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The New Heroes

Please post your accepted character here along with character sheet
I have taken the Oath of Sangus. Will you?
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left-aligned image
Name - Flacari Avant

Gender - Female

Race - I saw another player apply with Tiefling, and assumed it was ok that I do so.Tiefling (Oni-Spawn)

Class - Ranger (Mostly Ranged, but can still Melee)

Traits - Spiritual Forester & Canter

Physical Description - Upon seeing Flacari, it is easy to notice things that aren't right with her. Whether you focus on the horns sprouting from her head, the tail swinging behind her, or the red hue of her skin, it all adds up to Tiefling. She stands at an easy 5' 10" but the curve of her horns puts her more at 6' 2". Her gait shows of one used to walking around, and the wear of her clothing add additional proof. The air around her smells of earth, and dirt and grime, but if you breathe deep, some say there is the faint hint of death and brimstone. She is quick to look you in the eye, but she'll be damned if she'll be the first to look away.

Personality - Flacari sees herself as a free spirit. A harbinger of chaos among order. But while more see chaos as evil incarnate, they are the ones who fail to see the chaos inherent in nature. Flacari does not. She sees the world for what it really is: sequences of infinitely random events strung together into what everyone calls life. Flacari has focused herself to this cause. She looks at the random events, tries to figure out what their possible results can be, and attempts to choose the one that is most beneficial to all of nature.

Background - The sailor stumbled out into the cold night, battered and bruised. He could tell that he didn't have anything broken, and he didn't remember seeing any blood, but that didn't mean he wouldn't die. The few days that he had been on Ceto, one of the Kraken's Teeth, had been an experience like nothing else. But even here someone can get in too deep when deep into alcohol. That is what sparked the bet.

A whore house and an Oni!

Who has ever heard of an Oni getting pregnant, but this one managed it. A prostitute in its previous life, now feeding of the sins and degradation of those who are stupid enough to come to her, she manages to steal their essence, sending them off to their inevitable death, away from her, at sea.

The birth was tragic, and almost murderous. But upon learning of the pregnant Oni, measures were taken by the Order of the Black Talon. It was unfortunate that Nomichi, Hunter of All, caught wind of Flacari's arrival. It took him a little over a decade of waiting to find the likes of her, but in the end Flacari's mother was taken. A treasure this rare couldn't be left under the whims and scruples of a mere Oni. It was a battle to bring the Oni in alive, and with the child intact. It was an even greater feat to keep them both alive until the birth.

The Order had great plans for Flacari, and to initiate her into the organization, they began with using her as a message runner. But with her growth, came new responsibilities: Theft, strong-arming, rumor-mongering, anything to promote The Beast. Nomichi eventually began training her in the way of the hunter; the way of the stalker; the way of the killer. Their domain was a small place within the center of Cato, the Glade of Spirits. A place inhabited by many Kami, eager to see them leave. Nomichi's plans for her were all for naught though, as the spirits set actions in motion that would send Flacari out of the Kraken's Teeth.

They whispered to her in dreams. They argued with her about her fate; about her end results; about her morals and actions. She was working for chaos, but in a controlled fashion. How was that possible? To work for chaos, you had to be unpredictable. You had to be Uninhibited. You had to be CHAOTIC.

It was in her first assignment as a hunter when things shifted for Flacari. She was looking down her arrow at the old man that she had been assigned to kill. What was he to the Order? What was his death likely to accomplish? What was her killing him likely to do? In the end she did nothing. She didn't take the shot. She didn't cause his death. She didn't work for the order.

She knew she had to run. The order wouldn't stand to allow her to work against their goals. She had seen what happened to those individuals first hand. Now she would need her own order; her own accomplices. Now Flacari finds herself in Lakneral. It would seem that the gods have brought her to like-minded individuals. Working for Good. Whether by self-motivation or external forces, it didn't matter much to FlacariYet*. She knew she had a goal, and that goal was the opposition of The Order of the Black Talon.

RP Sample - Flacari looked down the shaft of her arrow, trying to figure out which target to go after first. The one on the left was easier, but then the one on the right would have to be dealt with, and it will have had time to prepare itself. The one on the right would be more difficult, but taking care of that first would make the one on the left a target for someone else's wrath.

