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Old Jun 15th, 2022, 04:54 AM
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PotM May

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May has passed so quickly but managed to get a lot of nominated posts that were all really cool to read. The judges had a hard time having to decide on one winning post but the decision has been made: congrats to PapaHuck!!! Their post was (to quote PlaidPeregrine's nomination reasons) --> PapaHuck brings some wonderful mirth to the scene, and has such an original concept as being Ness, the village's gong (poop) 'farmer', who is now going to become a hero, full of energy and wit with a bardic magic all his own. Enjoy!
To enjoy as recommended please click this link and don't forget to spread some RPXL love <3<3<3 by clicking those scales in the right upper corner.

Yes, there was some competition, all worth reading! Reasons to nominate were for example; a writer taking the opportunity for his character to share his love for unicorns at all times leading to hilarious situations. Lazer did exactly that over here. A DM's nomination is also worth reading, to quote tomplum: Jennifer's post built upon what I had posted prior but then she expanded upon it and made it even better by adding her own flair and expression to it. As a DM, it is incredibly rewarding to see a player expound upon your scene and make it better by their own contributions. You can find the post over here. This post was made in a secret Game forum but bananabadger quoted Redworm's post over here. Nominated on taking the tree-puns to a whole new level of fun, as expected from a bard ofcourse. Please click on Redworm's profile to find a post to share some RPXP, they will know that you liked this nominated tree-pun post :-)

Another post was nominated by Battlechaser for the reasons described in the nomination post: Leo’s description of Veronica’s possession, of the ungodly pain she inflicts on her own child and of the malign influence of the Old Ones on the world of Origin is so accurate, so good of conveying these feelings that you can only shudder and hope the vileness leaves no traces while you check under the bed for monsters. . Intrigued? Check out their post over here
Atrayn made a post that got nominated by Fillyjonk; definitely worth reading because Here, he finally steps into himself, using the oratory style of the very people who exiled him to negotiate with an ancient white dragon that is about to sacrifice Moxie to an Archdevil by throwing her in a grinder. . Nobody wants to miss out on that I think, so head over here and start reading and appreciating the post.

Last but not least, the nominated got nominated themselves by lostcheerio showing their appreciation for bananabadger's post over here. Quote lostcheerio: ... sometimes your players give you things to react to, and those are really great moments. In this post you'll see bananabadger's Goliath putting forward a pitch for Olivessa and Arista to join him in "the Tir-amies." You'll also see the poster Oar made to promote their campaign, and read references to the Galley Wench book series, an episodic adventure that bananabadger added to the campaign world. Make sure you open the buttons and look at the TT text!

Congrats to PapaChuck and all the other writers that made it to be acknowledged for their talent to write and make us readers wonder and be amazed. Thank you and my gratitude to the RPG-members that made the time to nominate a post, and explain why it deserved and nomination. Retry, tomplum, bananabadger, PlaidPeregrine, Battlechaser, Fillyjonk, and lostcheerio: thank you :-). If you feel like nominating: please do so!!!!! This Month's competition is found here and consider to make only onea nomination for a post written in June.

*** disclaimer: please be aware that a nominated and/or winning post can be published in the Exploring Runes, the online cool magazine of this site. Reach out if you want to keep your post unpublished ***
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