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Old Jun 18th, 2022, 04:54 PM
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Experience Explosive Runes Magazine #32, the "Horror Edition!" ($free)

Dice horror dice page 52 and 53:
d12 12
d12 8
d6 4

A long series of small scratches mar one wall. A note tacked to the wall reads "In the river lies a girl, in the water swims her blood." The sound of a child laughing echoes through the corridor.

left-aligned image
We are happy to announce the publication of Explosive Runes Magazine #32: the Horror Edition!

I've read it front to back, and I can tell you that wodine (editor) and all the contributors really outdid themselves this time. There's great art, challenging puzzles, and a load of great articles:
  • stepanxol will make you want to try Trail of Cthulhu and Yellow King RPG, if you haven't yet.
  • Admin Dirk tells a somber tale about strangulation (killing alone will not suffice!) in dusty sepulchers.
  • Leviticus gets the downlow on being a new member at RPG Crossing from 10Doc, NightDreamer09, and Grimshaw.
  • Kapera's excellent essay on running a personal horror story for your players leads through developing GM satisfaction through player paranoia into the joy of implementing your players' twisted fears.
  • Thaco presents "The Candymaker", their Iron DM-winning adventure for 4 5th level players (D&D5e.)
  • Posts of the Month by Bluejack, Silk, PlaidPeregrine, and Yoshimi are presented for your reading pleasure. They are engaging reads even as standalone pieces.
  • wodine weaves the story of Gideon Kincaid and the dangers of doing an MFA in Boston.
  • Aethera develops story ideas for your adventures around a supernatural poet NPC.
  • lostcheerio presents an excellent treatise on making your PCs afraid (with a side of NPC torture.)
  • wodine presents an adventure brief that centers on a depraved artist.

Explosive Runes is the magazine published by RPG Crossing. It features articles that can help you enhance your games, increase enjoyment, and improve role playing skills. It is even a great read for those who just follow games and don’t play!

If you'd like to drop by with compliments or comments, or perhaps ask about getting involved in future issues, I've opened a discussion thread for those who would like to talk about issue #32.

And here's a link to all past issues of Explosive Runes.

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