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Old Jun 19th, 2019, 05:00 PM
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Pataya the YatakPataya grins as the fireball grows then roars a challenge at the other ship as his hands move to throw the ball of fire at the other ship aiming for the base of the mast. The fireball flies straight and true and he immediately starts to build another to make sure that the enemy ship moves away or he is able to attack it again.
"Die, foul human scum. And when you burn, i shall laugh!" he calls out, his anger at the vicious and random human attack on Meshkou finally finding a target.
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Old Jun 24th, 2019, 03:21 PM
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EscapeThe Vessel they were steering was bulky and not very fast to turn. For once this was a good thing, because had Jo'Seph turned the ship away from the smaller pursuer Pataya would not have had a clear shot at the other craft - that is unless he shot through their own sails and along the length of the whole deck.

The Yatak had been preparing his awesome fireball just as the others that were capable had prepared missiles of their own. In numbers they were in a much inferior position to their attackers who continued to send dozens of arrows, spears and sling bullets flying onto the deck. As it was three shots was enough.

While Ases aim was not particularly true and his lightling bolt fizzled in the damp air he did singe the biggest part of the other ship - the sail - at least to some degree. Raazes shot was equally valiant but not effective on a grand scale. This time at least a small shout announced that she had struck true, a small consolation.

But Pataya had summoned up a fireball as strong as his inherent magical ability and the spell that he had been taught by his elders enabled it to be. It was smaller than what the human magic had conjured up, but that was not important now. The flaming ball soared through the air and crashed near the mast of the smaller ship, tearing up into a thousand sparks running over the deck and up towards the sails. The roaring fire rolled over a lot of the crew that were unfortunate enough to be near the middle of the ship, setting ablaze what could catch fire quickly. The sails likewise were blackened and burning in places.

In the confusion that ensued afterwards the enemy crew was too busy trying to put each other and the fire of the sails out to change course at all, so the vessel that Jo'Seph slowly turned off to the side veered away from them. If Pataya so desired another fireball could be conjured up without winding him out at all, a feeling that was exhilarating but frightening at the same time.

The humans below deck were slowing down as they were hacking away at the door that was keeping them imprisoned on their own ship, their energy running out. It mattered little, as in due time the ship that had been pursuing them disappeared over the horizon as a burning outline against the sky. Shortly after they could see the dark sillhouettes of the Vinione Galleys ahead that were supposed to meet them.

The second in command of Zaqrahs irregulars, the mercenary band that everybody but Pataya and Atale were employed by, was on the foremost Trireme hollering up at the larger ship when they came near. Soon the Tsing Goun warrior called Nergui was on deck with the rest of the squad that had been left behind and some more soldiers to boot.

The feathers of the female vulture were slick with blood, but judging by her good spirits it was for the most part not her own. She slapped the enigmatic leader of the squad in greeting, the hulking Voitleja, and then inspected the rest of his merry band as she shouted some queries at them. Her men meanwhile opened up the hatches to down below, their numbers assuring that the crew in the hold could be subdued quickly.

"You've made it - by the spirit of Fox and Eagle. Look at this!" She motioned with a clawed hand at the crystal. "Magnificent, within the fortnight we will know of their secrets."

The barely breathing human Captain was dragged near and dropped on the floor by her side. "This ones barely breathing, you've been forceful!"

"Our distraction proved as costly as it was successful," Nergui explained about the maneuver that the main fleet had been conducting southwest of here. "We lost twelve ships, but the gettan prince was right after all. His vessel of metal repelled the fireballs like they were pebbles, drawing a lot of the attention. We sunk a crystal ship and six of their smaller ones - the besieging fleet is reduced by a good margin. Better yet, a messenger got through to us from Bura. The land force has attacked them three times, bringing not only wolves but giant snakes that burrow in the earth, but they were repelled each time. Turns out the stone that the town was built on is keeping these worms from tunneling under it, and the ballistae we sent them is keeping the rest of the humans at bay. Many defenders died, but there are still almost eight hundred left - or so they tell us. The besieging force is numbering in over two thousand, but if we can land our own forces we could lift the siege within the fortnight."

Nergui motioned to a feldsher that was part of her unit to attend to the dying human before turning back and looking at Pataya, Atale and the two other mercenaries that had been shackled with them. "Who are they? This ones human, but doesn't look much like the others. These two I don't know what they are."

Her men had taken control of the ship over from Jo'Seph, and were turning it south towards Dimi. The Tsing Goun commander ejected a small croak and continued to look the newcomers over. "Tell me on the way. We are taking this ship home."
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RaazAs Nergui began to talk, and took over Raaz sat back and leaned against the boat's mast, "Lemme know when we get there. I need a nap. Oh, and can we take care of those underneath? I wanna look for stuff...I mean, explore a bit."
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"Let me know if you learn anything from the prisoners. We need information on WHY they are doing this more than anything else."
Old Jun 26th, 2019, 07:25 AM
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Atale traipses over to the boarding party and listens distractedly to the explanations, while also looking at all the people. When she is queried about herself she twirls then giggles. "The short answer is, I am a golem. The long answer is very long."

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