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Old Jan 19th, 2023, 12:13 PM
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Kazuma Kuwabara


Character Name: Kazuma Kuwabara
Anime Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Race: Human
Apparent Age / Real Age: 17
Basic Description: Very tall for his age, with a wiry, athletic body. Ginger of hair

Body: 8 [16]
Mind: 5 [10]
Soul: 10 [20]
Health Points: 90/90
Energy Points: 75/75
Attack Combat Value: 7 [0]
Defense Combat Value: 7 [0]
Points Used: 47 of 100


* More heart than sense [?]
* Social Fault (annoying) [-1]
* Significant other : Big sister [-1]

Biography: Pressured in being a good student by his very-serious-people parents, he was shoved in the MMM hoping he can stay out of trouble and graduate with good votes, always comparing him with his older and less problematic sister Shizuru.

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