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Old 05-09-2019, 05:41 PM
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Re-openingI am Reopening Applications for a magic user for one of the groups. We currently have Warlock, Monk, Barbarian, Rouge, and a Paladin. Looking for someone to fill that utility magic role. So primarily a Bard, Wizard, Sorcerer, or druid. Thread will be locked once position is filled.
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The player in mind backed out so we still have one position open for anyone who is interested!
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Name: Charisa Hawkwind
Race: Human(Variant)
Class: Druid
Stat Array: STR 9 DEX 16 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 16 CHA 10
Trait:I am utterly serene, even in the face of disaster.
Abominations are an affront to nature and must be destroyed.
Ideal: Logic. Emotions must not cloud our sense of what is right and true, or our logical thinking.
Flaw: I'd risk too much to uncover a lost bit of knowledge.
Bond: My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil that only I can destroy.
Personality: Charisa is a bit introverted but will speak up if she sees the need. She tries to remain calm in pressure situations- succeeding most of the time. Her goal in life is the eradication of abominations.
Background: I believe that the last living primordial on the planet is in Rappan Athuk and must be destroyed.
Heck, I may even be right- who knows? Besides, there must be juicy bits of knowledge hidden there.
Roleplay sample of a fight: Charisa wondered what sin had the party commited to be confronted by this fiend. Oh well, no help for it now; she put all thoughts of worry behind as there was work to be done.

Unsheathing her scimitar, the druid charged the foul creature. She
Dice attack vs fiend, slashing damage:
1d20+5sch14 (3)+5 Total = 8
swang low but the fiend jumped and the sword passed under it.

Oh geez, Charisa thought a split second before saying to her companions, "I hope you gentlemen are better swordsmen than I for I'm in need of a bit of practice."

If the character is acceptable, please PM me. Sheet Link

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Are we still level 1 and sounds great I would love to try a wizard out here.
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left-aligned image
Name: Stig the Hopeless
Race: Half Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Stat Array: STR:14 DEX:15 CON:13 INT:8 WIS:10 CHA:14
Trait: I am not good at serving on my own. I need support from my friends.
Ideal: Family: Gotta do good for the ones that are always there for you.
Flaw: I ain't the sharpest stick the the pile of sticks.
Bond: By my words and actions, I often (unintentionally) bring shame to my family.
Personality: Stig is an incredibly friendly and good natured young half-elf. Yet, is it not the sharpest tool in the shed, and so therefore is often is in trouble. He is a naive follower, but well intentioned.
Background: Rappan Athuk? Stag's never heard of it. But after his Mama kicked him out, he has to go somewhere. After he accidentally set the cows on fire...again...for the 4th time...she had had enough! She told him to go out into the world and learn to control his ability. Now, without knowing much about the world, and that magical apprenticeships are an actual thing, he set out into the world looking for an adventure. Trial and error seemed to be a good a way as any...
Roleplay sample of a fight: Stig looked around at his newly found allies, awed by their might. His jaw hung open as he stood motionless, despite the clang of metal on metal, and the squeal of goblins around him. A missal whizzed past his face and brought him back down to the situation at hand. Goblin archers appeared out of nowhere, lining up in the distance. His allies were exposed. All engaged at the front.
"I got this", He shouted neverously, not sure if any sound actually escaped his mouth. "Firebolt!". The flame lept from his wand and streaked through the battle field, narrowly missing the barbarian but hitting one of the goblin archers squarely in the chest.
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Application for Wizard
right-aligned image
Name: Pludkithren "Plucky" Brightleaf
Race: Forest Gnome
Class: Wizard (Divination)
Stat Array: STR 8 | DEX 16 | CON 14 | INT 18 | WIS 10 | CHA 8
Trait: (Background: Sage) I'm used to helping out those who aren’t as smart as I am, and I patiently explain anything and everything to others.
Ideal: Knowledge. The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge. (Neutral)
Flaw: Because I can infer what will happen in the future, I tend to ignore dangers that lurk beneath my nose
Bond: I would gamble with my life for more knowledge, especially if it means getting an advantage over those pompous snotty wizards

