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Game Name
Tales from the Fen: Red Claw
"There ain't no laws while there's Red Claw around!~"
SystemDungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
ThemeParty of hired adventurers attempt to free town of odd booze-induced affliction
flavorHigh Fantasy, Dungeon Crawl, Humor, One-Shot
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by Cze & Peku
Plot Summary
Welcome to the growing port town of Knotside! After the most recent military expansion for the war front a respectable inflow of coin was given to the town and its denizens have prospered greatly for it. Business is flourishing, the fields are fertile, the fish are plenty, and the population growing by the week!

The early days of summer are upon the land as the sun has grown strong. Summer festivals fueled by local brewers have kept spirits high despite the growing heat. Yet something is amiss.
Not but five weeks ago, a new liquor called "Red Claw," had made its debut in the taverns of Knotside. Almost overnight its popularity sky rocketed! Within a matter of two days every drop of Red Claw alcohol had been bought and consumed! Anyone who took even a simple sip of the spirit found themselves wanting more. At first, these desires were naught but simple cravings like one might crave a simple sweet from time to time. As the days came and went without a new shipment in, that craving grew into a need. Then from a need to an obsession. Those who tasted its wonders would pay anything - do anything, if it meant they could taste Red Claw once more!

The last shipment that came two weeks ago didn't even make it to the first tavern before it was overran! Its contents spilling into the streets and the townies lapping the drink from the cobblestone streets like wild mutts! Riots broke out forcing the town militia to deploy, yet even half of their forces were under the drink's sway! Now, the town of Knotside faces possible collapse as the red-eyed Red Claw addicts stalk the streets, desperate for more!! The drink must never come to town again and a cure must be discovered!

A problem on top of the many at-hand is no one knows where this mysterious drink has come from! One thing is certain, though, whomever is brewing it must be stopped! Lest this affliction spread and collapse the entire region! Can you find the source and put an end to this booze-fueled curse?

Game Detail

Red Claw is a challenging location-based adventure for four 10th-level adventurers. While most encounters are designed for four 10th-level adventurers in mind, there are a few significantly more difficult challenges, so be weary!

Duke Hammin, the ruler over the region that Knotside resides in, has put an urgent request to the Adventurer's Guild (aka as simply "the Guild") for immediate aid!

After reviewing the situation and the possible threat of spreading you and your comrades were called upon, as well-respected/known Guild members, to address it. Whether you are an established team or independent agents, or even a mixture of the two; you all know of each enough to be acquaintances. You have been made aware of the enchanted drink and have been sent via coach wagon out to the location to investigate and put an end to this madness.

DM Note:
This One-shot is a pretty straight-forward dungeon crawl. Depending on post rate and the ever-volatile real life, I expect the game to last about six months.


  • Allowed Sources: All official published sources allowed.
  • Restrictions: No Lucky feat or Silvery Barbs spell. No UA.
  • Level: Lv10
  • Multi-classing: Allowed but limited to one. {Allowed: Fighter 8, Sorc 2
    Not Allowed: Rogue 5, Fighter 3, Paladin 2
  • Attribute Scores: Standard Array, 27pt-buy, or 6x 4d6kh3 / rstat2
    If they are gods awful you can default to Standard Array/27pt-buy instead.
  • HP - Roll with re-rolling 1s or average. If you roll, and roll poorly, you cannot take average.
  • Alignments: Any but CE.
  • Gear:The following is obtained from pg. 38 of the DMG and will be what is used-
    • Starting Gear OR roll class gold
    • extra 500gp
    • extra 1d10*25gp
    • Background item(s) and gold
    • One uncommon magic item OR two common magic items. [DM reserves the right to veto]
  • Pantheon: Any
  • Character Advancement: None
  • Post-rate: 1-2/wk (excluding weekends)
  • Roll thread is over here if you wish to roll things while crafting your app.

Application ExpectationsProvide your typical app, please:
  • Name
  • Race
  • Class(es), and subclass(es)
  • Appearance
  • Brief history (there is no official setting so have fun with it!~)
  • A link or two to some posts you've made

Applications close Jun 3rd!
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