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Old Jul 17th, 2022, 04:21 AM
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PotM June

To barge inside with the door Dutch expression, hopefully self-explanatory ;-)* CONGRATS to Touketsu for winning the Post of the Month June 2022!!!

The reason for nominating is simple and very clear: Quote Lentil Sponge --> 'it's just a fantastic post'. This post is going to bring you into the mindset of Damian, the character, first and third-person writing style is used to bring variety and all emotions are present and dealt with. You must be curious so here is the link. If you feel generous and appreciative: click those scales at the top right of the post and hand out some RPXP-love

This announcement was slightly late because the decision was hard to make, we went back and forth so please check out our number 2; Jennifer's post over here. Yes it is a long post quote Jon but it has reasons, 'it is weaving the post it replies to within this post and there is a lot to say. Jennifer replies with a switch of tunes that absolutely nail the dramatic contrast. We move from metalís sense of doom and horror, through the fantasy of the DaVinci code to the triumph of Les Mis' . According to Jon it is worth the read (and RPXG but that is me saying that ;-)

Fact: all other posts were in the top three of our judges, meaning they all stood out and made us wonder, happy while reading, enjoying your craft and talent. Worth the read and your time so let me list them for you to enjoy some good posts:
  • Horseman was nominated by bananabadger with this post. Reasons provided: But as Horseman submerges us into these daily realities, he also sets us up for a collision with magical mayhem, in this case a player who attempted to shapeshift into a bear and rolled two critical fails in a row to entirely lose control of the transformation and turn everyone else's day into total chaos.
  • Pseudonymos have been able to gain appreciation and nomination by their DM Retry with this post. Retry is successfully triggering our interest by this mysterious nomination: 'We often take for granted the absurdities that occur in games. Flying warlocks, tables that devour people, kobolds; so its refreshing (and often funny) when a player reacts in a logical manner to the absurd. No further context will be provided for this post'. Feel free to check it out, and well played Retry ;-)
  • Last but definitely not the least; Kaigen was nominated with this post. HotsuSama explains in their nomination that a Wanderhome-game (DM-less if I understand correctly) asks for a bit more input from the players. This post stood out for quote HotsuSama 'Kaigen gets this game and its sensibilities. This post progresses the current mystery and lore, but also is resplendent with details in the room, the characters, the things that catch the senses.'.
    Curious? Click the link and start reading ....

Please do not forget to hand out RPXG generously, each and every post deserved it. As promised, a small honorable mention for TomPlum's post. According to the nomination rules one may only nominate ONE post and Jon simply was too enthusiast :-). They were forced to choose... But this post is still worth the read so check it out! It had been nominated but did not get judged...
Congrats to all and please keep nominating, the July nomination thread is over here.

*** disclaimer: please be aware that a nominated and/or winning post can be published in the Exploring Runes, the online cool magazine of this site. Reach out if you want to keep your post unpublished ***
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