Personality: Wizards can be quite condescending, and while Plucky seems to hate every single one of them robed snots, he exudes a similar attitude of preconceived superiority over others that he himself does not notice nor acknowledge. He tends to talk to those he considers intellectually inferior like he would to a child or simple creature. His intelligence is his greatest weapon, which he wields quite well; albeit sometimes without the benefit of wisdom to either temper or restrain it. He seems warm and friendly enough to others, even those who are not of his race, and is quick to make a quip or two when it amuses him. But what really brightens up his day is a discovery of something that has an arcane nature. He keeps a few books in his pack, and a smaller ledger that seems to be a journal of some sort. His pack has ink stains on the bottom left corner, implying that he carries writing implements as well. He always looks out for number one, and while he seems chipper and happy enough most of the time, has bouts of loneliness plague him more frequently recently.

Background: Plucky never really fit in with the rest of his kin. Even as he served under the benevolent tutelage of the great scholar of the West Elmster, he quickly went through his lessons without much joy. Sure, the acquisition of knowledge, especially that which was dangerous or forbidden elicited a distinct sense of excitement, but that made the rest of his mundane life boring and monotonic. He had stumbled on the name Zelkor while perusing the scholar's private library during tea break. As he pored over the sparse information that mentioned him, Plucky's mind only grew hungrier, seeking only more questions rather than answers. He eventually concludes that the knowledge possessed by this powerful wizard was worth hunting for, and when he discovered that the dungeon of Rapphan Athuk was recently discovered, the gnome packed his bags and left the school without a word nor backward glance.

Roleplay sample of a fight: Plucky had his nose deep in a history book as he traversed the forest trail on bare feet, as he was wont to do. The laces of his boots were tied together and hanging on the top of his pack, rarely used. His brown and green curls reflected the meager sunlight that penetrated the canopy above, and he started to hum unconsciously. The legend of Rappan Athuk was quite well-known to most people, but only in the hyperbole and embellishment of song and prose. This rare gem of an account had details about Zelkor and his retinue, with bits that recounted how the intrepid group restrained the forces of the evil deity Orcus; it read like it was written by someone who was actually there. The very trail he passed inside this forest called The Forest of Hope was in fact one of the places mentioned in the book, and the reason why he was out here searching for more clues about where the legendary dungeon actually was.

His concentration was interrupted however by a sudden high-pitched howl, followed by a few similar responses. The gnome stopped dead in his tracks, closing his eyes and trying to discern what was going to happen next. The howls sounded again; this time closer. Plucky didn't have to open his eyes to know that four wolves were now circling around him, trying to close in on their newfound prey.

"Well, well, I don't suppose you're here to tour ol' Plucky around your wood, are you?Weel, weel, Ah dornt suppose yoo're ere tae tour aul' Plucky aroond yer wood, are ye?"

Two wolves barred the trail, baring their sharp fangs; their furry throats vibrated with the strength of their low growls. The gnome drew a dagger with a slender wooden hilt from its sheathe on his hip, while his other palm pointed at one of the four legged animals in front of him. The blade shone in the sunlight, but it wasn't the part that Plucky needed; the crystal orb set on its hilt was the more important tool today. He smiled as he prepared a cantrip in his head without even thinking about it; he already knew how this was going to play out.

"Ah guess nae. Ere, chew thes!"

Fire sprang from the gnome's right index finger, hitting one of the wolves straight in its mouth. The creature howled again, but this time in severe pain as its throat blackened in burns. The other charged at the wizard and would have pounced on Plucky if the gnome did not anticipate its actions and planned his movement accordingly. The wolf landed on its paws, surprised that it did not find flesh. Turning around, it saw that the young Brightleaf was already running forward and away, escaping the death trap that the canines had prepared for him. Plucky new that the fight was far from over, but this way it was he who controlled the field, not them.

Sigh. Ah better fin' thes dungeon quick fur a reel challenge...

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Yes sorry level 1! It's been a busy week. I will let applications go through Sunday as we are currently wrapping up a combat and that will be a good time to introduce.
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The base concept of this character was used in another application that sadly did not go through, but I would really like to explore her in context like Rappan Athuk !

