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Old 12-05-2018, 07:36 AM
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The Continent of Isica

General Religion:
Allfather, The Deity of Sun and Civilization: His symbol ranges from a simple Sun to a golden many pointed star, variations may include a face of a man.
His domains are:

Hood, Deity of Death, Afterlife and Balance: His symbol is that of balanced scales. As Death is a part of Life, Hood is the 'Brother' to the Allfather, The good deity of Natural order and Natural Death.

Settlements, Villages, Cities and Forts
From North to South and West to East:

Deerhollow – A small farming/logging village in the farthest northern reaches of Isica, lying next to the Deerhollow wood.
Population: 300
Human 50%
Dwarf 45%
Other 5%

Gloomstar – A fishing village that is technically a part of Isica but only shows their loyalty when the occasional group of soldiers of the Isican army come by.
Population: 800
Human 40%
Half-orc 40%
Elf 15%
Other 5%

Whitham – Port city that gives refuge to the occasional pirate as long as they remain within the law while they are in town. Whitham marks the beginning of the slave trade route that snakes south between the coast and the Windy Summit range, through Oldbell and Oxcliff before stopping in Moonfall.
Population: 1500 + or -
Human 20%
Dwarf 5%
Elf 5%
Halfling 5%
Gnome 5%
Dragonborn 5%
Half-elf 15%
Half-orc 15%
Tiefling 15%
Slave 10%

Direguard – A small military outpost for the Isican army, as well as acting as a waystation and temporary prison. There are few civilians that live here aside from support staff for the military.
Population: 530 = a Legion of Isican soldiers plus support staff.
Human 85%
Dwarf & Elf 10%
Other 5%

Southband – A small military outpost that marks the middle of the continent and it's main duty is to guard the surrounding area from undead denizens that come from the Shimmerscar that tore the land so many years ago during the war against the Lich King.
Population: 1030 = Two Legions of Isican soldiers and support staff
Human 100%

Shimmerscar – cracks that nearly separate the southern third of the continent from the northern two-thirds. This scar is what remains of the war against the Lich King and as a constant reminder of the futility of the Isicans against such power, it still belches forth an occasional undead raiding party or other nightmarish creature.
Population: 0
Living 0%
Undead ?%

Moonfall – A large town that benefits from constant protection from the Shimmerscar by the five legions of Isican army that camps just outside the city. They have a direct and solid line of supplies and goods from Oxcliff along the same route as the slave route.
Population: 2000 + five legions of Isican soldiers
Human 25%
Elf 30%
Dwarf 15%
Other 5%
Slave 25%

Oldbell - A medium-sized village that is separated from the world's real conflicts by a mountain range. It is a stop along the Slave and Trade route between Oxcliff and Whitham and benefits for it. Merchants stop on their way to Oxcliff and sell their wares for a short time before moving on.
Population: 800-850
All races 70%
Slave 30%

Oxcliff – The capital city of Isica. The stronghold of Verenghast boasts tall, thick walls that have stood impenetrable since the War of the Lich King, known as the last stand of mankind against such Evil. It boasts a wealthy bazaar full of merchants and storefronts for every faucet of a person's needs.
Population: 5000 +
Human 50%
Dwarf 20%
Other 5%
Slave 25%
-Oath of Sangus ||

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