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Old Jul 11th, 2021, 01:02 PM
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The Hyperion Wars

Game NameThe Hyperion Wars
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeSci-fi, Space Travel, Roleplay, Rules-light.
FlavourStar Wars, Star Trek, Farscape, Andromeda, Stargate
Plot Summary
The Story Thus Far:On the multi-species exploration vessel, Canderous, The captain entered in his daily space log for the sake of the Hyperion Contingent. Everyone answered to the Hyperions, the saviors and progenitors of all the races of the universe. The captain of the Canderous, generously gifted by the Savior race was a Terran, meaning that his race had come from Earth. He had the normal number of limbs, a broad chest with dark black hair and thick dark brows that shaded bright green eyes. He was a tall man, very much looking the part of his position as an Exploration Captain of the Hyperion Lancer Corp. This recorded date of the fourteenth of Decembre of One hundred, three thousand and twenty-two according to Galactic standard time, Captain Ezekial 039457 was monitoring the progress of the Canderous through the Parthenon Nebula, a galaxy that mimicked the Milky Way or so he had learned from the virtual histories with it’s twelve celestial bodies and twelve dwarf planets except that each one careened through a double elliptical around two suns that sat at opposite poles, one red and the other blue like Kronos and Zues battling for control of the younger, lesser gods and goddesses. The mission brief had outlined their mission as one of exploring a possible goldilocks planet in this system. The Hyperion Contingent was always searching out habitable worlds in order to establish peaceful colonies for a place for all the refugees they rescued from doomed worlds to start over and live out their lives and see the continuation of their species. The Hyperions are a generous species, after all, swooping down to rescue a whole planet's worth of species, advising them of the end of their individual planets and offering many new opportunities, space-travel, weaponry and a new way of enduring life on another, more stable planet. In this moment, another habitable world awaited the new peoples of the Hyperion Contingent and all that needed done was for the crew of the Canderous to explore it a bit and make sure it was safe for the first colonial landing. The target planet, codenamed Demeteria, was supposed to be a forested planet with rich soil potential and tolerable weather all around. To Captain Ezekial, it sounded like paradise but all the worlds that the Hyperions assigned to the crew of the Canderous had been very close to paradise even if the captain himself didn’t like planet-living, preferring the adventure that the Lancer Corp offered.

In the last four months of this very new assignment, the Captain had become very used to life aboard his ship. Each of the ships gifted to the Exploration division provided for a decent lifestyle, with optional recreational decks along with the required occupational decks for the crew, spacious albeit spartan living quarters able to accommodate any one of the species from the volatile, volcanic humanoids called Pyrians to the more logical and level-headed amphibious humanoid species called Aqualonians. Captain Ezekial was glad to have been assigned a new ship and with such a well-trained crew, each one with high marks in their fields as well as being well-trained in the use of the primary Lancer defensive multi-tool, the Force Lance. The most quintessential thing the Hyperions gave to their military were the Lances, able to act as a high powered welding tool in all environments, they were also able to fire target-seeking mini-drones that could kill or stun and were equipped with a laser blade for close combat situations. To top off their versatility, they were no more than eight inches long and cylindrical like the hilt of a sword. A well-trained Lancer such as Captain Ezekial could navigate and survive almost any situation with no more than his Force Lance.

As the Captain ruminated on his four month old posting he realized how inexperienced he really was. He had been assigned exploration duties on two new planets so far and those were barely outside Hyperion core space as the warp drive goes. He had needed something easy, a couple good wins to give him confidence in command before he traveled out here, seven warp jumps into newly charted but unexplored space. The Captain stood from his desk and walked to the viewing window he was afforded, from the Canderous' position, Ezekial could see the entire orbit just in the outline of the planets as they spun around the suns in a figure eight, a Terran symbol for infinity. How ironic that the hope of a new, thriving population would be in a star system that resembled 'Infinity'. As the momentum of the last warp jump ceased, the hum and vibration of the sunlight engines coming online intoned, sending small shockwaves up through the floor and into the souls of the Captain’s Lancer-issued combat boots and further through his body, In the four months of this position, he had learned the Canderous, her every breath and motion. Just as the tingling sensation had reached his neck, the voice of the navigation officer crossed the ship-wide comms, “Sublight engines are online and proceeding at forty klicks a light minute. We’ll enter Demeteria’s orbit in thirty light minutes.”

