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Old 05-03-2013, 11:47 PM
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Half Baked Heroes

Characters go here! The Sheet Code is (SPOILERBUTTON="Character Sheet"](INDENT](NSHEET]38965(/NSHEET](/INDENT](/SPOILERBUTTON], with brackets instead of parenths, and the number of your sheet in that 5 digit slot.

Stat Things: You must partake of one of the following stat arrays: the MAD array of 16/14/14/12/12/7 or the Hero array of 18/14/12/10/10/7. If you're really ballsy, you can take the Flawed array of 18/14/12/12/8/7. Either way, you'll end up with a dump stat of some sort, so keep that in mind.

Level 4, Max HP. 6,000 gp. One of your items is semi-cursed(strange, but not mechanically bad), and functions in an odd way, so give your toys flavor. If you want, you can try to bribe me with an idea for a free item that has a drawback, but discuss that in the OOC thread.

No traits. Remember that Pathfinder has Favored Class bonuses of either +1 HP or +1 SP.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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Old 05-04-2013, 03:49 AM
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left-aligned image

Mr. Meowgi
"Drink, Sing, and Kill some Orcs!"
<-- Animal Fox form.
Race: Kitsune ( It's Furry time! )

Level 4 Bard


Gender: I look like a Male but really, I could be anything... I could have tentacles... or something that looks so bizzare it can't even be explained by science... y'know...stuff.

Shapeshifting Gone Wrong

Meowgi's shapeshifting abilities have gone AWOL! When he shifts into his hybrid form, he gets a semi-monstrous humanoid form, one which he didn't ask for (And probably doesn't want). All the forms will have vague kitsune features, such as fox ears, a fox tail, and sometimes his really foxy voice to remind everyone who they're looking at.
If he goes too long without shifting, it just happens anyway, It really gets on his nerves.

I was thinking of getting technical so... [ At the beginning of the day, Meowgi can roll a 1d24 die, that amount of hours will determine how long he can go on that day without manually shapeshifting, If Meowgi shapeshifts he cannot return to his regular form or shapeshift again for 4 hours.]

Meowgi was always the cool kid in his village, he played lots of songs, beats lots of ass, and got all the chicks, He used to sing drunkard tales in the tavern and boast about how many women's skirts he's been in.
Meowgi has a history of drunken bar brawls, he's beaten so many people up, and has been beaten up so many times that he can't even count them on both his hands! When Meowgi left his village to seek out life in the big city, he was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and WHOOOAHBOY some weird sh*t happened and he lost control, he was shapeshifting into all kinds of Humans, elves, mermaids, kobolds, until he decided to just turn back into himself, which seems to have stopped the problem, but now he can't shapeshift anymore D:
Meowgi has vowed to find the bastard that took away his dashing sexy shapeshifting abilities, and proceed to shape and shift the guy's face.

(Kitsune Form)

right-aligned image

Personality: Remember when I said Meowgi beat lots of ass? Well in reality, he's actually just making **** up. Meowgi loves to make **** up as he goes along, to amuse everyone, he's good at playing it cool, but he knows he's prone to failure, just like he's failed all the time. He gets his ass kicked in Bar brawls, he was bullied in school, but he knows how to charm people in order for them to think that he's got his groove on, and everyhing's A-OK, so much so that he's really good with the ladies.. as much as a FOX can be good with ladies, I guess.

Appearance: Meowgi is a Tall Fox-looking creature with Human-like complexity, standing on two feet. His fur is orange with a white underside, and he has a white mustache looking spec of fur on his face, which oddly reminds people of Mr. Meogi from Karate Kid, hence his nickname.

Anything Else:
He really really really really really really really really really times infinity likes booze, any kind, every kind.


I'm good to go, let's do this!

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Name: Erwyn "Crocodile Hunter" Reed
Race: Humanoid Croc (As Lizardfolk in Race Creation, with Hold Breath (1pt) and Carrion Sense (1pt) for 10 pts total)
Class: Ranger 4 (Trapper Archetype. Gets Traps and Trapfinding, loses Spells.)
Age: In this body? Not too old.
Gender: Male

When the curse hit, Erwyn and his young Croc companion, Jerry, suffered a BLOODY AWFUL body swap. STREWTH.
Erwyn was transformed into some sort of anthropomorphic croc-man, while Jerry got the body of an 8 year old boy. Both have kept their minds largely in tact, which is strangely more unsettling when people see a child tearing up raw meat like a feral beast than it is when they see a 6 foot tall bipedal crocodile walking around wearing people clothes.
BAD CURSE! CLUMSY! Neither Erwyn or Jerry are very at home in their new bodies yet (they might never be), and they suffer in clumsiness for it! (I was thinking they get more spectacular failures or dex skill penalties, but I'll leave it to the GM to figure out how to tune it. Maybe similar to Impending Doom, but not really tied to Luck?)
With his new Croc-sense, Erwyn can also smell dead bodies and those at low health. It might be a hunting and survival trait for real crocs, but for crocs that used to be people, it's gross and eww and Erwyn doesn't like it. It puts him off his lunch. (Mostly a slight RP/Personality curse, but I suppose anything that's been dead WAY too long could give him the sickened condition or something.)