Character Application
right-aligned image

Name: Viridian
Race: Levistus Tiefling
Alignment : Lawful Neutral
Class: Bard
Stat Array : STR 8 | DEX 12 | CON 15 | INT 12 | WIS 11 | CHA 18
Background : Courtier
Personality Trait : Viridian always want to know how things work and what makes people tick. With others, she changes her behavior to fit her current environment, but deep down she seems is brash young woman who for the most part enjoys life. Grins and smiles come as easily to her as gallows humor, should she feel comfortable with her entourage. If she is not sure about the inner workings of the people who surrounds her, she will poke and prod to see how people react to various words, reactions or gestures.
Ideal : Knowledge should be pursued at all costs
Bond : She owes her guild a great debt for forging her into the person she is today.
Flaw : She is never satisfied with what she has and always wants more. She has trouble trusting people and always expect the worst of them.
Her relation to her guild is somewhat abusive and toxic. She realizes she is used as a pawn with little worth, but it is all she's known and the Compact provided for her all these years. Deep down she knows she's been sent on a suicide mission, but like a child would do everything to gain back the approval of her parents, she intends to do her best to please those who would discard her (and have actually done so).

Appearance: Viridian's name comes from her greenish-blue skin, the pure ice blue of her lineage having been muddled over the generations. She stands at a height of roughly five feet and two inches. Her dark purple hair usually would extend towards the middle of her back, but is often styled in a neatly pulled together bun, with only a few loose strands of hair forming two bangs left and right of her young face.
Sporting a slender and yet toned build, her skin is pretty much completely covered in tattoos, only her face and arms are free of the swirling designs. Not that it matters much as she is most of the time covered in a mix of armor and purple and ice blue colored drapes.
Her horns twirl and curve down into two points behind her head, one of the horns capped with gold and linked to her necklace with a chain. Her tail is adorned by five silver rings along its length.

Background :

Great Families rise and fall, noble reputations are made and besmirched, but at the heart of the Borderland Provinces, ruthless guilds and trading companies still vie for control over trade deals, lands and knowledge.

Without growth and expansion, you get stepped on. In an effort to stay in the race, several houses have forged an alliance, centralizing wealth, arts, magics and knowledge, looking for opportunities in ancient relics and stories, all in order to tame the harsh environment along the coast and stay ahead. All in all, they were betting on a mix of profits in business and research on the occult and the arcane.

In order to further their goals, unwilling to rely on adventurers and mercenaries, this alliance dubbed The Compact decided to create a faction of agents bred and trained to accomplish various missions. Gathered from orphans, youngs from poor families or street urchins lured by promises of food and shelter, the promising young were given education in various fields, from arithmetic to magic, stealth to persuasion. Their purpose would be to gather intelligence, steal, recover or pillage ages old artifacts. They would have to be adaptable, able to survive in treacherous society and wilderness both.

It is among these people that Viridian grew up. Discarded for her fiendish ancestry as an infant, the Compact saw in her the opportunity to raise an agent from the crib. Dubbed after the blue-green of her skin, she was taught myths and legends, trained to recognize ancient artifacts of value, scrolls of forbidden knowledge and all information that could help the Compact gain influence over their rivals.

Some of the kids were trained to steal. Others to kill. Viridian's role was to navigate the courts, find her way in the administrations, perform in sumptuous receptions and extend a web of contacts to accomplish her goals in more subtle, slower but less conspicuous ways.
And the worst part ? She was pretty good at it. In the eyes of the guild she was the incarnation of her infernal ascent : Charming, bold and ambitious.

Yet, Nature and Heart as not always one and the same. Arts and knowledge cannot be without Passion, and if the tiefling was good, it was because she was full of it. With a near pathological curiosity forming the core of a personality the Compact never managed to crush, it wasn't unusual for her to go beyond the objectives of her mission to indulge in her own insatiable thirst for discovery. To a painfully obvious point, some assignments almost failed due to her being sidetracked by her own inquisitiveness. As one could imagine this type of behavior, deviant from the ruthless and cold operatives the Compact wished for, did not go well. At some point, her results no longer outshone the growing discontentment of her superiors.
It was decided the tiefling must be getting rid of, without trace nor proof of the Compact's involvement in her past and ultimate demise. To this end, Viridian was given a new task : To head towards Rappan Ahuk and assess if the den might harboring some ancient useful knowledge.

