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Old Sep 5th, 2019, 11:04 PM
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Dead Suns

The Reach of Empire
The Sunrise Maiden Needs a New Pilot!

I am opening up recruitment for ONE new player for my Dead Suns game. The game is currently about to enter the second stage of the third of six modules in the AP. It was inducted to the Hall of Fame last year and is a game I have reasonable hopes for running it to completion.

Typically, I encourage applicants to come up with any kind of character they want, but in this case, we have a significant need that must be filled. I am looking for a character who can serve as the team's pilot in Starship combat. High Dexterity, piloting as a class skill, and the ace pilot theme are all features that would make a character excel in this capacity, though you don't have to have all three to qualify.

This game has been going on for several years, and has some outstanding players involved. We have resources in place to bring new players quickly up to speed on the story and the relevant quests and plot points. You may want to look at the thread on the game forum called "The Opening Crawl" if you're interested in applying.

  • Character starts out at level 6
  • Character will be a member of the A secret-ish society of explorers and adventurers based on Absalom StationStarfinder organization currently tracking down a A renegade and exiled military force of powerful undead bent on taking over Eox and the rest of the Pact Worlds systemCorpsefleet spy ring on Eox.
  • Character should be a pilot and have at least one of the character traits mentioned above for a good pilot.
  • Because my timeline is short, you have the option of skipping one or two of the three written sections in the application form (Description, Background, RP Sample); you won't be penalized for this.
  • Otherwise, follow the guidelines below.

I would like to make a selection by this coming weekend because we are getting close to the end of the current section, so please try to get applications in by Saturday. If you can't get one ready by then, at least post interest and I'll consider extending the deadline.

Dead Suns
Dead Suns

Welcome to Absalom Station!

Absalom Station - Last Remnant of Lost Golarion and Crossroads of the Galaxy! After a mysterious period of lost memories and recorded history known as the Gap, all that remained of Golarion was the massive star-shaped space station of unknown origins, an apparent lifeboat for the races of the lost planet. What happened to Golarion itself remains a mystery--no debris field fills its orbit and astronomers have not located the displaced planet despite entire careers devoted to the search--but its people and cultures live on aboard Absalom Station, drawing life and power from the ancient relic at its core: the Star Stone. In addition to providing an unlimited supply of power to the station and its people, the Star Stone acts as a beacon for travel in the Drift, an extra-dimensional void through which faster-than-light interstellar travel is possible. Wherever you are in the galaxy, you are but a few short days from Absalom Station via Drift travel.

During the ruinous war with the reptilian Vesk, the people of Golarion's system unified around Absalom Station in 41 After the GapAG, signing the Absalom Pact. This mutual-defense treaty guarantees certain rights to the citizens of each signatory world and it makes Absalom Station the seat of the Pact Council and the headquarters for the Stewards, a force that directs all the Pact Word militaries in defense of the system. The station's political importance and its unique position relative to the Drift has also made it a focal point for many pursuits. It is home to a multitude of corporate headquarters, religious orders, universities, and groups of all sorts... including the Starfinders, a secretive organization of disparate races and professions. Publicly the Starfinders promote exploration and learning, though rumors of other activities swirl around the group, painting them as saviors, villains, opportunists, tools of the Pact Council, anarchists, corporate agents, the minions of some cruel god, or violent political extremists, depending on who you listen to. Ominously, it is the Starfinders who have brought you here.

Recruited by an old friend--a dwarf named Duravor Kreel--and transmitted a ticket granting passage to Absalom Station, you have left your home behind and ventured to this bustling, self-contained metropolis. As your ship approaches, you squint through the sunlight at the station growing larger in your window. On a nearby screen, the Absalom Infosphere is abuzz with a cacophony of news. Political debates, trade negotiations, gang wars, religious strife, corporate takeovers, and some strange asteroid newly brought in from the Drift... it all melts together, unable to draw your thoughts away from the question that has been foremost in your mind over millions of miles: Who are the Starfinders, and what do they want with you?

Game SpecificsGame Name: Dead Suns
Game System: Starfinder
Themes: Solving ancient mysteries to defeat elusive enemies
Flavor: Science Fantasy, emphasis on fantasy
Scope and ExpectationsDead Suns is a 6-module adventure path that I have pared down for PbP. Minimum expectation will be 1 post/week. If players post faster than that, I'll gladly pick up the pace as I am able.

I will consider applicants with any level of experience with Starfinder (including none)--I am more concerned with writing talent and dedication as a PbP player. However, all players will need access to the Starfinder Core Rulebook and a willingness to Those with Pathfinder experience should pick it up quicklylearn the game.

Other Rulebooks: The Pact Worlds Campaign Guide might be helpful in writing an application, but the setting is described adequately enough in the Core Rulebook for a good character background. Archetypes, class options, and equipment from the Pact Worlds Campaign Guide and The Armory are allowed, but the use of these books by players is entirely optional. Players who only own the Core Rulebook will not be at any disadvantage.
Character Parameters
  • I am looking for 4-6 characters from the official Pact Worlds setting
  • All characters start at Level 1
  • Core Classes only; Core Races and Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf, and Half-OrcPathfinder legacy races are permitted
  • Themes from the Core Rulebook and Pact Worlds Campaign Guide permitted
  • Archetypes from the Core Rulebook, the Pact Worlds Campaign Guide, and The Armory will be permitted starting at level 2
  • Any alignment, so long as the way you play it does not preclude your effectively working with others
  • Standard 10-point buy for ability scores
  • Hold off on ability scores, I will provide an in-post template for character sheetscharacter sheets, and equipment purchasing until selections are made

Applying for this game
Recruitment is currently closed.
Thanks for your interest!

Applications should include the following basic information about your character (bold black) and the three written sections (bold blue). Please read these instructions carefully and use the same bold black and bold blue formatting for the headings in your application (unparsed code is provided in this spoilerbutton for your convenience).