Flacari was still deciding between the two when she heard it, "Will you please stop playing with the food and just pick a piece of meat to eat?"

In reality, Flacari was working on getting out of this mindset. She had been drilled to view all outcomes in every situation. View them all, because if you don't, you'll miss the one that will cause your death. She had just decided on a piece, when a large roar came out from the woods. It would seem that a bugbear had taken a personal affront to the group's deciding to camp there.

Flacari pulled the meat from the arrow's head with her teeth, notched her arrow in her bow, and took aim. The heart or the leg. The kill shot, and end this now, or the immobilizing shot that could provide information to the group later on. She knew what she was trained to do. She looked down the shaft of her arrow, seeing the target and the heart that was behind it. She breathed in and slowly exhaled as she readied to loosen her shaft.

She wasn't sure why it happened. Perhaps a subconscious tick. Perhaps a random uncounted for current of air. Perhaps deep down she just knew she was better than what she was about to do. But regardless, the arrow flew strait. It flew true. It flew into the Bugbear's leg, missing the femoral artery, but causing damage and pain, as the creature drew up and howled it's frustration out into the night, before the rest of her group could subdue it.

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General Information
left-aligned image
Name: Lilith Brightwater aka: Siren or Silk <-- Click to view Character Sheet
Race: Using Savage Species (pg: 196)Succubus
Age: She was born on "The year the Orcs were confirmed to have returned"169
Class: Working to transcend and become an AngelSuccubus
Deity: The Judge
Alignment: Lawful Good
Social Trait: Either from inborn talent, the whimsy of the gods, or obsessive study of strange tomes, you have mastered the use of a cantrip. Choose a 0-level spell. You may cast that spell once per day as a spell-like ability. This spell-like ability is cast at your highest caster level gained; if you have no caster level, it functions at CL 1st. The spell-like ability's save DC is Charisma-based.Magical Talent
Faith Trait: You were exposed to a potent source of positive energy as a child, perhaps by being born under the right cosmic sign, or maybe because one of your parents was a gifted healer. As a standard action, you may automatically stabilize a dying creature merely by touching it.Sacred Touch
Theme: Music
Physical/Mental Qualities: In her Succubus Form Lilith has an extremely beautiful human like body with exceptionally long auburn hair. From her back she sprouts a pair of bat like wings followed by a set of horns atop her head, a tail that ends in a heart shape, complete with yellow eyes. Her hands have long nails and her feet are hooved, displaying to all her demonic blood.

In her alternate form, Lilith appears to be a fairly comely woman with long auburn hair and green eyes who bears some Elvin features and appears to be in her early to mid 20's (in human years). She stands about 5'10" and weighs approx. 125 lbs. (without gear). She is also easily distinguished by her exotic leathers/clothing and tattoos. Lilith has a tendency to catch many mens eyes as she often dresses sparsely, wearing only enough clothing to protect herself from the elements.

Despite her appearance, Lilith has a very kind heart. She has a She had spent several human lifetimes (160 years) serving the cause of evil.long path ahead of her as she seeks redemption and strives to transcend her demonic body into that of an angel. She often leads thru example, relying on her abilities to speak louder than spoken words or prayers. When she is not practicing swordplay, Lilith enjoys music and dancing.
BackgroundLilith was born in the same year that the Orcs were confirmed to have returned. She was born a demon with the soul of an angel. At first, her demonic nature ruled her as she sought a way to the mortal realm to wreak chaos and steal souls to help fuel the abyssal ways. Eventually she found a gateway out of the abyss to realm of Meltheria, where she appeared outside the Port City of Lakneral in the Naltoga Kingdom and remained in the region for over 160 years.

During her 160 year reign of terror, she was the epitome of evil, having tricked or seduced many men for her own gains. Thru her past deeds, she had acquired a unique reputation and earned the nick name: "Siren". Despite her ability to manipulate and seduce anyone into anything, many people thought her to be a witch as her beauty and youth seemed unnatural. However, it was pretty easy to cover up those facts due to Elvin appearance, it threw them off in to believing her Elvin blood was the cause.

