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Old Nov 21st, 2020, 01:41 AM
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Fleet as a Feather! As easy and fluid as the wind, the boy glided upon the tips of his toes. The elf's quickened footfalls stirred small flurries of dried leaves as he gracefully strode through the old forest. Cid'lihn was naturally fleet of foot and practically floated while he ran. The strength and speed of his lean Elvish build was certainly suited for such athleticism.

The druid sprinted along the trail of the weavers for some time, until the dark predawn gloom began to lift and the first rays of sunlight shone above horizon. However, it soon became apparent that the druid was beginning to tire. Then the boy felt a magical presence emanate from behind him. A cool fluttering sensation and a soft tickling feeling laid upon his neck and brushed over his cheek. It was all but silent, the bird was certainly a well developed hunter with silencing zippers upon the feathers. It swooped low and gracefully flew at pace with the elf just over his shoulder. Suddenly, the Eladrin's eyes began to glow up with the sight of the first rays of sun, which refracted into the sparkling dewy forest. Cid'lihn recognized that patterning and color of the owl which flew with him while he ran. Pale alabaster feathers that were of a pure white, and long shining talons. The white owl gazed sidelong at the elf with one of it's wide yellow eyes as it flew alongside.
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Within his mind Cid'lihn felt the presence of the owl begin to reach out and speak. It is i, Feather of The White Hunters Moon, Fly swiftly my friend! Cid'lihn heard the ancient and wise sounding voice of the owl call within. Then, the boy was bolstered by a restorative feeling, and his tiredness dropped away.

The pads of his bare feet began to blur upon the forest floor as he placed the lightest pressure upon his toes, and yet the quickening of his speed caused coils of swirling leaves to be left in his wake.
Feather's blessing allowed him to cover miles in what seemed mere moments. All the while, his eyes were focused intently upon the forest floor and engaged in the active tracking of the trail of spiders. The boy moved with the sylvan winds as his strong and limber elvish legs blurred with absolute speed. His minds eye cleared of all distractions, Cid'lihn was intent on reaching the place of the medicine webs, and saving the life of an awakened white moose whom he cared for dearly.
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