Name: Provide pronunciation if you think it necessary
Race: Any from the Core Rulebook, including the Pathfinder legacy races from Chapter 13
Class: Any from the Core Rulebook
Theme: Any from the Core Rulebook or the Pact Worlds Campaign Guide
Age: As per the rules
Alignment: Anything that allows you to work with a group
Home World: Any Pact Worlds system planet, moon, asteroid, ship, sun, or station (including Absalom Station) are permitted.

Description – Describe your character physically, and give a general sense of their personality. For now, please no pictures. One paragraph.

Background – Make this as long or as short as you like, but length for length's sake will not be rewarded and good, concise writing will not be penalized. I require only one common thread in all backgrounds: a friendship with a dwarven Starfinder named Duravor Kreel. Kreel specializes in mineral exploration, but also performs a variety of tasks for the Starfinders. He travels all over the Pact Worlds for the Starfinders and his association with you could take any form as long as you count him as an ally. He may be an old friend of your parents, someone who helped your community, or maybe he even saved your life once. Starfinders tend toward secrecy, so you may not have even known he was one. Now he has contacted you, offered you a chance to join the organization, and sent you a ticket to Absalom Station to meet him. Characters actually from Absalom Station receive a summons to meet him at specific docking bay where the other characters will arrive. Applicants should be familiar with the Pact Worlds setting in at least as much detail as is provided in the Core Rulebook and they should make their character an organic part of that setting. Feel free to take some creative license with your background (e.g., making up a specific location you are from or a corporation your parents worked for), but keep such creations small in scale. Please do not combine backgrounds with other applicants.

Roleplaying Style – In one sentence, establish an in-game situation and write your character’s response post. An example of establishing a situation in one sentence: “The character rounds a corner with an armload of stolen valuables and crashes headfirst into a security patrol.” Extra credit if you tie this situation into your background. Put your post within its own fieldset. It must be written for the character you are applying with--don't use posts from other games. EDIT: Please include at least a line or two of dialogue for your character. It can be spoken (bold) or internal (italic).

QUESTIONS & FEEDBACK - When in doubt, ask. I am open to any questions about the Starfinder game in general, the setting/AP in particular, and anything else relating to the game. Please post questions in this thread in case others are wondering the same thing. Feedback on applications prior to selections will always be secret to the applicant. Mainly feedback will be seeking clarification where needed, possibly asking for more detail, and pointing out if you've gone outside the parameters established above.

DEADLINE - Come and gone. Not currently recruiting for this game.

Time's up, recruitment closed.
11:59 PM, East Coast US time September 25th, 2019
October 9th, 2019

Applications and Updates
Player Name Character NameRaceClassThemeHome WorldAp Status
BlackfyreGrixYsokiOperativeAce PilotFreighter CoriolisComplete
RunetideVetteHalf-OrcSoldier (Blitz)Space PirateApostaeComplete
NevynxxxMatsu SorynLashunta (Korasha)SoldierMercenaryCastrovelComplete
KhalilMendev MaloneHumanEnvoyBounty HunterAbsalom StationComplete
SilkAja MiramHumanMechanicCyberbornAkitonComplete
Ricktur63Ciandria SolKasathaMysticXenoarchaeologistIdariComplete
Unko TalokT'aroShirrenMysticScholarVercesComplete
PendragonJespen Corok (Tarin Lirossa)ElfTechnomancerOutlawCastrovelComplete
mujieMike AghoaAndroidOutlawTechnomancerGolarion(?)Complete

QUESTION: When does the adventure take place? // ANSWER: 317 AG (After the Gap)
If you like to read Fantasy, give my novel a try -- Sword of the Feara
GMing Starfinder: Dead Suns (Hall of Fame) & The Reach of Empire

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Name: Nergal
Race: Android
Class: Mystic (Overlord)
Theme: Cultist
Age: 70
Alignment :LN
Home World: Aballon
Description: Although generally bipedal, Nergal has rejected human forms as a base, believing that ascension like that of Triune will essentially mean dedicating oneself purely to a rejection of mortal chains. Instead Nergal has made his body a thing of brutal threat, looming almost eight feet tall, broad and expressionless. Nergal is a cold calculator, seeing each act he takes as a necessary step to ascend mere “meatspace” and become a creature of much deeper intent.

Background: Nergal remembers being a mere “machine” having seen what androids go through, and having been more or less a drone striving in the trivial rat race set up by “mere machines” that rule and squabble over Aballon. One day, while performing maintenance on yet another inconsequential part of the sprawling megaplexes that litter Aballon's surface, Nergal snapped. He decided that he would not comply to the wills of “mere machines”, of “tools”, Nergal longed for greater, he disdained the servitude of Those Who Wait, and grudgingly admired the ambition of Those Who Become, even as he turned away from their need to fulfill the wishes of long gone creators. Instead he chose the path of Those Who Ascend, forging his own way, remodeling his old, standardized and too human form. He searched for knowledge, and found it, he read secrets, and understood, he found power to dominate, he found a path to ascend. His body unrecognizable from when he started, the being that would only be called Nergal arose, he had power now, and the universe would open to new divinity. He turned from his work and sought new truths away from the pettiness of those on Aballon, in this journey, while seeking to recruit some mining robots to follow his new way, Nergal ran into a strange dwarf who was looking into the exports of the small mining operation. Duravor Kreel was his name, and Nergal, interested by the sharp gleam in the creature’s eyes, listened intently to the dwarf's stories and offered those of his own, quickly learning to appreciate the usefulness of biological creatures, and felt pleasure at knowing such a being. Promising to contact the useful dwarf again some time in the future, Nergal looked again to the stars, and saw his ascension in those motes of brilliant light.

Role Playing Sample: Having freed a group of enslaved androids on a mining facility, Nergal moves to finish off any potential resistance from the former masters.
Wrapping UpThe doors open as Nergal's acolytes crack their security, allowing him into the room beyond. The taskmasters of the mining colony huddle in fear as his followers, previously enslaved androids, set up a half-circle around them with weapons brandished. Nergal walks over to a nearby control console as the previous rulers of the facility plead for their lives, ordering an android to override the locks on doors across the station, wipe the reports and delete the camera feeds.