In the unlikely odds she comes back with positive results, all the better. If she doesn't... that's one less trouble to deal with.

Roleplay Sample of a fight :

Ducking barely in time for the arrow to miss her head, stealing a few strands of hair along with it, Viridian rolled to the side to use an old discarded crate as cover. The rotting, fungus covered wood wouldn’t stop another projectile, but it might at the very least provide some sort of concealment.

A slight grin stretched her lips on two sharp pairs of fangs as she witnessed three of her fierce companions rush ahead to engage the enemy in melee.
Curling her tail around her waist to protect it during the fight, she took a second to assess the situation: Bad! All around terrible! Close to no visibility, stuck in a long stretch of goblin infested tunnel ahead of them and retreat wasn’t an option. The rope bridge they just passed was chancy at best, and the chasm below, bottomless. Rummaging through her pack, she pulled a feather and tucked it between an ear and a horn, ready to cast an emergency spell should someone fall.

Gathering a handful of glittering powdered gems in both hands, the tiefling rose to her feet, scowling at whoever was unloading on them at the other end of the poorly lit tunnel. Bringing her cupped hands to her lips, she intoned a few verses, focusing on the weave :

"Fear not this night, You will not go astray.
Though shadows fall, still the stars find their way.

The glittering dust ignited and lifted from her hands, shaping large cloud of flaming yet cold crushed gems soaring through the air to try and find purchase on the bodies of what she could see now as goblins, highlighting them in the darkness for her and her friends to turn the tide of this fight.
With a twist of her wrist, she took few strands from the fabric of her carefully crafted spell and diverted it towards her archer friend next to her, the air around him shimmering with possibilities, providing some modicum of assurance.

MechanicsMovement : 10 feet to the left
Action : Cast Level : 1 Casting Time : 1 Action
Range, Area : 60 ft (20 ft quare) Components : V
Duration : 1 Minute (C) School : Evocation
Save : DEX Save

Each Object in a 20 foot cube within range is outlined in blue, green or violet light. Any Creature in the area when the spell is cast is also outlined in light if it fails a Dexterity Saving Throw. For the Duration, objects and affected creatures shed dim light in a 10 foot radius.
Any Attack roll against an affected creature or object has Advantage if the attacker can see it, and the affected creature or object can't benefit from being invisible.
Faerie Fire lvl 1 (20 ft square centered on Goblin Archer #2, Dex Save DC 14)
Bonus Action : D6 Bardic Inspiration for Bob the Ranger
Reaction : (Optional) Should someone fall in the chasm, cast Level : 1 Casting Time : 1 Reaction
Range, Area : 60 ft Components : V, M (a small feather or a piece of down)
Duration : 1 Minute School : Transmutation
Save : None

Choose up to five falling creatures within range. A falling creature's rate of descent slows to 60 feet per round until the spell ends. If the creature lands before the spell ends, it takes no falling damage and can land on its feet, and the spell ends for that creature.
Feather Fall lvl 1

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I have just been accepted into another game. So I will withdraw my application from here. Good luck everyone.
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Application for a Druid. I intend this one to multiclass as a Druid/Sorc eventually. This app was created for a different game. I will try to do some customization to the setting that you have described later today. But I think the concept comes through. There are some modifications that I will do to align it to your creation guidelines.

Name: Rubin Grayhorn
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Druid
CharSheet: Rubin Grayhorn
Trait: Feels tremendous empathy for those who suffer.
Ideal: The pursuit of wealth and power is corrupting. Harmony with nature is the path to contentment.
Flaw:Enjoys delights of the civilized world too much
Bond: Still seeking elusive enlightenment
Rubin's story
Rubin’s mother was Alre Trisnala Leozorwyn, a high elf wizard from Griffinlock. She was quite powerful, and had become rich and famous as an adventurer. Songs were written about her exploits. She and her companions had slayed dragons and ended wars.