Just recently she met a very special person that gave her a warmth in her heart and body. It was the feeling of love, not lust. She had unlocked and discovered the goodness within her.

With her new feelings and thoughts, she began to reflect on her previous deeds as she wandered the streets in a mild haze. Eventually she stumbled across a temple to "The Judge" where she decided to go and seek atonement/redemption.

She seeks the path of an angel and prays "The Judge" will be able to see the truth when her time comes to be judged by the reigning powers in the heavens. She resents her heritage and has taken an oath to perform and uphold good deeds, to walk the enlightened path of an Angel. Her lustful succubus nature has now been turned inward, transforming it into love and beauty filled by the warmth of passion.

With her new feelings and focus in life, she has found faith in "The Judge" and seeks redemption. She prefers to stay in her alternate form as it is safer and helps to avoid discrimination. With her new faith and chosen path, her god smiled upon her and she was granted atonement, taking on the aspects of Law and Goodness. Thru this blessing she was granted special abilities. The Judge unlocked some of her Trait: Magical Talentmagical talents and provided her with a blessing to show compassion and Faith Trait: Sacred Touchaid those who are in dire need.

After her enlightenment, she headed over to the dock side to meet a friend who had other plans for her. It turned out some pirates wanted a refund and were going to make her physically pay for it. The trap was setup nicely and they managed to take her prisoner aboard the ship.

Many things transpired during the voyage, before the ship returned to the port of Lakneral. Once they returned, they gave her items back and booted her off the ship. There was nothing she could do against 50 sailors. She would have to return later, once she acquires more skill and companions to aid in the cause. She vowed to bring justice to them in the future. For now she collected her gear and with a wave of her hand, cleaned her clothing from all the stains from the trip. Keeping an eye behind her, she made her way back in to the city, her journey for redemption and justice was just beginning.

Role Play Sample:Lilith sits in the first mates quarters, shackled and caged. There is nothing near her except a partially filled dish of muck. As she sat and waited, she knew there was nothing much she could do on a ship.

Thinking to herself, she needs to wait till they get near land before attempting anything. However, after a long day at sea the first mate enters the cabin and said, Ah, now there's a sight to behold - my sweetie. as his eyes got large with a small evil grin.

Lilith looked up at him with disgust. The first mate grinned then stepped out of the cabin. After a few moments the first mate re-entered with one of the children in his hands, he then looked at Lilith and said, Now now there my feisty angel, my little Siren, such a sad look is unbecoming of you, why not spread those lips of yours and do what you know best.

The first mate began to remove his belt. Lilith spat at the first mate and said, Never! I am not like that anymore. It should be from love not lust! The first mate replied, Oh but you will. See this little girl? If you refuse, this knife here will see to it she is fed to the fishes for dinner. The first mate then began to press the knife against the child’s throat, a small trail of blood started to form on the blade.

Lilith knew the child, she was Kai the daughter of her best friend, and she couldn’t let such a thing happen to an innocent child. Lilith looked up with hateful eyes and said, Stop! Alright, I will do it on one condition; you release the child and see to it that no one harms her. a wide grin came across the first mates face as he replied, Now that is what I am talking about, agreed! ***edit scene*** She spits and wipes her face.

The first mate gets dressed then pulls the child close and says, Thank you, I have upheld my part of the bargain as well, but now that time has passed. Next time you might want to negotiate a time frame. The first mate proceeded to slice the child’s throat right in front of Lilith. Devastated, Lilith’s head sunk down into her hands as she began to cry as she thinks to herself This is one reason I shall never turn back to evil ways. The poor innocent child. I shall deliver justice to the man who did this to you, I swear it.

