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Old 04-24-2017, 10:50 PM
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Character Application Thread

  • Level One Start
  • Stat Array: 16, 14, 12, 12, 10, 8
  • Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Elf, Half Orc, Halfling, Teifling, Goblin, Gnome.
  • Classes: Any Paizo, except Unchained. Makes the leveling more difficult since it's XP based.
  • Two Traits
  • Average Starting Wealth
  • Guild Membership or Profession subject to DM approval

Q: Can I have more than one character?
A: No, unfortunately. It'd be too much for the DM's to track.

Q: Do I have to keep the same group?
A: No! You can be a mercenary or free agent, making contracts and promises as you like!

Q: Will these jobs affect the overall city?
A: Absolutely! If you kill the Gnoll tribe leader in the jungle and open up safer merchant routes, prices on good from the jungle will become cheaper, and better items will start hitting the shelves!

Q: How is magic looked upon in this setting?
A: Wide open! The current Sea Lord has even implemented a Wizard's Guild. Magic is not prevalent, but it's not uncommon and the average street-goer isn't bewildered and terrified at every spell they see.

Q: Deities?
A: Forgotten Realms, please.

Q: How do I join a Guild?
A: There will be Guild Application events that crop up periodically, you apply in there!

Q: Can I own a business?
A: Yes! As soon as you have the notoriety and coin to get one, that is.

Trait 1:
Trait 2:
Personality: (Please pick a handful of descriptive words rather than a paragraph.)
Appearance: (Please pick a handful of descriptive words rather than a paragraph.)
Background: (Short and sweet, please!)
Recent History: (How did you get to Freeport and why?)

Wizardly Scholar of Inebriation Magic

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