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Old Nov 15th, 2009, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by HenryLockwood View Post
Council of Thieves
An urban adventure

Westcrown, City of Twilight
Westcrown was once the City of Nine Stars, a bastion of civilization and a symbol of national strength in Chelish eyes. The city was the center of Arodenís faith; all Cheliax deemed it to be Arodenís next home in the mortal world. Westcrown rivaled Absalom as a destination of pilgrimages during the Age of Enthronement.

Decades of bloody strife followed Aroden's unexpected death. Strife, chaos and civil war, and the only direction out of the chaos seemed to be the orderly tenets of diabolism. A city that once symbolized a peopleís power now projects a peopleís disappointment and despair. Hope has dimmed in the city, and shadow beasts walk the streets instead of Arodenís clergy. Westcrown remains influential in its mercantile and military might, but also humbled by its lost faith and tarnished reputation. The City of Nine Stars has become the City of Twilight.

One of the most varied and sophisticated cities of the Inner Sea, Westcrown is an enigma. By day, this city reminds many of any city or country they know, either because of the varied architecture or because people from all across Avistan and Garund now call Westcrown home. The many religious sites, whether active or debased, continue to draw the pious, the curious, and the devious. Even the ruins of the northern city draw interest among those looking for less-than-legal materials or rare treasures amid the dangerous rubble. But once the sun sets, only the foolish walk out of doors in Westcrown, for the shadow beasts prowl every darkened lane and waterway.

You were born in Westcrown. This lingering city, no longer as proud as it was, is your home. It is a home ruled by devil-worshippers; strange shadow creatures prowl the streets at night and the Dottari, the city guards, can only enforce the curfew rather than preventing the threat. People are suffering, but the older ones remember the civil war after Aroden's death, and the younger ones do not know any other life. There is not quite enough suffering for people to rebel, though some at least chafe at the current conditions.

You are one of those. For whatever reason, you are unhappy with the current government, and want the city to be a happier place to live. You always thought you were alone, or perhaps you feared being dragged away by the Order of the Rack for questioning - they do not tolerate insurrection, and a whispered word in the wrong ear can make anyone a suspect. Recently, however, someone has contacted you - a lady named Janiven - asking you to meet at Vizio's Tavern in three days' time. It seems she has something on her mind, a plan perhaps, and you are involved.



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