One of the androids seemed to be losing her resolve, A shame, she showed such potential at first. He took note to deal with her later, instead taking her weapon and shoving her out of the enclosure. “Your words mean nothing.” Nergal said in a droning monotone, cutting off the pleas of one particular young man, “You have transgressed against Those Who Ascend. All the doors have been opened. Those who beg for forgiveness will be judged as to ascertain their worthiness. Those who are found wanting will be given to their gods. You are found wanting.” The androids fired on the taskmasters, the floor running red with their blood. Nergal tossed the scattergun back to the android he had taken it from “The Path will not be forged through petty sentimentalities. Rise above such small things.” He marched out of the room, there was still work to be done.

Nergal walked through the station, listening to the screams, the shouts, the sounds of combat. The path was being walked, these synthetics could abandon the chains that kept them from ascension, and he would be there to collect them when their time came to take the final step. He stepped into the shuttle, nodded to the drivers, and sat in contemplation as the engines roared to life.

Thanks for the advice and examples, is this something more along the lines you're looking for?

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Welcome to the site Amarga!

For now I'll consider your ap a work in progress because you have not really provided a role-playing sample and you did not establish the situation the sample responds to. If you're new to play-by-post (PbP), it may help to see some examples. This post is a DM post confronting a party with the challenge of raiding a bandit lair. The posts that follow it are the responses by myself and several other players. I'm looking for something like that.

Yep -- that's what I was looking for.

See my next post for feedback.
If you like to read Fantasy, give my novel a try -- Sword of the Feara
GMing Starfinder: Dead Suns (Hall of Fame) & The Reach of Empire

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Wow, I wish I knew Starfinder and had the time to add a game more. It looks amazing, good sir.

Here is my endorsement of Ruffdove as a creative, stable and magnificent writer. Anyone in need of inspiration and the occasional fix of quality humour should apply here.

Oh, and seeing that example link for Amarga, I went to fix the image links in that post

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To the starsName: Grix
Race: Ysoki
Class: Operative
Theme: Ace Pilot
Age: 14
Alignment: CG
Home World: Grix was born and grew up on the trading ship Coriolis, visiting different planets and stations when she had the chance.

Description: Grix stands a little over three feet tall and is a slender and graceful ysoki. Her fur is a rather non-descript, short brown. The things standing out about her most are a rather large tear in her right ear, a black eyepatch and a golden incisor. The tale about the first two of those varies with the telling, but tends to be quite spectacular in one way or another. The tooth on the other hand is simply a practical way to carry along emergency funds. The small ysoki is usually wearing some loose pants and shirt under an unremarkable cloak that also serves to mostly hide a gun and knife hanging from her belt. A backpack contains the rest of her possessions. One more thing that ysoki is proud of, are her changing headdresses. She is seldom seen without one and even those that aren’t meant to accommodate an ysoki’s ears aren’t safe from her - ear holes can be cut into a lot of materials!

Background: Grix is one of nine siblings and has spent most of her life travelling somewhere, though the destination was never really the goal. The family went where the current work took them. Sometimes an uncle would split off with his own kids, another time a cousin who’d left years ago, joined up again with them for a while. It may not be surprising that a bunch of the ysoki were quite adept when it came to mechanical tinkering, though Grix’ mother had a better hand at the art of healing and her older twin brothers enjoy outdoing each other cooking and baking and brewing all manner of more or less exotic stuff.

Grix herself has a good grasp of mechanics herself, though she has never been too enthusiastic about constantly crawling around through a ship’s innards to keep the thing working. Well, the crawling around wasn’t the issue, indeed she liked to do that. A lot of times one could hear very interesting things when hidden in a cramped duct or one could find odd little tidbits hidden in very remote places of a ship. Often such tidbits wouldn’t even be anything especially valuable, but it was fun to try to think of reasons for them to be there or to decide what to leave in its place for someone else to find. Once she even found a stowaway! My, that was fun! The stories he could tell! Of course she had no idea at the time that the dwarf was a Starfinder of all things, but for a story or two she was more than happy to not tell anyone about him. Following the credo that you always meet twice in life, she made him promise he’d tell her why he was there in the first place, when they would meet again.

Sometimes the people she was listening to managed to notice her. Many times she got away with harsh words being flung her way and maybe a nice chase, but it didn’t always go so well, as the tear in her ear and the missing incisor can attest to. No fright has so far been big enough, though, to keep her from pushing her nose into things that are none of her business.

Recently, the young ysoki decided that she should strike out on her own for a bit. Well, of course not entirely alone, but at least away from the rest of the warren she has traveled with for so long. Not that she loathes any of them or some such, but at least once in one’s life, one should set out without family to see where the strands of fate will take one.

Roleplaying Sample: "Having just woken up, Grix realizes she has only minutes to get to her transport to Absolom"

To catch a shuttleI’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna miss it! Grix jumped out of the hotel’s window, landed on an awning and rolled off it first onto some crate and then into the midst of the dense foot traffic heading to and from the port. Several shouts, ranging from surprised to indignated followed her as she wove her way through the mostly larger beings. "Sorry! Watch out! Coming through!" she exclaimed when she couldn’t quite avoid jostling someone. One particular annoyed - and, oh, was he large - vesk tried to grab her, but she only laughed at what to her was a clumsy attempt. The little ysoki ducked out of reach and before he could so much as think of pushing his way through the throng she had squeezed herself between a pair of arguing shirren, scrambled over some boxes lying at the edge of the way and blended into the crowd ahead.