Erwyn was a hunter and trapper in a small community of bayou-dwelling folk.
He found Jerry's egg in a nest 8 years ago, after killing the mother to turn her into a nice pair of boots and a weeks worth of steak. Jerry doesn't know this. Nor would he understand it if you did tell him, he's a croc. He doesn't have that sort of capacity for thought.
Erwyn then raised him, because let's face it, who doesn't want a pet croc?
He left his home about 5 years ago, taking Jerry with him to find a new life of adventure and exploration beyond his overly-insular community. (There may have been some sort of disgrace he had to leave behind. Let's not go into that.)

Personality: Since being cursed with his new form, Erwyn doesn't really go out much anymore. He's pretty conscious of his looks, and people have a bad habit of mistaking him for some child-stealing monster when Jerry's by his side. Until Jerry tries to eat them.
He has taken on a couple bounty-hunting jobs to raise a bit of cash since the curse, but for the most part he retired, and now lives in a shack on the riverside. He hunts and traps what he needs to get by, and tries in vain to teach Jerry to become a normal human boy.

Slightly Cursed Item: Erwyn's Bashing Shield, which he always used to smack down any Croc who thought it was a good idea to rush him, has taken on some of the personality of the beasts. Every time Erwyn goes to bash with it, the image of a crocodile appears in the shield's surface and cheekily says "Rawr!" to his opponent.
If the bash misses, a muddy river in the background of the image, which the croc turns tail and flees into. If the crocodile flees, the shield becomes nonmagical until it feels like coming back out, which is generally 1d6 rounds later.

Appearance: Much like a 6' tall humanoid crocodile. Who'da thunk it?
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Name: Edwin Skulklow "Though I also answer to 'You there, fish-man!' if you really want"
Race: Merfolk (strong tail and dark vision alternate features) "Ew, no! I hate the sea! Have you been there? It's dark and it stinks and there's nothing down there. Nothing!"
Class: Deckmaster 4 "Mwahahaha! Fear the power of the storm!" *lightning bolt* "Oh god. I'm so sorry. I shall pay for that."
Age: 24 "So apparently I'm an adult?"
Gender: Male "Not-fish-people get all the dates. It's sad."

Curse: Since he's perfectly capable of surviving on land and has a speed of 15 feet, it seems reasonable for him to have one even if he is a merfolk. Edwin suffers in bright light. It dazzles him, impairs his vision and in extreme cases it painfully dries him out. Light also scares the hell out of him for reasons he can't quite explain. He hates and resents this, thinking his curse is trying to drive him back into the deep.

Background: Edwin's parents moved to the surface for work. It was kind of a culture shock coming from their ocean trench homeland, but people will do anything for enough money. He only lived in the sea until he was three years old and was raised in a coastal town. He never really enjoyed swimming. When the time came for him to move out, he moved in-land and never looked back.
He loves games and gambling, so when he got a job as a bar tender he'd lose his whole paycheck before he even left the building. Over time, he got better and kept more and more of it until he finally started making a profit. He also used to show off doing card tricks at the table. Eventually, he changed career and became a close up magician, at which point it became all but impossible to find a good game.
As a campy eel creature with a magic umbrella he was very distinctive and quickly made a name for himself, so he was approached by a powerful and mysterious deckmaster who offered to train him in the equally mysterious art of real card magic. That made his show a hell of a lot better, but he lacked much inclination to become a warrior and his teacher eventually abandoned him out of disdain. This did not stop him from graduating from cards to Zeus-style lightning javelins or creating an over the top desperado persona. He never intended people to believe it, but believe it they did.
When people heard about the disaster, they insisted he should go help. Normally he'd have just laughed it off and explained it was all a show, but the teacher who said he'd never amount to anything was among the failed heroes and that prince guy is very cute.

