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Old 12-06-2014, 07:02 PM
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~Part of the Crossover Series~

Crossover Series
IntroductionThe multiverse is known as an infinite number of worlds. However, within this multiverse there lies the known, populated worlds and those of the beyond. Many of the worlds are connected to each other, both through magic and technology, while some remain ignorant. The choice - knowledge or ignorance - is respected either way by the Peacekeepers, an organization determined to protect the life of the multiverse from whatever evil would threaten it. All species from all worlds have an equal chance to join the Peacekeepers - the chance to safeguard not only their own world, but every other known world in the multiverse is a powerful one. Evil does exist, and it is catalogued and fought, even slain. For the Peacekeepers evvery world is a number, and every engagement on that world just another number. But to one ignorant world, believed to be the birthplace of humans, Peacekeeper operations became known as something else: Crossovers. Strange beings crossing over space and time from elsewhere. The first crossover was a horrible experience - monsters invading Earth, dominating and devouring.

4.67.8334Pera7 - Terran 78t890, 1st Incident, Report 7
Time: 0527 local time
Location: Seoul, Korea, Terra
Incident: Outer multiverse abberations have initiated a cross-universe portal to I-rated world Terran. Initial invasion numbers are approximately 100,000. 1 Alpha has also transported in. Initial devastation level per scout report 0343 local time is E. Terrans are mobilizing armed response to abberation invasion. Terran weapons are class 3 ballistics; magic is non-existent, though world is capable of sustaining magic. Weapons are not projected to make significant damage against Alpha; weapons are deadly against normal abberations.

Admiral Kar-osk threw the report down on his desk. Numerous more were pouring in every second from dozens of worlds all being invaded. Outer multiverse abberrations had made invasions before, but not on this scale. They had probed worlds, but never inner multiverse worlds. Terra was one of thirteen I-worlds hit simultaneously in the past 24-hours. Kar-osk had called for reinforcements - he was very low on men. However Kar-osk knew he couldn't leave any I-world completely undefended. Whether Terra would be up for reclassification later wasn't important if they all died now. Kar-osk had nothing to spare, though - his main fleet was headed to world that seemed to be the main target, with no less than five Alphas appearing. Kar-osk turned to a wiry human standing at attention.

Commander, deploy your spec-ops crew to Earth. I will send reinforcements as soon as possible, but for now your sole focus is on killing the Alpha. Avoid contact with Terrans when possible.

The human saluted. Yes sir. I know my squad will succeed. The human left, leaving the Admiral alone.

* * * * *

Titan Dune, Terran Incident 1, After-Action Report
To Admiral Kar-osk,

Alpha 1 was killed after approximately 9 local hours. Team 1 had no fatalities. Abberations have been routed by Terran forces. Titan Dune returning to main fleet.

Commander Maltza

* * * * *

After the initial Outer-worlds Aberration invasion the only personnel to survive a direct assault against an Alpha were the members of Titan Dune's Team 1. Those five individuals earned the nickname 'Godslayers'. Eight years later a Peacekeepers intelligent report reveals the battles that day had been test runs leading up to the a full-scale invasion. In preparation Titan Dune is being dispatched back to Terra for what is expected to be multiple attacks. Joining the legendary Team 1 are ten more individuals - Teams 2 and 3. These Godslayers and their ship, Titan Dune, are all that stands in the way of evil overrunning the human homeworld.

ApplicationsPlease fill out the application sheet as follows:


Team Role: Note, be prepared to change this. Not everyone gets to be the leader.
Brief Description: 4-6 sentences
Background/RP Sample: No more than 3000 words. Go over and I will disqualify you.
Examplary Post: Link to just one, please. Your best of the best.

This will be a combat-heavy game. Thus I'm looking for players who both know their stuff rules-wise and can still RP effectively. Above all, you will be part of a team, so teamwork is a must. Each game thread will consist of an invasion. The primary objective is to down the Alpha. Simple firepower isn't the only option - strategy can make your job easier. There will also be other objectives. Completing objects earns you OP points, which you can use in times of need - think of them as hero points or action points. Reviving a fallen comrade or calling in an airstrike from Titan Dune are examples of how OP points can be spent.

Each player will be level 7, PRD classes only. No third-party stuff, no psyonics. They will have access to 60,000 gp and 1200 mecha points. That's right, you'll be fighting primarily inside a mech of your choice. The rules for building mechs can be found here. Additionally weapons, armor, and equipment can be used from D&D 3.5 and d20 modern sourcebooks if I have the book and approve. I'm also open to custom weapons, armoor, and equipment via PF rules, so your options abound. One final thing of note: Magic exists on Terra, even if the Terrans don't know how to use it. That doesn't stop you from using it.

I'm looking for 10 players to comprise Teams 2 and 3. Applications will close 1 month after the posting of this ad. I will offer feedback once, approximately halfway through - this feedback will consist of a number. 10 means the application works for me, 1 means it doesn't. I imagine this system will leave everyone feeling disatisfied, but I want players whose writing styles mesh well with my own, not players who try to match me after getting detailed feedback. That, and I don't have time for detailed feedback.

Let us begin.

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The battle is declared IC. At the same time, a map is made available. The aberrations emerge through portals, with the Alpha acting as a living portal. War-of-Fog is related to teritary objectives only. The players will be presented with something like this:

Los Angelos**MAP**

Note: The map will show the locations of the alpha and portals.

Alpha: 0/1
Portal: 0/5
Civilians: 0/4
Government: 0/3

This means that there is 1 Alpha, 5 other portals, 4 tertiary mission based around civilians, and 3 tertiary missions based around government entities. It is up to the players to explore the map and find these other missions. While defeating the Alpha immediately ends the battle, completing these other missions beforehand nets extra gold or mecha points, and extra xp.

Once battle is declared everyone has 24 hours to ready-up in the OOC thread (48 hours if it's a weekend). Anyone who wishes to drop from orbit or air-drop should specify. The benefits to this is you can deploy to anywhere on the battlefield earlier. Also, Titan Dune can only touch down teams in safe places towards the edge of the map, which means teams will have to burn time to get to areas of interest.

Orbital Drop: 14 combat rounds early, choice of landing spot
Air Drop: 7 combat rounds early, choice of landing spot

Teams will be delivered to their positions outside-in. Teams will be grouped together except for those individuals who choose to drop-in early.

Once everyone is on the ground movement will be combat-based. However, if you wish to move several hundred feet you can post that, and wait for others to resolve their combat rounds. If you are in combat, please post your actions. If you do not post within 72 hours of the DM post, your turn will be waived. The DM will not post for you.

Combat is the normal 6-second round. Please include the following at the bottom of your post (including the spoilerbutton).

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