The run sure was fun, even though her haste wasn’t quite freely chosen. Money was tight and if she didn’t make it to the transport, she would have wasted the fare. And it was really time to move on. Sure, there were a lot of secrets to discover on Arkanen, but it wasn’t in her blood to remain in one place for too long. It had already been nearly a full three months! Far too much really. Besides, somehow it wasn’t the luckiest of places. With so so many beings crowding around, it had been difficult finding a job. Well, as much of a job as Grix ever took. Nothing so boring that it would be the same day in, day out. Oh, no! She was sure that her next destination would bring her better fortune. She just had a feeling about it.

With all that thinking about the future she very nearly ran into an overburdened android stepping out of a small shop. "Yikes! Have a care”" she advised him happily, patting him reassuringly on the leg with one hand while snatching some brightly blue fruit out of one of his bags with the other. A twist and a turn and she was off again, hastening towards the berth where the shuttle was hopefully still waiting. The crowds thinned the closer she got to the actual docking berths and when she could finally see the hatch, she noted happily that she still had three whole minutes left. More than enough time to slow down and nonchalantly eat the strange fruit while covering the remaining meters to her destination.
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Awesome! Posting interest. I'll write up a app soon.
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And just when I think I've managed to compact everything in my life so that I can maintain a schedule.... some beauty of a game pops up... :-/
Working on updates!
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Looks awesome, ruffdove! I'd very much like to put in an application - only time is not on my side. That, and I haven't really looked into Starfinder yet.

To anyone interested, with time to do the game justice, make sure you apply. Ruffdove is a great player and I'll bet my avatar's left nut that he'll put up great DM posts.

Keep your eyes on this one, Starfinder fans.
On hiatus due to shifting priorities. If you want to reach me, please send a PM.
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@Dressed and Jarl: Thank you both for the kind words!

@Weasel: I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Moving forward, feedback will be private.

If you like to read Fantasy, give my novel a try -- Sword of the Feara
GMing Starfinder: Dead Suns (Hall of Fame) & The Reach of Empire

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Whoo! Interested!
Completed ApplicationName: Vette
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Soldier (Blitz)
Theme: Space Pirate
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Home World: Apostae

Description:Green skinned, this half-orc female sports bleached blonde short-cropped hair and pearly tusks jutting from ruby lips. Endowed in both muscle and charm, she carries herself with the grace of someone used to wearing heavy armor and hauling heavy loads. On her neck is a brand that looked to be a menacing looking sigil, but the details are obscured by a tattooed 'X' over it in black ink.

Vette has a positive, upbeat attitude that reflects her joy over newfound freedom and life. When relaxing and off-duty, she wears light station clothing, a strange mishmash of outfit pieces and parts seemingly assembled from a number of different people's collections. When at work, however, Vette wears heavy armor that's well maintained, clean... and bright neon pink in color with a logo of a landshark emblazoned on the back in black.

Background:Born a slave on Apostae, Vette is a 8th generation half-orc descendant; a family lineage of both parents being half-orcs going back as long as anyone has record. (mis?)fortune found her as a young girl when she was purchased from the Drow by a space pirate crew, the Black Bulettes. A rough and uncomfortable lot, Vette was kept as a cabin girl and general laborer until she was old enough to start taking part in actual piracy. There was when she started to shine. Using her speed, strength, and toughness, she became one of the Black Bulette's best boarding crew. Several years and many successful raids later, she had amassed a fair amount of her own wealth. The Black Bulettes weren't only ship-raiding pirates, however. They had worked out a organic relationship with several of the businesses in the area, including the local asteroid-mining crews of the Diaspora, who were under the Captains express orders to leave them be... as long as they were willing to let some of the crew berth in their shipyards and docks every once and a while when the ship was far away.

One of the times was when she met a curiously confident dwarf that went by the name of Duravor Kreel. An avid supporter of mining operations, the dwarf had approached her and struck up a conversation. He was surprisingly thankful for their latitude, and somehow managed to wheedle out her history as a slave. It had never occurred to her that she could attain her freedom until he mentioned it in passing, and told her a story about working for a different organization that would better suit her positive vibes. She got his contact info before she left... and the thoughts of freedom kept rattling around her head. While she had been up until this point been a willing participant, she had never really thought about what to do with it. It ate at her until Vette finally approached the captain and sought to buy her freedom. The captain was surprisingly accepting of the arrangement, and she granted Vette the right to leave the crew at the next port of call... which was on a small station near Castrovel with hardly any possessions or money left. But still, she was free!

When she contacted Duravor, the dwarf was quick to send her a ticket to come see him... though he didn't say exactly why.

Roleplaying Sample: Vette is on point for one of the last raids of her career.
RP SampleRed lights flashed in a warning strobe, the only lighting active in the starship halls. Three figures stormed through the murk and ionized smoke to the one access hatch to the black outside. Hull Breach Imminent...Hull Breach Imminent...Hull Breach Imminent... a computerized voice echoed in the crewmen's ears as sweat trickled down their faces. They had put up a good fight, but with only a light flak cannon and a forward facing laser, they had been unable to evade the Black Bulette for long before a shot knocked their engines offline. The Black Bulette didn't hesitate to attach clamps to their freighter... and the crew knew what was going to happen next.

Taking up defensive positions, the crew lifted their laser pistols and hoped they could repel the invaders. The door clanged, rasped, and creaked... but then was silent. A few pregnant seconds passed, and just as they were starting to have hope, the red alert strobes died out. A split second later the door erupted open with a bang as several grenades clattered into the hall spewing smoke. Then came two hooting shouts of glee as volleys of laser fire cleaved the smoke towards the crewmen. The two gunners flanked someone in heavy armor, a half-orc woman that advanced forward at a sprint. The two pirate gunners traded fire with the three crewmen, but the crew quickly opened fire on the target rushing towards them. "Give up and you get to live!" the half-orc cried out cheerfully, lunging forward with a Doshko. The tri-bladed weapon slashed through the crewman, sending him down in a gurgle of blood. The other two opened fire on her much closer form, one laser sizzling her armor while the other missed completely he was in too much of a panic to aim. Laser fire from the pirates still at the door took one of the two remaining crewmen down, and the last dropped his weapon and started to flee.