Personality: Edwin sees himself a showman, not a faker. He loves playing at being a powerful and mysterious adventurer but he has strong misgivings about trying it out for real.
He's neutral but friendly. He strongly dislikes violence, but only because it's stressful and it might be him that gets hurt. He has no qualms about doing what needs to be done. He's never killed anybody before, but if he did he'd feel nothing. It wouldn't even occur to him that he should. By the standards of the deep merfolk tribe he hails from he's practically a saint.
He hates the sea more than anything. It tastes horrible. He doesn't even like drinking water. He's certain the reason his whole race haven't moved somewhere better is they don't appreciate how much they're missing. He genuinely has no idea that this is silly.
He's usually cheerful and always a little bit camp, with exaggerated emphasis and the occasional floppy hand gesture. He's far from the most dangerous guy around, but most people still underestimate him, at least until they see his act.
He wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for the rumour that his master is alive and imprisoned by the bad guys, or that scandal last year when the prince was dragged kicking and screaming out of the closet.
He has no idea what he's doing. This is all a big gamble to him.

Appearance: Edwin is a goofy looking guy. His upper half is grey, his long tail is a smooth black and his hair is a watery blue. He's not slimy and he doesn't smell like fish, but that doesn't stop people saying so. Due to his weird insistence on living on land he's not especially moist to the touch either.
His facial features are mostly human-like, but a little smoother and less pronounced. His eyes are very large and mostly pupil. He's extremely pretty in the eyes of other merfolk, which is a shame as he'd never consider dating one. "What would we even talk about? Seaweed?"
He gets extra long coats, shirts and turtle-necks made and doesn't wear a lot else. He prefers neutral, stony colours.
He never goes anywhere without his messenger bag or his black umbrella, which creates rain while it's open. He usually puts it up outside unless it's already raining.
There's a tattoo of the symbol of some appropriate luck deity on his chest (whoever does that job in the region). You don't get to see it though.

Trivia and Nonsense:
When at home, Edwin usually sleeps in an oversized wooden bath with sand in the bottom, but he considers that embarrassing.
The umbrella was in the bargain/cursed basket at the magic item store. Before that he had to depend on a plant mister, which he still carries.
He hisses when he's angry. "HESHHHHHHHHHH!"
The messenger bag is full of "Maaaaaaaaagic!" and "Wondeeeeeeeeeeeeers", by which I mean junk.
If the gods had intended for anything at all to live in the sea, it would logically be possible to make wine there. "Duh."
He gets seasick on boats.
Ingle Land?

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ApplicationName: Pocus Lightpaw
Race: Catfolk
Class: Wizard (Evoker), Previously: Rogue
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Bad Curse: Class Swap
The curse has turned Pocus into a wizard without a spellbook! He used to be a rogue but it didn't really mattered because he was bad at it anyway.
Standard Curse: Flawed Logic
As a part of the curse Pocus would still act as if he never had an intelligence boost, even if he has the knowledge to use his class abilities properly.




Anything Else:

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So... Is there a statblock I can use for a human child animal companion? haha
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WIP Sheet Liable to Change

The Paranoid Kobold
left-aligned image

Race: Kobold
Class: Fighter 4, Rogue 1.
(Knife Master Archtype for the Rogue class.)
Age: 14 or so. He isn't really sure.
Gender: Male

Curse: Luck is Paranoid and Socially Inept, and he Hates Magic. His curse is thus a bummer:

Covered in strange mystical runes and markings.
Detect Magic as constant effect.
Being under magical effects makes Luck glow slightly.
-2 saves vs. Magic

Semi-Cursed Item:


Luck stands at exactly 3'0, which puts him on the taller end of the spectrum for a kobold. He's always been rather scrawny, though in the last couple of years he finally acquired a more athletic look, albeit in the lean-muscular kind of way. Like other kobolds, Luck has a thick, scale-covered hide. Unfortunately for him, his scales are not one of the usual colors, but rather a purplish hue practically unheard of in his tribe, with only the slightest of green, the color his mother had been, in some patches here or there on his body. His eyes are large, yellow-green orbs and he has a sturdy, powerful snout and long, sharp teeth. His tail is the same color as the rest of his body, and about a foot and a half in length.

Luck tends to be more attached to the idea of proper clothes than most kobolds, and usually wears solid-colored tunics with deep pockets when not in his armor. He takes good care of the few garments he has, going as far as to iron his tunics before wearing them if he's somewhere where this possible


Luck is in many ways quite the bundle of contradictions. On the one hand he is quite excitable and by nature outgoing, but on the other hand his massive paranoia badly undermines his efforts to interact with others, and he often has outbursts of only half comprehensible ranting. He is easily impressed by things that are unfamiliar to him and will exclaim about it loudly.

Luck almost exclusively talks about himself in the third person. He will sometimes drop this when speaking draconic but absolutely always does it in Common.

