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Old Feb 12th, 2015, 12:35 AM
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Character Names by Neqq

Written by Neqq
Choosing a name for your character is an important step. You should choose a name that fits with your character concept and with DM vision of what their game will be. There is no use applying to a game advertised as Epic High Fantasy with a tengu named Tim unless you have a hell of a justification in his background. If you are applying for game with an oriental setting you should use different names than if the game has a Celtic flavour.

Donít use ridiculous spelling or make names unpronounceable, it will detract from your character.

Many game systems will give you examples of names for different classes and races, they are a good starting point if you are stuck for inspiration. The internet has name sites for most major cultures around the world. Most sites will also list the meaning of names so you can match them to a dominant personal quality of your character. You can also put one of characterís main traits into Google translator and see if it throws a word you could use as a basis of a name. For examples naming a dwarf fighter Sterk which is Icelandic for strong or a Catfolk Durraini because it is Latavian for mittens. Myths and legends are also great sources.

Exercise name three of these characters.
Male halfling rogue
Female fighter in a Viking inspired campaign
Kitsune mage
Wookie pilot in a Star Wars game
Female doctor in a modern setting
Samsaran oracle
Orc scarred witch doctor
Investigator in Victorian era Call of Cthulhu
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