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ApplicationNameWargar, the Lurking Terror
Gender M
Race Lizardfolk Blackscale
Class Barbarian
Traits Killer – Armor Expert

Physical Description – A monstrosity, that’s all people see when Wargar walks into a room. At just under 9ft, he scrapes the ceiling if he can even fit into the room. Wargar wears a scale mail over his chest, rippling with the colors ranging from forest green of the Darktalon to the blackish green of his fellow Blackscale who had challenged his strength. Wargar wears cloth pants, at his wrists he has a bracelet of hair from the wild beasts & humans he has destroyed. Upon each knee he has skull of a Blackscale & each foot is adorned with a jaw from a Darktalon. Upon his shoulders he has pads with 3 claws from Grey render on one side & 3 claws of a Hydra upon the other. Wargar’s head by far is the most terrifying sight as a large maw full of razor sharp teeth & a frill that raises when finding a target.

Personality –The Lurking Terror is no more, leaving Wargar lost. Wargar had spent his lifetime building up his reputation & following the priests of the Snake. Now he’s seen the truth in fanaticism & blind faith has led him to hurt those he cared about the most. Wargar refuses to feel sorry for himself and has vowed to show the world how he has & will change. Lakneral is where his legend was born will be either his redemption or tomb. If the Lurking Terror can change, then maybe he can change his people as well.

Background – He was trained day in and day out against lizardfolk and the denizens of the swamp. At the end of his training he had been given a name, one as mighty as he was. His name was Wargar, and with his name he was given arms and armor to call his own. Yet his tribe was not warlike, in fact his tribe was peaceful by most standards. Wargar always longed for battle yet he the most glory he was to have would be in guard duty.

Guard duty was very rough, especially if you were guarding the temple. Standing still in silence for hours on end could bore a lizard to death. During one of these sessions of boredom a young lizardman acolyte named Kharn must have noticed his restlessness and began to speak with him whenever his duty was at the temple. Kharn & Wargar bonded over their want of adventure, slowly Kharn started introducing Wargar to the Snake god and his glory.

Kharn eventually asked Wargar if he would join the pilgrimage with him to the resting ground of Onysablet, a holy site for all lizardfolk, and as a good friend and wanting nothing more Wargar enthusiastically agreed to go on the adventure. Wargar & Kharn only ran into a few nuisances on the travel and quickly dispatched the creatures who wandered to close.

Wargar & Kharn spoke much about other villages and then started to speak about other temples views of the Snake God. Kharn seemed to light up as he told Wargar about the second coming and the duty tribes were taking to ensure Onysablet would be appeased. Wargar listened enthralled by the stories of glory that Kharn told and the villages of those tribes and the riches they contained. Kharn’s words were as if they were dipped in honey, sweet and savory Wargar couldn’t get enough of them.

By the time they had reached the putrid lake, Wargar was dreading going back to their clan. Wargar wanted the world to remember his name & live on through eternity. As they arrived at the lake there was already a small group there. Wargar & Kharn approached and noticed they were Blacktalons ritually bathing their infants in the lake. The shaman Dagara introduced himself and they talked long into nightfall. By the end of the night Wargar & Kharn had agreed to follow Dagara back to their clan forever leaving their old life behind.

Dagara took Kharn to become a priest within their temple and set Wargar to join on of the raiding companies. As a raider Wargar got to go on missions to capture wild beasts to be trained as living tools of war. Wargar quickly moved up the ranks with his ferocity and fearlessness in battle eventually getting a contingent of his own. The groups of raiders would sometimes group up and invade other lizardfolk tribes & human settlements razing the towns & taking the spoils.

Wargar’s raiders & four other groups of raiders set out along the coast burning and pillaging the simple farmers and townsfolk. Filled with loot and debating to head back with spoils a human army twice their number was scouted ahead. It should have been foreseen since they were coming upon the city Lakernal only a half days march away.

That evening Wargar sat down with the other leaders and they bickered and argued on if they should fight for glory, return with spoils and possibly be run down or return in shame leaving the spoils. None of these seemed like good ideas until Wargar proposed his. It would have to be done this night and timed perfectly.

Wargar took his half his contingent & a few from the others leaving the rest to guard his spoils as the rest of the war band retreated. In the cover of darkness the raiders moved down the coast in the shallows deep enough to avoid the watchful eyes of scouts. The raiders swam around and entered the town by the ocean entrance. The lizardmen waited hidden till an hour before dawn & quickly and quietly spread out while the town still slumbered. Then the city was burning, it took a moment but only a moment for the screams to start. The raiders murdered and set the town ablaze, after thirty minutes of wanton destruction the raiders brought back a body each per Wargars instruction. Wargar had their mutilated & crispy bodies laid out spelling his name. The town would not soon forget his deeds.

