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Old Oct 12th, 2021, 05:55 AM
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September PotM

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The judges have come to a conclusion (but oof it was close once again!) and we want to congratulate Lazer on their victory of writing the winning post! Nominated because Lazer managed to write a post that was very good in character, and it provides insight about Azar her past thrusting into conflict with her present and future. Quote: Lazer's depth of understanding of the strong, but vulnerable, Azar is unmatched, and he writes so compellingly from her point of view! Read and enjoy, and do not forget to hand out those RPXP generously!!!

There were four other posts nominated and may I be so bold to encourage you to read them? They were all nominated for such good reasons that we would love to share and have all of your RPXP spent don't these points (if you have handed out too much, tomorrow you may spend some more). Maybe you feel like reading
  • this post, where Fillyjonk mastered toeing between disguise and misrepresentation putting the reader in a place where we all have to just take our hats off to her play. Amazing twist, completely legit set-up, and flawless timing, you can not miss this.
  • Danilore's post managed to get noticed as well, already known to be a talented writer and storyteller this one managed the introduction of their character with the use of vocabulary and description being absolutely on-point here. Read and learn I might say
  • If players are saying it time over time one has the right the duty to nominate yourself! Insanicrum managed to provide an equally crazy response to his player's characters and actions. Several bards, illusions, performances, and spells were thrown at the DM and Insanicrum health with it all in a non-pre-scripted way, respect to that. Curious? You can read the post over here ;-)
  • Last but not least, and definitely your RPXP worthy; Pinotage their 'quote' lovely post, well written, and a great example of what can be done in 'downtime.' You can read it over here and do not hesitate to read how Pinotage was talented to weave a mystery and also gives us great insight into their character

This Month was a good one to enjoy reading posts like these. Keep nominating them please, share your admiration for a post well-written or standing out for other reasons.

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