Her power had grown to the point where she was often adventuring in places far off and unknown. She rarely returned to her tower in Griffinlock. Once she returned home to bear a child. This child was the son of Luther Greyhorn. Luther was a cleric of the nature god Cernunnos. Luther had not returned to Griffinlock for the birth.

Alre did not remain with her half-human son very long before she was off on another adventure. She gave him the name Darcassan Grayhorn Leozorwyn and left him in the care of servants at her tower.
She would return from time to time, but these visits were sometimes years apart. On these visits, Alre always spent time trying to teach him magic, and she always seemed frustrated with his lack of aptitude for the arcane.

His father returned only once, when the boy was eight years old. Luther stayed for nearly a year, and taught his son about Cernunnos. This nature god became the one focus of study which young Darcassan took seriously.

Four years later, he received news by messenger that Luther Grayhorn had been killed by a dragon. Alre was eventually victorious in this fight. The dragon was slain and its treasure siezed. But Luther would not return.

Upon this news, Darcassan left Griffinlock. He simply walked away, telling no one. He changed his name to Rubin Grayhorn. He wandered through the wilderness, for a time finding refuge with a group of wood elves, who he had come to like much better than his mother’s kind. At 15 he left the wood elves to live a solitary life in the forest. Prayer to Cernunnos led him to a Treant mentor who taught him the ways of the druid.

Eight years have now passed since his father’s death. He has now learned to speak the language of druids and channel nature’s power. He assumes his mother is still alive somewhere, but he doesn't really know or care.

Though he much prefers a solitary life, he now feels the call to use his abilities to aid others. So to civilization he returns. And the path that calls him leads to a village of Greenfork, in Duchy Westvale.

  • Though raised in Griffinlock, Rubin dislikes high-elves.
  • Though the son of a powerful wizard, Rubin distrusts arcane magic. He regards it as something outside of, and opposed to nature.
  • Often prefers to be solitary, but sometimes will over indulge in the pleasures of the civilized world. Leaning back to his days as a spoiled child in a wealthy home.
  • Professes pacifism, but is eager to crack the skulls of deserving targets with a stick.
  • Druidic Focus: Totem
  • Wooden Shield
  • Leather Armor
  • Explorer's Pack
  • Herbalist Kit
  • Quarterstaff
Roleplay sample:
A Poacher in the glade
Rubin had been traveling alone in high forested hills. He had spent the night in a human village several weeks ago, in a tavern. There he heard a rumor of a sacred glade in these hills. This place was as pure as the day the world came into being. Treants visit this place. Dryads too. Maybe even a unicorn.

As he climbed he began to believe the rumor was true. He was seeing plants here that were very rare. Some of the trees appeared to be more than a thousand years old.

As night fell, he dug a shallow trench and surrounded it with leaves and brush. He would sleep in this trench beneath a blanket of vegetation to keep him hidden.

In the night he awoke. He heard the clanking of metal. It must be weapons or tools. Someone else is here, he thought.

He crept out of the trench as silently as he could and sneaked toward the source of the sound.

A goblin! With a dagger and a shovel and a bag. It was digging up plants by the roots and putting them in the bag. He would sell these things to wizards no doubt. A high price might be paid for rare plants that can be used to manipulate arcane energy.

"Stop there! Can't you see that things have far higher value alive and where they are. Are you a fool?"

To his surprise, the goblin understood the common tongue.

"Who asked you? F*#k off! Just making a living." said the goblin.

"You were warned."


He called for Cernunnos' blessing on his quarterstaff, charged the goblin. He feigned to the left with the staff, but struck the goblin with the right end. The blow landed at the side of goblins head. Rubin heard a loud pop from the goblins skull. He felt a bit guilty as the small creatures eyes rolled shut. It fell to the ground.

"I'm sorry. But you were warned. Now you are food for the trees. Take solace in that."

Rubin looked through the goblin's bag. Some of these plants were still intact to the root. Good news. When the sun rose, we would try to reset them in the dirt. Perhaps little damage had been done.


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Spot has been filled and player notified. Thank you for the interest.
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