Wargar knew the troops would head back to help the town leaving the rest time to retreat back to the marshes. Wargar took back to the river & swam northward towards the mountains to come around and meet back up with the rest of the raiders. A plan that won Wargar the title of Lurking Terror, and with that title Wargar was climbed the ranks over the years & soon was on par with becoming Clan Leader.

Kharn showed up one night to his tent with Dahaga & the customary temple guard. They all sat down sharing drink and laughter. Eventually Kharn turned the subject, “Wargar all your gloriesss have terrified our rivalsss & brought usss many richesss. You know you have the Sssnakesss blesssing and with that the sssupport of the temple. If you wisssh it your dream will be ssso. ”

Wargar ecstatic beyond belief cheered his approval and proposed a toast. Dahaga said, “Yes, let usss drink to Wargar’sss glory to come! You will need to have a raid againssst another tribe asss a ssshow of your assscendance. Luckily enough Kharn hasss the perfect tribe to ssstrike.”

Wargar could taste the victory in his mouth as sweet as the wine he drank. “With the temple’sss blesssing Wargar will make the clan bleed. Kharn my brother, what victimsss ssshall I ssset my sssightsss on?”

Kharn smiled and said, “It’sss our easssy vulnerable former clan!” Wargar choked on his drink, as soon as Kharn admitted the target. Kharn stared quizzically and queried, “What bothersss you my brother? We will ssstrike them and gain a hefty bounty!”

Wargar looked to Kharn and said, “Sssurely you jessst, even asss clan leader I couldn’t lead an attack againssst a clan I formerly wasss of. It breaksss all Lizardfolk tradition and marsss me a traitor.”

“We are changing the order of thingsss. We are forming a new order with you asss our herald. The time of the sssecond risssing isss here and you are chosssen!” spoke Dahaga. Wargar thought of the glory of the snake and knew this was everything he wanted, to be king of the new world. Even with all the riches how could he betray his former clan, and be known as a betrayer and seen as less than a dog.
Kharn & Dahaga were staring at him when Wargar spoke, “I will lead, but I will abide by tradition and let sssomeone lead the attack againssst my former clan.” Both Kharn & Dahaga looked disappointed and a long silence followed.

Dahaga looked to Kharn & gave a slight nod & Kharn spoke, “Heresssy, you have been chosen by the Snake & have fallen from the path.” The Temple guards surged forward & resolved to beat Wargar to restrain him. Kharn ordered the guards to bring him to the temple once he was subdued before leaving.

While Wargar was being beaten he tripped one of the guards. While the one struggled to get up Wargar grabbed the wrist of the other pulling him towards him and ripping his throat out with his teeth. Wargar rose with the other guard blood covering his snout. The guard lunged & Wargar dodged pushing him into the ground. Wargar grabbed his flail & smashed the back of the guard’s skull in. Wargar gathered his gear and fled quickly into the night, knowing the temple would send troops after him.

RP Sample - Wargar had to escape, but cut & bruised he could only manage to shamble away. Everyone hated him now, and there was nowhere safe for him. Wrapped up in his thoughts Wargar hardly noticed he was almost through the swamp, the ground firmer and the moisture had dissipated. Suddenly a Lizardman scout & a Darktalon soldier stepped out from under the branches of a dreary willow tree.

The bolder of the two, “Why isssin’t it the mighty Lurking Terror, where do you think you’re running to?” Wargar didn’t have time for this, much less fighting this patrol. The two lizardfolk chuckled as they noticed the wounded condition Wargar was in. Turning to the scout he sneered, “Ssstep back, hisss glory isss sssoon to be mine!”

Wargar focused his rage and in an instant roared pulling out his flail and charged towards the now shocked Blackscale. Wargar’s violent burst came out in a geyser of hatred & the massive flail head came underneath and connected with his chin knocking the Blackscale’s head back with an audible crack from the snapping of a neck. With one mighty blow the patrol was diminished by half and the remaining scout fell down in astonishment that even one so battered & wounded could be so terrible in his wrath!