Captain Ezekial turned on his heel and headed for the door of his office and then proceeded down the hall to the lift that would take him to the command deck. He nodded to two Carthian cadets as they stopped to salute him, their constant predatory feline faces no longer unnerving now that he had grown to know a few individually. Although, their backward turned knees and powerful legs suited for a more primal ancestry and hunting that made them tower over average Terrans made them seem aloof at times. As the captain stepped out onto the command deck the security officer, Vulite snapped to attention, saluted and barked to the others, "Captain on deck!" Sergeant Vulite was a large, seven foot tall Pyrian with a hard outer crust like obsidian and a manner that showed an enormous amount of control for the emotional Pyrians. Vulite always seemed on the edge of wrathful rage and if the heat radiating from his body was any indication, he could become a molten powerhouse at any moment. He was loyal and honorable and the Captain did not doubt his capabilities at all. Captain Ezekial ascended the dais in the middle of the deck and laid his hands on the command console, checking the status of everything that was going on, “I want sublight engines ahead full.” He pushed several symbols on the console screen, “Pilot Jublac, Bring us around to the descending edge of the night side. I want a full day to explore and I like being able to see.” He smiled at his own little jest and scattered sounds of amusement moved through the others on the deck. The Aqualonian turned those bulbous, amphibious, blue-white eyes towards the captain and despite the always confused-looking expression that her people wore, she nodded, indicating that she understood the captain’s orders before tapping away on her piloting console with her webbed fingers, “Aye, Aye, Captain Ezekial.”

Through the large viewing window at the front side of the Command Deck, the people in attendance could see the large green gas giant of Neptunia as they swung around it to get to the planet of Demeteria. The Earth-like planet shone like a great green and blue gem in the starlit blackness. As Pilot Jublac steered the exploration ship into a comfortable orbit around the goldilocks planet, she settled it over a meridian of bright green where the shadow of night was just starting to draw back from the land. Captain Ezekial smiled, “Ready the exploration team at the shuttle. Departure at O-two-hundred.” and with that, the Captain stepped down from his dais and headed towards the lift again. This time he descended to the mission deck, of his new assignments he had led the exploration team personally each time and didn't want to miss one. He checked his Force Lance to make sure it was fully charged and functional, even activating the sword-length blade and giving it an appraising swing. Satisfied with his force lance, Ezekial opened his personal locker as he holstered his weapon and donned his Lancer-issued armor, lightweight nanoplast greaves, cuirass then bracers that fit over his uniform perfectly and conformed to his body as they settled into place. The pouches of his standard issue utility belt were already loaded with a day's worth of hydration and nutrition tablets, as well as an additional charge pack for his lance.

Captain Ezekial walked towards the hallway that would take him to the shuttle bay and the rest of the exploration team he would be taking planetside. As Captain Ezekial entered the shuttle bay, the two teams snapped to attention and saluted. The two teams consisted of five people each, one forward scout, usually Carthians due to their natural affinity for stealth and their keen senses, a intelligence officer that was usually an Aqualonian due to their logical thinking and scientific background, three centurions, right, left, and back positions, and were usually Terrans or Pyrians, former for their versatility and the latter for their affinity for martial prowess and durability. While the Captain had been leading all the exploration missions so far, in his absence, leadership was divided between all members of the team and everything would be democratic. Exploration teams A and B were typical in makeup but they consisted of those higher in marks, they were the best of the best. Captain Ezekial was proud of his ship-shaped crew, especially at this moment.

-The game will be based loosely on 5e DnD rules with the following races and classes.
-This will likely be a very slow pace game as I will be managing it in my free time which is limited.
-You are a proud member of the Exploration team joined by Captain Ezekial. I would like 5 players in the makeup that I laid out in the story.
3 Centurions
1 Intelligence Officer
1 Scout
-Stats are 27 point buy
-Level 1 essentially
-No one in existence, even the oldest species of the Hyperion Contingent have seen a Hyperion.
-Instead of last names, you are given a 6-digit identification number at birth, coded to your particular species.
-If you need more flavor for the classes or races, just ask. I gave a short description of each to leave some creative license in the player's hands.



Name, rank and Number:Applications:
Age: 18-??
Personality: At least one paragraph
Appearance: I would like at least a paragraph.
Background: Every race is born in a colony on one of the many colony worlds far and near from Hyperion Prime. Tell me why you left the colony for the Lancer Corps. Tell me how you function about the Canderous, how you get along with the crew or not, your opinion of the Captain and any connections to other crewmates.
Roleplay sample: Something fresh or a link to something you have done. If you link something, a regular post out of combat and a combat post, as well.

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Old Jul 11th, 2021, 02:13 PM
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how is this 5ednd?
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Old Jul 11th, 2021, 02:25 PM
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Stats and rules are going to follow suit to 5e DnD, I simplified it so that I can use classes and races that make sense to the plot. It will be more about roleplay than rollplay. The players will be level 0 technically. I plan on using milestone leveling but this could just as easily be a short one shot.
Old Jul 12th, 2021, 03:59 PM
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Fascinating premise! Iím currently playing my solo game for 5e, but I will be watching this one. Looks like lots of fun!
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