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Manny the Wish Doll

Just a place to keep the rules and such handy so I don't have to dig for them. Note, the rules below are not necessarily correct, but they are believed to be true by at least one character.
Azath1. The price of a wish is determined by the magnitude of the wish before it.

2. The doll appears to have no influence over the price, and doesn't know what it will be in advance.

3. Wishes granted by the doll seem to always come true, if it has agreed to grant it.

4. Wishes to know why the doll grants wishes, what the rules are, if it is receiving instructions, the source of its power, or who may be controlling it seem to cause the doll discomfort and will not be granted.

5. Wishes to override the non-granting of a wish also cause the doll discomfort, and will not be granted.

6. Wishes to receive more than one wish per price cause the doll discomfort, and will not be granted.

7. The doll appears to take the easiest path; if it is capable of fulfilling a wish by itself, it will do so (for example, hopping up and down, placing small objects in easy-to-reach containers), but will abandon an attempt if it becomes too difficult and complete it instantly (amended in 14)

8. If the wish requires more than a certain amount of power (i.e., cause a total eclipse of the moon at this moment), the doll will request confirmation of the wish, stating "that's a big one, the price for the next one is gonna be really big" (emphasis from doll). Interestingly, the doll makes the same statement upon request of a truly impossible wish (i.e., render 'this statement is false' a strictly true logical statement, without changing the meaning of the words themselves or what it means to be a strictly true logical statement).

9. While the doll seems to be totally ignorant of anything to do with any Arbiter, it claims it can bring people back from the dead (interestingly, requesting this does not generate a warning). It does appear to have knowledge that Heaven and Hell exist, and a vague sense 'of somewhere in between'.

10. Any physical price given to the doll can't be used again - physical items will disappear as soon as the wish is granted, to an unknown location. This process either destroys electronics or sends the price to a place where GPS systems cannot detect it.

11. A wish can be as long and logically complex as you wish; the doll will listen attentively and understand immediately what you want. However, any attempt to phrase two wishes as a single wish (i.e. bring that ball [a red ball] over here and make it blue) will make it upset, though it will grant the first wish.

12. The doll appears to speak any verbal language, though it cannot read.

13. Any attempt to make a wish to restrict usage of the doll will temporarily anger/upset the doll, and will not be granted.

14. Wishes to perform truly helpful acts seem to cost less than those to perform greedy or self-serving acts; over four trials, a request for the doll to retrieve a small adhesive bandage for a minor cut from across the room cost two pats on the head, a handshake, and a 'boost', while the retrieval of a penny coin from the same location cost two wedges of expensive cheese, an ostrich feather, and biting the tongue until it bleeds.

15. Two identical wishes may not have the same price, though they will have similar prices.

16. Prices appear to rely on how difficult or inconvenient it is for the wisher-to-be to obtain or perform. However, once a price has been set, it does not appear to change, even if the wisher and/or the location of the wish does.

17. Lying to the doll about the fulfillment of a price will not work, but prices can be fulfilled outside of where the doll would appear to be able to sense.

Rules Manny has said1. It doesn't matter who pays the price, so long as it is paid, a wish can be made.

2. A wish has to be made after the price is paid; no 'saving a spot' so that a wish is granted without another request after the payment is made.

3. Unless otherwise phrased, physical object prices must be given to Manny. (i.e., the price is a bag of marbles vs the price is for Person X to obtain a bag of marbles),
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