He avoids magic whenever he can and will often engage in bizarre self soothing rituals when forced to interact with it, for example in using a portal ritual. Wizards evoke wild accusations of all sorts from the kobold, and he approaches all of them with intense hostility at first - though slightly less so if the magic user is also a monster race, in which case he is just perturbed about why they 'sold out'. He is less suspicious of divine magic casters, but their spells still make him uncomfortable.

Luck has honed both fight and flight reactions, and which one he goes with depends on how bad the odds look and also the reason he is fighting for. He has no qualms in running far if badly outnumbered in many cases but if for example he felt the situation was a test of his budding heroism, or if it was wizards of some kind he was fighting, then he would go the other way of just charging into battle.

He can be quite sneaky and squirrely and has a tendency sometimes to startle people by suddenly appearing in unexpected places. He is also the opposite of claustrophobic and just loves crawling into small inclosed spaces.

It is one of his dreams to one day meet a real dragon, and he hopes his being a hero would gain the dragons respect in spite of him only being a kobold. It is part of his motivation for becoming a hero in fact. When he was a captive he often daydreamed about if he was a dragon and could just roast all the wizards with his breath. Luck often has fanciful daydreams.

Luck is constantly looking around for danger to the point of looking kind of ridiculous, and likewise uses sense motive on just about everyone he meets even when they are saying the most mundane things. He likes to gnaw on paper and will often try to procure and then deface books for this purpose. He is very energetic much of the point of being hyperactive. Due to being imprisoned by the wizards he is also more knowledgeable about random things than people usually expect from a kobold. On the rare occasion someone manages to gain his trust and thus loyalty he can become uncomfortably clingy/bad with personal boundaries.

Around other kobolds he is self conscious and defensive about his coloring. Around everyone else he is proud of it.

Luck's life got off to a strange start pretty much as soon as he hatched. His unusual coloring ensured that he was the subject of a good deal of unwanted, and almost entirely negative attention even as young wyrmling, and it only got worse with time because young kobolds are not exactly known for their sensitive, accepting attitudes. This was especially unfortunate seeing as theirs was a small underground warren, and thus the young spent almost all of their time in each other's company. Teasing turned into bullying, which continued until the Luck, who was not known as Luck then but by another name, figured out how to fight back the right way, and so the others simply began excluding him from their activities. He too, began seeking out small, dark corners he could crawl into for some privacy away from the others.

So it was that one day, while young, four year old Luck was tucked away in a hidey hole he had found a few weeks earlier, moping and imagining all kind of violent things he could do to the others, a group of eager adventurers burst in quite suddenly, for what reason Luck never did really find out, and casually slashed, chopped, and blasted apart just about everyone the young kobold had ever known, all before he even realized what was going on. By the time the adventurers stumbled upon the kobold child they were no longer quite so hopped up on adrenaline as they had been a few minutes earlier, and thus felt bad, apparently, about killing the long, obviously quite young creature. Instead, one of them, a wizard, decided to capture him instead.

The wizard eventually brought Luck back to some kind of big tower that was above ground which was quite a strange concept to him at the time, and inside there were even more wizards like the first one, and they locked him in the basement along with some other creatures of varying sentience. In this way that Luck became a prisoner, and spent the next five or six years as a test subject for various magical experiments the mages were conducting.

It was a life by turns extremely boring and extremely uncomfortable, and though the kobold did become quite fluent in Common during that time, and even learned to read a bit, mostly the experience engendered bitterness, intense hatred of wizards and magic, and constant plotting about escape or revenge. Most people would get a bit deranged in such circumstances. Eventually luck's hopes and dreams came true when he came across the path of a wizard well on his way to getting expelled from the tower, who had his own qualms with the other wizards and was also not impressed by the creature experiment facility they were running in the basement. This would become the one wizard in the whole world that Luck didn't hate - the man helped Luck escape from the basement, and then Luck helped the man leave the tower with a whole bunch of things the wizards surely hadn't wanted to part with, and both were quite satisfied with the partnership. That was when Luck began to call himself Luck, because escaping death and imprisonment at last had felt quite lucky indeed.

The kobold spent the next year and a half traveling and the living with the renegade wizard, somewhere between partner, friend, and servant, and liked this arrangement well enough. Then some other adventurers had shown up to ask for the shady wizard's help, and Luck ended up tagging along when they went to recover some magical artifacts from a dead necromancer's house to pay for the magical services, and it was then, standing under a massive painting of naked humans in strange positions, and desperately trying to fend off an animated skeleton until one of the more experienced fighters could get to it, and actually somehow killing the thing, that Luck realized that being a Hero was what he was meant to do, even though it meant leaving the one person in the world who he was sure wasn't out to get him...

Combat Array ReferenceTBA

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