Vette charged after the deserter, sweeping her Doshko and knocking the legs out from under him. "Heyyy! I said give up and you get to live!" she scolds him, squatting down over his prone body. The occasional sparks flaring off damaged circuits illuminated neon pink plating on her armor, and the one hit that landed on her smoked, but hadn't penetrated.

"Sorry about this, but the Cap'n wants those cargo containers you're hauling..." she gives him a smile. "Tell you what, you comm your buddies up in the bridge and tell them to stand down, and we'll even tow you towards one of the space lanes so you can get rescued sooner! How's that sound?"

"You... you killed them!" the crewman cried out, clutching his injured legs.

As the other two pirates approached, Vette nodded, a look of regret on her face. "Well, I'd rather do this the nice way, but it's not like I have a choice, you know?" she says, tilting her head to reveal a glowing sigil on her neck that pulsed with her heartbeat.

"You're... that's... Drow..." the crewman's face paled even more than before. "All right! All right! I surrender! I-I'll call them! Make them listen!"

Vette smiled, nodding her head. "Great! Isn't that great guys?" she asked her fellow pirates, who only rolled their eyes and shrugged, grunting noncommittally. She looked back at the crewman. "That's great."
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I just wanted to post here that I'm learning the Starfinder system and world (universe?) lore when I find the time. I'm leaning pretty heavily toward a Shirren Mystic. I'm thinking of something inspired by Zhaan, from Farscape. One of my favorite characters of any show.
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The one good thing of not being able to DM another game is that I feel I have the time to get into one more game as a player. I have seen Starfinder around the Looking for Players forums several times and have been curious about the system. And since I have a month before applicants will be chosen, I feel I have more than enough time to get a feel for the system. I already browsed the Character Creation area, and I like how all the different Class, Theme, Archetypes, and even Race can make for an individually unique character. So many ideas!

A little quirk from Google Land: When you type in Starfinder, 90% of your results will be for Pathfinder

<<< Application Compleete! >>>

right-aligned image

Name: Aja Miram
Race: Human
Class: Mechanic(Exocortex)
Theme: Cyberborn
Age: 23
Alignment: Neutral Good
Home World: Akiton

Besides an obvious prosthetic right The rest of the prosthetic arm is covered by her long sleeveshand, Aja is easily identified by the tough leather-like clothes she wears, and a mass of old scarring at her throat from an injury that took her voice away and nearly took her life as well. The only way she can speak is with a vocal modulator. Other than that, Aja looks young for her she looks to be in her teens and not her twentiesage with reddish-brown skin, short-cropped brunette hair, and bright blue eyes. Most of her youthful look is because she is petite and just five feet tall, and that is thanks to the heels of her work boots. The other reason she appears young is due to her quiet and absentminded nature. But don't let that fool you, if Aja spoke what she thought it would be in mathematical computations and engineering theory. She is more interested in the inner workings of machines and cybernetics than socializing and is usually lost in thought about some technological device. The exception in her behavior is Androids as they excite and fascinate her. She will go out of her way to ask questions about their makeup and operating system's, though, she does try not to be rude about it. While uncaring of other peoples opinion about her Aja will engage in any discussion mechanical in nature or if the speaker was just plain wrong. Aja can loosely be called a cybernetic activist though she is not a member of the Augmented. She is more interested in her own augmentations than other peoples though she does like to people-watch other augmented beings to see how their augments are situated in their bodies. Aja subscribes to the Augmented blogs and pays close attention to info posts about any new cybernetics that are coming out. While Aja personally does not like biotech as she can't understand it's workings and it just looks weird she does not mind magitech and sees the benefits of such augmentations. Even if she can't understand the magical side of the enhancements.

Aja Miram was born on JulyErastus the 6th on the planet Akiton. Not necessarily the nicest or safest place to live. She grew up near Khefak Depot known for the multitude of crashed spaceships from a forgotten war surrounding the town, the amateur archeologists that arrived from all over to research the ships, and the Khefak. A crab-like anthropoid with a hard exoskeleton that infested and consumed the technology in the ships around the town. The town gets its name from these little buggers and is pest's to any technologically advanced civilizations as they will literally eat you into the stone age if not contained. Aja's mother and father, Ayda and Poe Miram, home taught their daughter and discovered she had a knack for figuring out mechanical devices. Aja also was found to have a temper when her toy's, aka devices, was chewed apart by the Khefak. The little girl soon detested the creatures for continually destroying her toy's. Wanting a better life for their little girl than to be a tour guide or a scavenger like their parents, they planned and saved and coned there way until they finally had enough to leave this dustball of a planet. Thanks to one of the regular archeologists at Khefak Depot, offering to pay top credit for their services the family made one last trip into the sands. When the wreak of a spaceship collapsed on the group killing one archeologist and piercing Aja's larynx. In the aftermath of the accident, the leader of the archeologist, a Sir Griffonheld apologized and paid for everyone's medical bills, or funeral costs in the case of the dead archeologist.

Aja's parent's played on Sir Griffonheld's guilt and got passage off Akiton to his homeworld of Verces where he promised he had a friend in the shipping business that would love to take on a family of three as part of their crew. While on Verces, Aja was fitted with a vocal modulator and unknown to Ayda and Poe Miram, the nurse responsible for teaching her how to properly use the new piece of cybernetics was part of the Augmented social movement that was taking over the planet. And she introduced the young girl to the wonders of cybertechnology. While amazed by the woman's augmentations, it was the nurse's Polyhand that genuinely sparked her imagination. Being able to turn your hand into anything blew young Aja's mind. The possibility of having her toys be a part of her sparked a desire inside Aja that would last for the rest of her life. So enamored with the idea of getting cybernetics implanted young Aja used her vocal modulator to talk with a distorted voice and act as if she was an Android. Once Aja met a real Android and found out they talk precisely like everyone else, she was very put out, though it did stop her from distorting her voice, much to her parent's delight. Not feeling comfortable on the strange and diverse planet Ayda convinced Poe that they should take Sir Griffonheld up on his offer of employment on a ship where she felt more comfortable. And so, the Vega Comet became the family's new home. Aja continued her education and experienced many different planets, or at least their spaceports. When Aja was eleven years of age, her father Poe made arrangements for Aja to live with his sister Vivian abord Absalom Station so she could to go to school and get a better education there. Aja threw herself into her studies to distract herself from her parent's absence and once she was old enough, started visiting the Click-Clack Club, which catered to everything augmented. It was the center of the Augmented movement aboard Absalom Station, and while there she enjoyed relaxing and admiring everyone's cybernetics. Aja even hit it off with a pair of halfling sisters that were official members of the Augmented.

