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Old Oct 11th, 2018, 09:23 AM
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Avners Supers

Golem - PL 10

Strength 11/4, Stamina 8/4, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 0

All-out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack, Defensive Attack, Favored Environment: Touching the Ground, Improved Critical: Earth Spikes: Damage 6, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Move-by Action, Takedown 2

Athletics 5 (+16), Close Combat: Earth Spikes: Damage 6 5 (+13), Expertise: Agriculture 1 (+1), Intimidation 5 (+5), Ranged Combat: Staglamites: Line Area Damage 6 8 (+10)

Burrow Travel: Teleport 3 (250 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.; Change Velocity)
Earth Bind: Affliction 8 (earth, elemental, ground, natural, 1st degree: Hindered, 2nd degree: Immobile, 3rd degree: Paralyzed, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 18)
Earth Spikes: Damage 6 (earth, elemental, piercing, DC 21, Advantages: Close Attack, Improved Critical; Multiattack, Penetrating, Reach (melee): 5 ft.)
Rock Form (Activation: Move Action)
. . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 14 (Traits: Strength +7 (+11); Noticeable: Rock Form)
. . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Stamina +4 (+8); Noticeable: Rock Form)
. . Immunity: Immunity 5 (Damage Effect: Bullets; Noticeable: Rock Form)
. . Protection: Protection 2 (+2 Toughness; Noticeable: Rock Form)
Staglamites: Line Area Damage 6 (DC 21; Line Area: 5 feet wide by 30 feet long, DC 16, Increased Range: ranged)

Initiative +2
Earth Bind: Affliction 8, +9 (DC Fort 18)
Earth Spikes: Damage 6, +14 (DC 21)
Grab, +9 (DC Spec 21)
Staglamites: Line Area Damage 6 (DC 21)
Throw, +2 (DC 26)
Unarmed, +9 (DC 26)

Enemy: There is an ancient enemy that Orrin is unaware of who is hunting down and killing or driving mad the eldest male in every generation of his family. He is next on that list.
Monstrous: When in his rock form Orrin looks like a monster and would frighten all that do not know him. For this reason he does his best to hide his true powers.
Motivation: Doing Good: Orrin believes in doing the right thing, whatever that happens to be. He may not know entirely what the right course of action is the best but he does what he can to do the right hting.

Native Language

Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 42 + Powers 73 + Advantages 10 + Skills 8 (24 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 150

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