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Old Oct 23rd, 2017, 06:27 AM
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Game Name
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeTaking the literal road less travelled to save your village.
FlavourTrek through the mountains with some minor survival thrown in. Plenty of opportunity for RP and combat. Set in a homebrew world, there will be moments for you to help shape this part of the world.
Plot Summary
The Path Where No One Goes
left-aligned image
Mammoth’s Crest
Nestled high in a mountain vale surrounded by spruce, fir and pine, close to the shore of small lake fed by melting snow from higher altitudes, sits the human village of Tunglland, the Village of the Moon. So named for an occurrence every summer where the moon touches the peak of the Mammoth’s Crest mountain. This however, is the dead of a chilling winter where game is scarce and the crops all harvested.

Snow has been falling heavy for the past week and the huts around Sibyl’s Grotto are heavily laden. The cavern is stocked with provisions to last through until spring, cured meats, roots, mushrooms, enough for the entire village. Such bounties attract envy.

You had ventured out with your companions hunting elk along the western slopes. Dragging your catch back, you hear an earth-shaking thud repeating over and over again. Creeping to the outskirts of the village you see four ogres pounding the collapsed entrance to Sybil’s Grotto with trees and stones. You do not see any villagers amidst the wreckage. The Elder Torild must have gotten everyone into the cave and brought the entrance down. There is food and water within to last them until spring but the entrance will need cleared. A task the three of you will not be able to complete on your own without supplies and tools. The nearest village, Brekka, is a week’s trek in the summer. Giving up on the cave, the ogres futilely search Tunglland before losing interest and moving down the path toward Brekka, blocking your path to find help.

Although, there is the treacherous mountain pass, banon gar ingen, the path where no one goes.

Character Creation
- Races: Phb preferred, others by request. Keep in mind this is a human village, another race will need a good explanation for being there.
- Classes: Phb, UA Ranger (This is a small village in the mountains, try to fit in)
- Start 1st Level
- Stats – 27 point buy or standard array
- Max HP for first level
- Starting background / class equipment plus winter cloak, blankets, etc.

Application Requirements
  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Class:
  • Appearance: I’d like you to go into detail about at least one item your character wears; a weapon, a cape, a necklace, anything. Tell me how you got it, where it came from or what it means to you.
  • Background: Mechanical from Phb
  • Personality Trait:
  • Ideal:
  • Bond:
  • Flaw:
  • History: Why are you here? Were you born here? If not, what are you doing here? Include bits about a person you care for trapped in the cave. How do you know them? How did you meet? What is your relationship now?
  • Personality: What is your character like? How do you intend to RP your character? Tie this into your mechanical traits.
  • RP Sample:Provide a look into the relationship with someone trapped in the cave or describe the scene as your character returned to find the ogres and the collapsed entrance.

Extra CreditPick a topic to expand upon.
  • 1) Tell the story of why the cave is called Sibyl’s Grotto.
  • 2) Describe the four ogres, give them names, tell their story. How and why did they end up in Tunglland?
  • 3) What is the legend behind banon gar ingen, the path where no one goes? Why do the people of Tunglland fear to go this way?

Additional Info / Questions
  • I am planning on a small group, 2 or 3 at max.
  • Preferred post rate 3/week
  • Deadline set for 10/29/17.
  • I will be providing feedback and/or requesting additional input during application process, tentatively set for 10/23/17.
I have taken the Oath.

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