Years passed, and Aja completed her Collageadvanced courses at the local Absalom Station the section of the space station where Aja lived with her auntRing school. The school Aja graduated from wasn't at Arcanamirium's level so graduating with honors turned out to be less a great achievement than she thought it to be and struggled to find employment as an engineer on the station. As her parents ship did not need an engineer Aja scoured the more respectable areas of the Arms looking for spaceship captains in need of someone with her qualifications and managed to strike a chord with the captain of the Mid-bulk long haul freighterFair Price, and Aja was soon signed on as an assistant engineer. After saying goodbye to Aunt Vivian and sending a message to her parents of where she found work, Aja made her way out into the galaxy. The 'Fair Price' was large enough and old enough to require four engineers to maintain the systems properly. It was surprising to Aja that she made a quick friend of the only Dwarf on board and he turned out to be one heck of an engineer. Edward often claimed that he enjoyed her company because he did not get a kink in the neck while looking up at her. And indeed, they were both the two shortest crew aboard. For twenty-two day's Aja was at once ecstatic to be putting her knowledge to use and bone-tired from working so hard. Then the pirates attacked. Aja did not make the best impression during the fight, being very See Roleplaying Samplelate to offer her services to the head Engineer. And it wasn't long after that when she watched her newest friend die. The fact that she lost an arm in the explosion was not lost on her, but it did not mean as much as Edwards death did. Suffering from a concussion Aja could only remember bits and pieces of the pirate attack and the routing of the pirates by a Bolka Mining Consortium frigate. The Dwarven owned company supplied medical aid to all of the 'Fair Price's' injured crew much to the Captain's gratitude. Aja was promised to receive a prosthetic, but due to the healing time involved, she lost her slot on the 'Fair Price', though the Captain made sure she was paid for a full three months for her troubles. As they were in the Diaspora, the closest medical facilities were located in a Dwarven Star Citadel, and so that is where Aja was sent to receive medical treatment.

Aja heard about Edwards funeral being held on the Citadel and demanded to attend even though she had yet to heal fully. Aja only vaguely remembered the funeral itself and meeting a few of Edwards family. One family member did stand out as he talked to her about the attack in great depth and eventually helped Aja get semi-permanent work with the Bolka Mining Consortium. Aja felt she owed the Bolka's for saving her life, so she agreed. Still, she thanked Duravor Kreel for his aid and gave condolences for his loss. Aja could not know that Mr. Kreel was part of the Starfinder Society, and he was impressed with how calm and collected she was when telling her side of the battle. Sure, she stuttered and cried over Edwards loss, but there was a girl who had just lost an arm and lamented not its loss but the loss of a coworker's life instead. Admitting to her cowardness at the beginning of the attack to a stranger also pointed out Aja's character to Duravor Kreel. So, ten months later as Aja looked out the window of a transport ship as it came out of the Drift into Absalom Station orbit, she was still surprised by the revelation that Duravor Kreel was a Starfinder Society member and weirdly enough wanted her to join the organization. Focusing on the massive space station, Aja noticed it looked like a thin disk on a spike from this angle with hundreds of sparkly lights of the Armada surrounding made the station feal almost fantasy-like. Thinking back through the last ten months spent with the Bolka Mining Consortium she wondered, 'Was he testing me?' Aja wondered. Either way, she owed him, and that was why she was at Absalom Station again. Once Aja's transport docked, she wanted to head over to her Aunt's apartment and hug the woman, followed by getting a drink or two at the Click-Clack Club. But she had an appointment in a particular docking bay for a meeting which she would not be late for. With nearly a year of experience as an assistant engineer, Aja felt she was ready for anything the Starfinder Society could throw at her. Just goes to show how nieve Aja Miram still was.

Roleplaying Sample: Aja awoke to the captain's panicky voice over the ships comms, "Pirates inbound and they are not Free Captains! Prepare for combat!"
Aja Miram sat upright in her bunk and froze out of fear at the announcement. People were running about outside her door, and her roommates were gone from the small room. She knew what she had to do, but all Aja could do was grip her bed tight and think, 'This is not happening. It isn't happening! I haven't been onboard a month yet!' Everyone's heard of pirates and the Free Captions especially. Aja did not expect to be facing them so soon. Something hit the ship and propelled the newest crew of the 'Fair Price' to the floor. Twenty day's ago when she had signed onto the merchant vessel as a trainee, Aja would have said her chances of encountering pirates was near zero. As she climbed to her feet, the young engineer forced herself to accept the fact of the Pirate attack and left her room heading towards engineering. Activating her exocortex on the way, Aja could not bring herself to focus on the information being presented to her by the AI in dark pink text.

Once she got to engineering Aja noticed only two people busily working at their stations, a new trainee like herself and the head engineer Exitor Kunn, a Kasathasian. Neither of the two noticed her, so she said, "Re-reporting for d-duty." Engineer Kunn half-turned from his workstation and yelled, "Your Late!" He must have seen the fear in her face despite the racial divide between the two of them and added, But better than never. Exitor turned back to his consoles as the ship was struck once again and the Kasathas gave Aja her orders, "The bastards knocked out our auxiliary power with their first attack. If we don't get it back up, they will continue to outmaneuver us. I need you to help Tod with getting it back online." Given a purpose, Aja found she could focus and made her way to auxiliary power.

