnik, he had been a rather cluelessly naive young ensign in trouble far over his head when a veteran private introduced him to certain much-needed truths about tactical withdrawals and appropriate forms of courage under fire.

Though their worlds now tended to overlap solely in certain rather indelicate Central bars, where the aristocrat took time out from testing his skills against Ladies Fortune and Romance, Nathaniel was sufficiently grateful for having survived - and with only a few dashing scars on his hide - that he was happy to assist the taciturn constable with the process of introductions and encouragement for tale-tellers.

Less publicly, Domnik himself took time out to visit and pass some of his pay to one of his relatives. His own first cousin once removed is Adara Breghen: as a Bosum Strand music-hall actress and singer the young Docker is far less distinguished but also far prettier than a Hill-Price. Having lost her parents the year the War ended, she had come to depend upon her comparatively well-paid (and childless) kinsman. Though matters had been rather tense between the two for a couple of years, they were a little easier now that the Special Constable could be sure that he was investing in a genuine stage career rather than a cover for even less respectable activities.
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OOC Notes for me as well:
* Goes out into the wilderness for astronomical research with a druid guide, befriends her
* Many late nights doing planar studies with Orpha at the University library
* Working on improving his healing skills, seeing as how they were needed in the field in the last escapade. Purchases a wand of cure light wounds
* Spending a lot of time training and improving his martial skills, maybe arrange to borrow a +1 magic breastplate from the armory (he is something like 60gp short of being able to purchase one)
* 2nd contact - if there is some sort of medical college / training facility for doctors perhaps he befriends someone there. Maybe someone academically inclined who would've been spending time in the university library as well.
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Old 12-25-2012, 09:42 PM
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Just to get something out here
What has Alistair been up to?
-He has been patrolling around the city and getting a better feel for the citizenry; both wealthy and poor, honest and forthright and those who would sooner slit his throat. He has, unfortunately, gotten into a few scrapes when words failed and quickly mastered throwing a punch.

1 Mithril Shirt
1 pair of Masterwork Thieves' Tools
1 Everburning Torch
5 Tindertwigs
1 Tanglefoot bag
3 Smelling Salts
1 Diving Suit
1 Reinforced Scarf

Captain Thomas Young, recent graduate of Battalion. Captain Young, at the time of Agent Crenshaw's enrollment, had been a year Alistair's senior and had mentored him until he dropped out. The Captain is a reasonable young man with a bit of wild streak when not kept firmly under thumb. He has yet to gain any notoriety for military accomplishments, but firmly believes he is destined for great things. He currently resides in the Bosum Strand awaiting deployment.

Big Ed, also a native of Bosum Strand, is a dockworker with a dream of the stage. Unfortunately his gruff demeanor and difficulty with memorizing more than a few lines of prose has hampered his ability to get even through the doors the Navras Opera House. Thus he resigns himself to simple one man shows on street corners and the tavern that will let him.
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