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Old Aug 30th, 2022, 02:46 PM
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Outplay 2022
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Immense noise, blinding light, searing pain, then nothing as reality collapses around those assembled. Combinations of resonance made flesh and ultrasonic energy push back against the implosion in the last ditch effort to avoid the fate The Benefactor feared had moments before.

Legion blinks, finding a gaggle of people around him strewn across an assortment of shattered pavement, segmented street signs, partial park benches, and anything else sucked into the portals with their victims. It would seem the meta planes dont take kindly to littering. Jake stirs in his arms, color returning to his limbs as his breathing steadies. The alien hellscape had taken a toll on all its visitors. The clouds clear, and glints of red glow in the moonlight scattered among the debris. If this is what he thinks it is, The Companions and The Benefactor's victims will never have money problems again.

The technomancer checks his comlink, as it explodes with notifications. It seems he's a popular man as he receives pings from several Companions. He sends his location and collapses on some comfortable-looking rubble. It's been a busy couple of days.

Legion hears the broom before he sees it, the rest of the companions joining shortly after as they get the victims on their feet and their injuries assessed. The assembled matrix jockeys keep the air traffic free until they gather all the orichalcum from the area and tend to everyone's injuries. The technomancer is the first to notice the blood addict is still missing. He'd hoped to find her, even if under some debris. It isn't until days later that the clean-up crews find the shattered hilt of Amari's sword, the only clue that she was ever in that cursed plane.

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Amari blinks and finds herself in a hazy space. She scans the distance finding a dark stain on the horizon that makes her skin crawl the more she focuses on it. A quote from an old 2d trid comes unbidden to her mind.

Look, Simba: Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
What about that shadowy place way out there?
That s beyond our borders. You must never go there, Simba.

A small boy appears from thin air, sitting and dangling his legs off a ledge that isn't there. "No, you aren't dead. Everyone always asks that first." The boy jumps to his feet, growing taller as he approaches. His arms and legs bulge, hinting at massive cybernetic augmentation, before the rat's nest of wires and tubes connecting his body comes into view as the once boy now stands before Amari. "This is my fault. I, who dwell on the threshold, am responsible for keeping the planes separate."

The cybernetic abomination softens and blurs as it paces in front of the blood addict deep in thought. It takes on a translucent, vaguely humanoid shape as it continues. "I grow weak and must regain strength. One of your kind once said the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. You have seen to both, my vibrant friend." Amari feels a warmth growing inside her as the entity shifts.

The entity's translucent outline stretches and solidifies into the shape of a massive dragon. Its massive blue hewed scales are lined with silver. She's never met a dragon before, but this one looks familiar. "You will join me, as have countless heroes before you, and we will keep all the worlds safe from those like The Benefactor and those much, much worse." A series of windows open onto an infinite number of worlds running the gamut from plain to fantastical, primitive to futuristic, nightmarish to utopia, all in the blink of an eye.

Amari looks back towards The Dweller, who settles into the form of a glowing orb. "We will do great things together. Yout adeventures are far from over Amari."
I may be gone, but the shadow community lives on!

Good luck and happy gaming everyone!!!
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