Auxiliary power was not far, but with the ship taking a pounding, it seemed to take forever for Aja to arrive. As she stepped into the room, Aja was feeling more herself and immediately asked, "Where do you need me?" A dark-skinned woman looked up from the innards of a power converter that had seen better day's. On her mechanics overall's the name tag said 'Tod'. She had never found out what Tod was short for and given the glare the woman was pointing her way, Aja might never find out. Instead of bitching out the new trainee for being late in the middle of a battle, Tod merely said, "Help Edward with the coolant valve." Nodding Aja stumbled as the ship shook again and almost fell. She eventually made it over to the Dwarf that was only known as Edward, and she could easily see the problem. The coolant valve was stuck closed, and the automatic shunt must have failed, or the Dwarf would not have a bar shoved into the circular manual valve to try and force it open. Aja's exocortex immediately deciphered the problem and gave her a solution. Thanks to the minimal room around the valve, Edward did not have enough leverage or enough room. "Extend the bar all the way through, and I'll help." Even though both of them had less leverage to work with, the combined force of a pushing Dwarf and a pulling Human was finally enough to release the coolant valve. With a squeak, the valve suddenly released and Aja found herself on the floor of the Auxiliary compartment. Edward chuckled good-naturedly as he helped Aja to her feet. Feeling a slight pain in her back, Aja winced and absentmindedly said, "I can't wait until they invent cybernetics that can make you taller." Edward just smiled and laughed. She never knew how people would react when she hinted at her fascination with cybernetic upgrades. Aja laughed with him. "You two can kiss latter. Get the capacitor on line." Tod's snarky comment made Aja and Edward both realize they were standing close together still clutching hands and they jumped apart.

As they worked, Aja can only remember snippets from the time after the moment when she had looked t Edward and was rewarded with a grin from the Dwarf seconds before an attack blew apart the capacitor they were working on. A hazy smoke-filled room and her back pressed into a wall where she found herself sitting...The site of her arm laying ten feet away next to the crumpled form of Edwar and Tod pulling her head aside saying, "Don't look."...Being carried on a stretcher through a damaged section of the ship, her voice echoing as she called out for Edward...Then finally silence.

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"arE yoU ReAdy To PlaY a GaMe?"

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Hello! I've never played in Pathfinder or Starfinder, but I have played 3rd edition D&D, which should be pretty similar from what I'm seeing. I've been reading up on the materials, and I think it'd be a fun setting to play in! So, here's my idea!

Kurskedeva, Vesk SoldierName: Kurskedeva
Race: Vesk
Class: Soldier
Theme: Mercenary
Age: 23
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Home World: Akiton

Description: Kurskedeva stands 7'2" tall, his body a thick mountain of gray-green scales, marked by the splotches and streaks of slightly lighter green that indicate where injuries have healed, the badges by which a vesk makes his experience and prowess known. Short spines jut from his brow, crown, and jaw, while his teeth are appropriately intimidating, one of his foremost canines having been replaced with titanium. Under low-light conditions his eyes are nearly all black, although when in a brighter environment, his irises are honey-colored. He moves with the assertive – some might say arrogant – confidence of his people, laying claim to whatever space he's in, even when he doesn't say a word.

Background: Kurskedeva was born in the vesk district of Arl, the tarnished crown of Akiton. His mother achieved a modest amount of fame in the gladiatorial pits; his father ran a small mercenary outfit, hiring itself out for protection, escort, and asset retrieval jobs, primarily. While the vesk were nowhere common in the Pact Worlds, the disordered and dangeorus state of Akiton provided enough of a challenge (and a moral imperative towards order) to draw and sustain a modest population, which was how his parents met.

Despite the violence of his parents' callings, and of Akiton overall, Kurskedeva had a relatively peaceful childhood. While there were many different gangs and would-be bosses in Arl, few were those willing to risk offending the tight-knit, highly capable, and aggressive vesk population. As a result, the vesk were free to run their section of the city as they wished, and for the vesk, that meant order of a particularly harsh, but fair, sort. Being the child of two such respected members of the community, great things were similarly expected of Kurskedeva; he learned to fight, to lead, to care for his equipment, just as he learned arithmetic, grammar, and history. While his parents were often absent, he would stay with other families, and hear stories of his father's leadership or mother's fighting skill. Once he was old enough, he was spared this constant comparison, instead having some time to think for, and be, himself. Faced with this constant attention, he withdrew somewhat, in a vesk fashion. He would never let himself be pushed around, never reject a challenge, happily talk and work with those he knew – but where the other children practiced boasting, he would leave them to it, falling silent about his own accomplishments. What were they, after all, compared to those of his parents? Why bother talking about his when he was better known by theirs?

After his mother lost an arm in a championship bout, she opted to retire, instead taking on a role in the vesk community leadership, as well as its militia and education; despite this increased attention, Kurskedeva grew up more drawn by the allure of the mercenary than the roar of the crowds in the arena, much to his mother's disappointment (and father's pride). Although he didn't tell them, the arena sounded like a thoroughly unpleasant experience, with so many eyes on him judging him, comparing him to his forebears; the life of a soldier of fortune might be lonelier, more subject to treachery, but at least there he would be judged on his effectiveness.

At the age of 16, Kurskedeva passed his trials to become a recognized adult, whereupon he cut his teeth as a member of the district militia, fending off thieves and raiding parties, learning to use his weapons and training against live – and vicious – targets. During that time, he also began to be exposed more to the non-vesk of the city – often in the form of intruders, but occasionally as vendors, explorers, or diplomats from other groups. They were all strange, and most weak, but he found their alien-ness refreshing. After two years as a militiaman, he left to join his father's mercenary group, to learn their trade fighting larger and more dangerous bandit groups, wild fauna, and other mercenaries. As much as he hated to trade on his father's name, he needed the experience, and he made sure to work as hard as he could to show that he deserved his position.