Stepping over the crumpled corpse, leaned down staring into what would have been an appetizer Wargar hissed, “Flee and tell them Wargar isss dead.” As the scout tripped upon himself fleeing in terror, Wargar stepped over to the Blackscales corpse stepping on his chest and ripping his head off and sending one final thunderous roar into the marsh. Wargar knew he had to leave his past behind him, he had to find a way to fix his broken people.

The road to Lakneral lay just ahead and Bossk hoped his exhausted body could manage the distance.

HistoryHistory – In the wilds you are a survivalist or you conquer. You scrape by day to day or you take charge and become the Apex predator. The lizardfolk have both survivalists and conquers. Ruled by mighty warriors each clan leader listens to their priests first, and all lizardfolk priests first and foremost worship the Snake God. When the Snake was first freed from his imprisonment he betrayed the other gods and sided with the Dragons and all his followers joined him. At the end of the war the dragons were beaten and many were slain or disappeared.

Black dragons natural habitat being in swamps were the obvious choice for the Lizardfolk to follow. In the swamplands there was one Great Black Dragon named Onysablet. Onysablet was cruel and cunning and held great favor for the Lizardfolk. Some believed she mated with a great Lizardman for his deeds in battle, and her offspring became the Blackscale. Blackscale being of abnormal size and great strength causing the tale to be taken more as history than legend. Another clan took to bathing their newborn in the poisonous lake that lead to Onysablet’s underwater cave. The waters seemed to make the children stronger, tougher and filled them with violent tendencies. The tribes that did this became known as the Darktalon tribes, and still bathe their children to this day. The large majority of the lizardfolk population are normal unaltered lizardmen & poison dusks.

After the war was lost the gravely wounded Onysablet attempted to reach her cave but only managed to make it to her lake and perished. Others refuse to believe Onysablet was dead and say that she made it to her cave and is waiting for her time to rise again in what is called the second coming. After her disappearance the swamp receded and men started to farm the former land lizardfolk had called home. Most believed that after the fall the Snake wanted them to adjust and fit in with other societies and with other races. The fanatics believing the Snake wants his chosen people to rule the world raid and attack human settlements and bring back rich rewards to heap upon their idol.

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General InfoName: Fruros Darksbane

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Race: Half-ELf

Class: Inquisitor

Traits: Zealous Striker, True Believer

Physical Description

Fruros is pretty huge for a half-elf, broad and muscular is the way to describe him. While most half-elf has the lean figure of an elf, Fruros looks much closer to his human ancestry. One thing that reminds people of his elf ancestry is his pointy ear. As he cannot wears anything that might be mistaken as a Matron cleric or priest, the only thing that link im to Matron is an amulet with the Matron symbol, given to him by the archpriest.

His deep blue orbs, much like the ocean, exude gentleness and if one looks deep enough, sadness. His dark brown hair can be untidy for other people but to him, it tells the tale of his rather messy life. Several scars can be found on his body none of them are in any commonly exposing area like face, neck and hands.


PersonalityGentle vs Ruthless - Just like his old cult, Fruros is gentle to his companions and anyone he think is not bad but he is extremely ruthless to his enemies. He shows no mercy or remorse to those that deserved to be death in his mind. Forgiveness is one thing that he is constantly trying to learn ever since he follows the path of Matron.

Loyal - To his companions, Fruros is super loyal and dependable. He will not abandon his friends even if it mean his death and is willing to go the extra mile to those he genuinely cares about.

Humble - Throughout his life, he has been working under a greater being and all of the devotion has made him a very humble man. "Egotastical" is not in his personal dictionary.

Insensitive - Underdeveloped on the emotional senses, Fruros can be insensitive to others' feeling. He is gentle when needed but he has a hard time sensing emotions or considering them in conversation when other people don't tell him how they feel.

Messy - While not straight out dirty, Fruros put many things above his personal hygiene and tidiness of his own things. This can be a problem if he travels with any neat person.


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