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Old 02-10-2017, 12:59 AM
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Agents of Freedom

Please repost your application here along with a link to your character sheet.
"Let's bring the dwarf... as my friend Grindo always used to say it isn't a party without a dwarf! Oh and that scary old man... not sure why you're here, pretty sure you will probably die, but I also don't think you understand a word of what I'm saying so lets do this!
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Old 03-04-2017, 11:59 PM
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Application basics
right-aligned image
Alias: Snow Leopard. Sometimes "Snow", "The Leopard", "The Leopard of the Andes", "the Ghost Cat", or just "L", depending on who's talking, around who, and how friendly the terms are.
Given name: Lakshmi Rao

Agent Concept: Martial artist and infiltrationist, with a long background of cloak-and-dagger espionage. Something like a cross between Psylocke and Black Widow. But with South American and Indian and Canadian references, instead of Japanese and Russian and British. Also, totally more badass than them, probably. For sure.

Abilities: or supernatural - rumored to be physically-poweredpreternatural natural martial arts skills, powered by all sorts of wild acrobatic moves. Lots of experience using a sneaky espionage skillset. Famously has "ice in her veins" which manifests as a A "preserved" effect - she's older than she looks, and has resistances to high-altitude problems like cold and lack of oxygen.set of resistances and a certain willingness and/or ability to A cold-flavored incapacitation power."do what must be done" when a target needs to be removed.

Quote: "I'm in position. Now: are we going to do this MY way, or the wrong way?"

1) Reputation: Notorious: her past employers were not nice people. People still suspect her motives to this day.
2) Motivation: Expedience: she is focused on efficiency. The means that best achieve the objective at the minimum of effort are always best. Sometimes that means a quiet sneak in and sneak out. Sometimes that means a melee in a crowded market. The collateral damage is not important. The mission is.
3) Enemy: Foreign Agents: Snow Leopard has done lots of bad things. Usually, they were in the shadows. But many people, particularly those in espionage, knew when it was her. She has stepped on the toes of more people than she can possibly know, and no matter where she goes, there is SOMEONE there who is unhappy with her. Sometimes it's a spouse, child, or friend. But sometimes it's a person in power whose plans went awry because of her "intervention".
4) Motivation: Reform: SL believes (and she's correct!) that she strayed from the path of right long ago. Joining AEGIS is her first step to making things better. Her skillset can be used for good, but it is hard. Money, power, and secrecy kept her going for decades. Now she seeks their opposites - selflessness, openness, and justice. It's hard.

Description: Snow Leopard grew up in a small town in Rajasthan, India. She is on the smallish side, short but athletically built, with a wild head of hair that refuses to settle down. She, deceptively, does not look much older than As the backstory says, she's in her late 50s26 or 27 years old. At first glance, people are inclined to think she looks rather innocent, until they stop and notice the ingrained calm cynicism in her eyes. She speaks with an Indian, filtered through thirty years of South American Spanish.odd accent that few are able to peg. It comes off as unplaceably 'foreign' to most people, which is intriguing to a certain set of greasy would-be suitors, much to her disdain.







GM of Uncaged: Our Fair Maidens, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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Old 03-06-2017, 11:06 AM
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Watch the Skies
left-aligned image

Name or Alias: Captain Charles "Kit" Scranton AKA The Skymaster
Agent Concept: A time-lost Golden Age hero trying to find a place in the Iron Age.
Power Level: PL 10
Abilities: No inherent powers but he has what are considered peak or near-peak human reflexes and piloting skills. However, he was given access to an experimental protective suit and jetpack which most dramatically gives him the ability to Fly.

“Everyone deserves a Fair Shake.”

Motivation: Patriotism, Doing Good - Kit, despite it all, is a believer in the American Dream.
Enemy: Shadow/Nazis - A veteran of WW2, quite a few goosesteppers will have him in their enemy list when they discover that he's still alive.
Reputation: Living Legend - The Skymaster isn't just a name, it's a Legacy of heroes that Kit started. It creates a standard that can be difficult to live up to.
Public Identity: Trivia - While his identity was a secret in his original "Tour of Duty", now the knowledge that Kit Scranton was the original Skymaster is considered a bit of pop trivia about Superheroes.
Social Issues: Attitudes - He is genuinely trying to keep an open mind, but he was born in the 1920's. His own prejudices do get bumped into.
Relationship: Romantic - Kit was secretly engaged on June 17th, 1944 and has not had a chance to confront the fact that time has moved on.

Description: He looks to be a bit small and scrawny for his age, but more of his physique is muscle then people realize. Dark hair and well tanned, he dresses to impress in what would be called business casual today- trying not to let on that he's too poor to afford better. Keeps his hair combed and little more. He's often seen in his fighter pilot jacket. When in costume he looks like he's in the clothes of a WW1 fighter ace, but with a blue color scheme and with more armor built in. A finned helmet hides his features, and on his back as a very retro-future looking jet-pack.

A fighter pilot to the core, he feels robbed that he wasn't born with wings. A local from the 40's, he comes from a time were things were simpler- perhaps a little too simple. Still, he believes in the American Dream- which means everyone gets a fair shake. And Nazis needed a punching for what they are doing to people. If these strangers from the future want to help, more power to them.






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