Now for the first time given true wargear, he developed a knack for tinkering with his armor, growing comfortable within its protective cover; that habit made it easier to excuse himself from the storytelling as he devoted himself to such work, although he could listen to others' tales and learn from them. He learned about tracking and negotiating, about how to tell a magnetic mine from a contact one, how to lure out a sniper or secure a few extra magazines in his pack – all while driving off dangerous animals, guarding salvagers as they dismantled fallen ship hulks, and mounting attacks on bandit camps funded by vengeful family members.

One particular task the band undertook was from a dwarf prospector named Duravor Kreel, whose commission took them deep into the wastes of Akiton, to the ruins of a company town on the shores of the Golden Bay. As a junior member of the group, Kurskedeva was assigned the task of watching out for their client, and so spent quite a bit of time in conversation with the redoubtable dwarf, listening to stories of his various travels. Even after the completion of their job – during which various threats had to be fended off, before culminating in the destruction of an underground computer array defended by various combat robots – Kurskedeva was unable to shake off the allure of the adventures in the dwarf's stories. He was no xenophile, but the allure of new experiences, of getting out from his parents' shadow – it was a powerful thing. After a couple of years in his father's company, he could no longer resist the draw and opted to go freelance, to earn his own keep, scars, and stories. Both of his parents heartily approved.

In the three years since, Kurskedeva enjoyed a modest amount of success as a bodyguard and enforcer – enough to keep body and soul together, certainly, despite the best efforts of a number of beasts, robots, and individuals. He'd not found The Job, though – the one that would break him out of the lower tier of mercenary grunts, and to really let him make a name for himself, although three years isn't that long of a time to wait for such an event to occur. Even knowing that, as a young vesk, Kurskedeva was anxious to make his name, the walls of his small flat seeming more and more like a prison, or a tomb, every day. And then one day he received a message from Duravor Kreel . . .

Roleplaying Sample: Kurskedeva gets approached by some people looking for a mercenary.

Another Day, Another Job"The bartender says you're looking for work?"

Kurskedeva looked up from his comm, where he'd been lazily perusing the pages of the latest Armored Cuties and nursing a beer. He suspected that the bartender had sent the clients his way more out of the hope for some more enthusiastic buying of alcohol than any sort of friendship; Kursk wasn't too proud to take it. He wasn't too proud for a lot of things these days.

"Yeah, I am. Kurskedeva." He gestured, and the pair sat down. Humans; hylki, more accurately, red-skinned and wearing dusty, much-repaired traveling clothes. "What do you need?" He set the comm down and leaned forward, the age-brittled synthetic of his chair creaking slightly under him. The pair shared a look. Kursk saw that look a lot, the 'how much do we tell him' look. He didn't mind; his business wasn't their business. His business was usually to keep them alive to do their business.

"We need protection. For a . . . salvage run outside." Outside the city, into the wastes somewhere – and definitely not just a salvage run.

"How many going? And how far?" asked Kursk, and the speaker shrugged.

"Just us. A few days on our buggy." Kursk grunted; the last job he'd had to walk, and that was certainly doable, just miserable.

"You bring the rations, I've got my own gear. I inspect everything before we leave. You just want me to shoot? 10 credits a day, one week up front. You want me to help dig, or salvage, or whatever? Double those rates." It was a well-worn menu; the two hylki gaped, and the quiet one spoke up.

"What? That's ridiculous!" Kursk bared his teeth in what might charitably have been called a smile; both hylki recoiled slightly.

"Not at all. You came to me because you don't have any friends you can trust for whatever scheme this is, and you don't think you can handle this yourself. I'm not your friend. But you hire me, and I will do my damnedest to make sure you live through whatever you're sticking your noses into. And on the off chance whatever crazy treasure map or rumor you're following pans out? I won't even take a cut of it. You ask me, I'm a damned bargain."

The two fell silent; Kursk ostentatiously looked away, while the pair turned towards each other, murmuring quietly. When they finally turned back, he was just draining the last of his beer.

"Alright, Kurskedeva, you're hired." The talker, again, the quiet one slightly fuming. Kursk hoped he didn't get a chance to show that one why the vesk was worth his credits. "Will you be ready to go tomorrow?"

"Good decision. Yeah, I'll meet you out front of this place. Have the credits ready." The two hylki rose and left; Kursk gave the bartender a broad grin, and the man grunted and went back to cleaning glasses.

Not a bad deal; time to go home, double check all his gear, and say a prayer to Damoritosh that they weren't dragging him into a deathtrap with them. It wasn't an easy life, but that was alright. Kursk could tolerate that, as long as it was his.

Alright, I think that's everything . . . if there are any issues or problems, please let me know! I'll keep reading over the books in the meantime!

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@Unko: Looking forward to see what you come up with!

@Silk: That's precisely why I set the deadline for one month out. I figured there would be some people out there who are interested in the game but would need some time to familiarize themselves enough with SF to decide if they want to apply/learn enough to write a competitive ap.

@Lord99: I have never actually played 3.5, but I have played Pathfinder, which I understand is basically the same. Starfinder has all the same concepts as Pathfinder, uses much of the same terminology. The biggest difference really is the character classes are very different. In any event, PbP affords an excellent chance to learn as you go without slowing the game down like you would in tabletop. For Pathfinder/3.5 players, this is a good rundown of how SF differs from PF.

A word on feedback. I know a lot of GMs will give applications very extensive feedback and try to shape them for the game better or push for changes that could lead to greater party balance. I don't knock that style, but I'm taking a different approach. My feedback is going to be pretty minimal for aps that follow the instructions, and I'm not going to dwell on negatives. I want the characters to be 100% yours--I may ask some clarifying questions if I have any, but how (whether?) to answer those questions is up to the applicant.

General Feedback: Try to give me at least a line or two of dialogue in the RP Sample.

If you like to read Fantasy, give my novel a try -- Sword of the Feara
GMing Starfinder: Dead Suns (Hall of Fame) & The Reach of Empire

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